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Love Light Around the World Newsletter Published by Lady of the Light
February 11, 2013

1.) Council of Nine: Spring into a New Dawn
2.) Hilarion’s Weekly Message: February 10-17, 2013
3.) Message from The Arcturians
4.) Securing, Directing and Supporting Oneself
5.) Mayan  Message: The Path to Mastery
6.) The Pleiadian High Council
7.) The Sun, Moon, and Stars Have Their Own Paths
8.) Master Kuthumi and the Celestial White Beings:
Enlightenment through Awakening

Council of Nine: Spring into a New Dawn
by Tazjima 2/10/213
February 11, 2013

We are the Council of Nine.

Spring approaches for you and your world in the form of new energies of transformation. It is a time to grow exponentially, as an individual and as a collective humanity.

See yourselves as young trees, reaching to the sky to embrace the wide skies above, while digging your roots deep into the soil beneath, for stability, for nourishment and for connection to each other and to your earth.

As a people you are currently undergoing an apocalypse, a widely misunderstood Greek word which means an unveiling:

An apocalypse (Ancient Greek: ?p??? apocálypsis, from ?p? and ?a??pt? meaning ‘un-covering’), translated literally from Greek, is a disclosure of knowledge, hidden from humanity in an era dominated by falsehood and misconception, i.e., a lifting of the veil or revelation…

What are now being unveiled to you are your hidden past and heritage, of your divine roots and sacred heritage. Your ancestors were not dumb, fur-clad beasts who rampaged through the civilized cities of crumbling civilizations. There are those who claim as a heritage that which does not belong to them – it belongs to you and in the coming years more will be revealed to you.

Now you are in the process of coming to terms with the stark fact that you have been deceived and that those who have committed these acts of deception are still at it, still attempting to disguise their works even as the curtain has already been drawn aside. The darkness that has attempted to hide itself often disguised as “good” works is being revealed for what it truly has always been – an attempt to take the power from the people in a bid to command the resources, power and wealth of this world. This overt greed and power play has been revealed as a grand deception.

The structures that have been erected by your controllers, hidden and known, are falling down of their own volition. Their foundations are illusionary, built upon fabrication and lies. Much energy has been expended by those who do not wish you to learn the truth about your world and yourselves, but the new transformational energies, directed by cosmic forces are breaking down the barriers to understanding and more individuals and groups are questioning everything there is about the current failing paradigms.

There will be a return to the wisdom teachings of the ancestors as time passes and the opportunity for people to learn about their true connections to each other and this world become available. Wisdom can be accessed from within, through your own intuition, but there are currently many people who do not trust their own feelings and hunches. Instead they rely on others to think for them and constantly give their power away to others. This is a conditioned response that has been trained into many of you since childhood. You adapted or you resisted and paid the price, accordingly.

Many of you have chosen to live solitary lives in order to have the time to do the inner-processing needed to adapt consciously to living in a new way. You are the Wayshowers for others who have not had the opportunity as yet to focus on spirituality because they were concentrating on just keeping alive in a world filled with struggle.

As the world progresses through this period of transition, even those people who have been subjugated and compelled to live under dire conditions, even those who live in the darkest corners of the planet are beginning to stir and respond to the call of freedom. It is the call of the soul, to unite with self and to unite with family, friend, community and nation in overcoming what is working against unity.

There has been much talk of mass arrests and judgments against those who have perpetrated great crimes against humanity, through the manipulation of the economy and money systems, through the subjugation of women and children, through sex crimes, through war and violence, through political division and outright lies to protect corporations and individuals.

To have the knowledge that there have been crimes against humanity is a first step, but one must remember that most people alive have lived before. Do you know for certain if you have never “sinned” or committed an act that compromised or caused another to suffer? Are you so willing to throw that first stone when the one you hit will probably be yourself? (As an aside, the concept of “sin” was and is yet another concept designed to shame people and to take their power away).

What is important is for those who have committed acts against other people are for them to confess it before the world and to ask for forgiveness. And if you have done something wrong yourself, forgive yourself. And go forward. Heaven does not judge, why should you? The individual has ample time to repent and make up for their wrongdoings. Society needs to embrace them and accept them back as a functioning member. Unhealed hurts are what create lasting wounds and separation. Now is the time for healing those wounds, ones dealt by others against you and ones that you have given to others, in this lifetime or others.

Since the concept of reincarnation was purposefully deleted from the Bible, most of Western society has forgotten about the fact that you have lived before, will live again, in other bodies, perhaps as a man or woman, gay or straight, depending on the avenue of development that your soul desires to undertake and experience in any one life time. To judge another based on sex, nationality, culture, skin-color, ethnicity, religion or any other difference is to judge oneself.

Humanity will learn to accept diversity, although it may take some time. It is good to know that division and chaos is not a natural state for humanity. It is a lie that has been brought forth — that it is man’s nature to kill and destroy each other — that has been purposefully perpetuated to create further division. Remember the words, “Together you stand; divided you fall.” Your keepers, controllers or powers that were have sought to perpetuate myths and lies to keep humanity divided. Stand together and all will benefit. Stand divided and all will suffer.

With more knowledge of reincarnation many will learn that they have lived in many cultures, lifetimes and types of societies. It is for the sake of learning. The diversity available on your planet is a wonder; many galactic cultures are more unified in structure. The opportunity for learning while embodied on Earth is therefore greater due to the differences that you seem to find so disconcerting.

The wounds of humanity will be healed and you will heal together. You will relearn how to tune into the flows of nature so that the elementals work with the farmer or gardener so the crops thrive, without the use of poisons. You will relearn many things. There is much to rediscover and many new things to learn. Physical life will take on a new joy, a joy of discovery and wonder, as struggle is replaced by cooperation and division is replaced by unity.

We see this in your future. Just when and how long it takes for that bright future depends on your actions and thoughts of today. Learn to master all three of your lower bodies, physical, emotional and mental. With self-mastery will emerge a willingness to do what is necessary for the good of the whole and your entire world will benefit from your efforts?

We stand beside you as guides and mentors, but it you who must do the work, separately and together. Our blessings go out to everyone who awakens to the new dawn of opportunity for your world and yourselves as individuals.


Thank you, Council of Nine.

Copyright © 2013 by Elizabeth Ayres Escher. All Rights Reserved. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material, provided the content is copied in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this copyright notice and links are included. *
Hilarion’s Weekly Message: February 10-17, 2013
Channeled by Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana (Soo-tam-ah)

Beloved Ones,

The effects of the latest waves of energy being directed to Earth are now being felt in each soul. To those who have been doing the inner work, there is a lightening of their spirit as they go about their daily lives. This Light is discernable to those who know them but do not see them regularly. There is an indefinable something which makes these individuals stand out and that of course is their inner Light. This is an excellent time to renew your dedication to your daily disciplines so that you can take full advantage of the opportunities that are presented.

Each individual throughout the planet is now beginning to make choices to take back their own sovereignty of Being and are uniting in focuses that are designed to bring attention to long standing and ongoing concerns that need addressing. The old paradigms are being changed moment by moment as the balance of energies between the masculine and feminine are being brought into balance. This can create chaos in areas of the world where there has been an imbalance for centuries as the masculine energies resist the call to align with the higher energies of the cosmos and the universal laws of conduct.

The anomalies in the weather patterns continue and the Earth is still adjusting as the greater alignment to the Galactic Center takes effect. Old ways of conduct are being highlighted in the news media and bringing to the attention of the masses the need for evaluation and change. Those who uphold their integrity are anchoring this energy into the new paradigm. All are being tested in their resolve to become greater than former limitations would have them believe they can become. It is the time of becoming all that you truly are in the inner recesses of your mind.

The process of purification is usually a very challenging one. It is often quite difficult to see aspects of one’s self that need transformation. It is valuable to know that those with whom you interact on a daily basis are those who are reflecting to you that which needs to be addressed and looked at. It is helpful to remember that they have agreed on a spiritual level to do this service for you because as souls they love you dearly. It can be difficult to realize that all challenges currently being experienced in your daily lives are those that you, as sovereign soul, have brought into your lives to focus on the areas of soul refinement that still need work.

The refinement taking place in the areas of human expression by all of humanity is underway. In humanity, all that is base and of lower vibration is slowly falling away and being replaced with a conscious desire to walk this world as their true authentic Self. There will be more moments of spontaneous bursts of pure joy that well up from within each heart as they live their mundane lives expressing their true nature of spirit in these challenging times. The jewel that they truly are is being polished into greater brilliance and reflection and this process touches and impacts others in amazing ways.

Until next week…

I AM Hilarion

Marlene Swetlishoff

©2013 Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana (Soo-tam-ah) Keeper of the Symphonies of Grace

Permission is given to share this message as long as the message is posted in its entirety and nothing has been changed, or altered in any way and Scribe’s credit, copyright and website is included. * Thank you for including the above website link when posting this message. *
Message from The Arcturians
Channeled by Marilyn Raffaelle
February 10, 2013

Greetings dear ones. Again we come to encourage you in your journey of enlightenment and ascension into the new energies you are now receiving. We see many of you beginning to question the actions of local and world governments because you no longer resonate with much that heretofore was simply taken for granted. Your energy levels are becoming finer and more evolved causing you to be out of sync with energetically denser ideas of life and living. This is proof of your evolution dear ones and demonstrates that you are indeed waking up and seeing the bigger picture.

Take a stand in what ever small ways you can, not by making a power out of ideas representing beliefs of duality, but by gently planting seeds of truth without any expectations, where you can. You need not preach, but simply and silently hold the light of truth within dear ones, and be available for those who want more (truth).

Many awakening souls are afraid and need validation regarding new emotions and ideas they find themselves experiencing. When an individual’s background has only been in and of the three dimensional belief system, a shift into perceiving the world in new and different ways can cause confusion, fear, worry, and alienation of friends and family. This is especially true for those in families or countries with strong traditional belief systems firmly in place.

Today we again wish to speak of love. Yes, we have spoken of love many times but we wish to speak of love to help you understand that what you have been taught about love is not always love. Too many still see love as an emotional connection between people, family, or possessions. “Love Is The Activity of Oneness.” Love is the inter-connectedness between all that is, but this truth is interpreted according to the level of awareness within each individual.

The powerful energy shift and ascension process taking place at this time is moving mankind more deeply into a realization of Oneness. It is a shift from metaphysics (trying to change a bad picture into a good picture through various tools) into mysticism (the realization that within the One there can be nothing needing to be changed). In the absolute sense, everything is already whole and perfect because if Infinite Divine Consciousness is all there is, everything must be embodied within it. The attainment of this realization is the journey, is evolution, and is where all are slowly or quickly heading.

Meditation, crystals, oils, etc. are all tools to help you get to that place of Oneness that each and every soul unconsciously seeks and yearns for. In the third dimension this innate yearning for wholeness manifests in hundreds of ways–pharmaceuticals for every perceived need, attainment of more and more money, better sex, right foods, as well as the readily available advice of experts on any topic. Corporations and businesses believe themselves to be making the world (usually themselves) “better” in some way, but often trample on the rights of other living things and even their own workers in order to do it. These human activities represent the un-awakened soul’s concept of completeness but these creations can never satisfy a soul’s yearning for that which he really is, for they are simply concepts of the spiritual reality he is seeking.

There must be an understanding of this as you move into the next stage of your journey. Too many are still stuck in the teachings of metaphysics believing it to be the fullness of spiritual truth. Metaphysics is a good place to start and has assisted almost every spiritual student in their shift from duality and separation into truth but there is much more–you are ready to go deeper. It is difficult to throw away the tools that have served you well in your journey, so we say keep them and love them, but understand that you do not Need them.

You have learned that you are Divine beings who have chosen lifetimes of human experiences in order to experience evolutionary lessons and which have often been difficult and painful. In the past, new and higher ideas came to man through metaphysical teachings and teachers who understood deeper realities, however try not to become stuck at that level. Many of you were a part of the ancient mystery schools which taught new ideas on the use and manipulation of energy. This has evolved into current day metaphysical teachings and so for some of you, metaphysics feels very comfortable and familiar. There were a few at that time who were not evolved enough to realize that this information was not a self serving toy and so through the selfish use of this knowledge began what is now called the “dark arts.”

There were in ancient times and still are a few highly resonating temples of healing where evolved healers use energy, light, oils, color, and sound to bring into alignment individual energy fields that may be in discord. This is beautiful and sacred work done by aware and highly resonating beings for those seeking help in this way. Many are still doing this sacred work through old and new healing modalities which become energetically higher as the “healer” himself evolves.

The point we are making is that there comes a time in everyone’s, (teacher and student), evolutionary journey when he shifts into a realization of Oneness. This may come in an instant after lifetimes of spiritual seeking, or it may be a slow and gradual process. This is ascension, the attainment of that state of consciousness that realizes everything Real is perfect and held in place by Divine Law and that One is ever manifesting Itself as… What you “see is what you get” as the saying goes… Your state of consciousness is interpreting for you, the Divine ideas embodied within the One.

If the tools and books of metaphysics no longer resonate with you, trust that. It means that you are moving into a state of consciousness where you will be able to get your information, guidance, and direction from within instead of from people or the tools that have helped you in the past. Meditation is a tool that helps connect you to your Higher-Self and would be worth keeping until you are fully experiencing the reality of yourselves. This is graduation dear ones. Trust, honor, and accept that as truth.

Letting go of obsolete tools can be a difficult step for those who may have an ego attachment to their use–those who have built their identity on teaching certain techniques or ideas but it is time for everyone take spiritual teachings to new and higher levels of interpretation which does not leave these individuals without purpose or activity, but manifests as new activities to teach and practice.

Move deeper into your awareness regarding the purpose of tools. The use of tools, including meditation instruction telling you that you must sit this way, chant, light a candle, spine straight, feet on the floor etc, were taught because they helped the student to shift into higher dimensional energy. Most are now in that higher energy and no longer need the tools that assisted you when you were not.

Structures formed out of old beliefs are crumbling both within and without for the energy needed to sustain them is no longer present. Physically, emotionally, and mentally mankind’s’ “house of cards” is falling. Do not be afraid when this happens, dear ones for this is what you have asked for, yearned for, and waited for–lifetime after lifetime.

Trust, trust, trust your inner guidance. All is well and all is proceeding according to what is needed for each one even though it may not seem that way to the un-awakened eye.

We are the Arcturian Group

Marilyn Raffaelle

I live in  beautiful  northern Michigan close to  Sleeping Bear National Park and have been on a spiritual journey my entire life.

I began  meditating and searching more deeply in the late 60s. and after many side journeys was led to and  began working with the mystical principles presented in Joel S. Goldsmith’s “Infinite Way” material.  These deeply mystical teachings moved  me into  an increasingly intense desire to more deeply understand and bring together in practice the many  world teachings, modalities of healing, and myths.  This in turn led to a series of intense inner shifts (not all so pleasant) and an ability to communicate with my guides and other Teachers of Light.

I have studied many healing modalities and work as a channel for personal readings but my main interest and focus is to help others awaken into a deeper realization of their innate perfection and reasons for being here.

I was asked by the Arcturians who are my guides, to start a web site which would allow them get their messages of Love and Light out  to the world at this very important time.  ** *
Securing, Directing and Supporting Oneself
Written by Normand Bourque on 2/8/2013
February 11, 2013

God said: …”Beloveds, you are learning what matters. When all is said and done, what matters? What has been your contribution to the world? There is only one contribution you can make, and that is love. That is the only thing to give. Every challenge teaches you that. As much as you may not want to learn that love is what counts and nothing else does, you are learning that. Willy-nilly, you are learning that.” *

“Do not be afraid of the ego. It depends on your  mind, and as you made it by believing in it, so you can dispel it by withdrawing belief from it.

…The more you learn about the ego, the more you realize that it cannot be believed. The incredible cannot be understood because it is unbelievable.” A Course in Miracles 7-8

The actual shift in human consciousness  forces us to reconsider the very basis on which we have been building, up to now,  our sense of safety, direction and support. In the relative world of planet Earth, our sense of safety, direction and support is based on the bounds and limits of time and space. To satisfy the basic needs of what we call our nature, we think we need to compete with time, space and people that inhabit this space-time realm. This always implies a sense of conflict which expresses itself through attack, whatever form it takes. At that level of reality, even the sense of sharing and communicating is conditional to the imperatives of the seaming survival in limited time and space.

But is this Darwinian statement the whole of the story?  Let us dare to make the hypothesis that as human beings we are not limited by the imperatives of survival but by our belief in those imperatives of survival. Not only we are not limited by these seeming imperatives of survival, but we can start seeing the logic of survival as irrelevant and baseless.

The ego system of safety, self-direction and self-support

Survival is a belief system invented by our mind through the projection of the ego. Ego has to preserve itself by securing, directing and supporting itself if it wants to «survive». By definition, it relies only in itself since it perceives itself as alone. It supports its own logic of loneliness.  How could we possibly experience the world as a seeming irreductible multiplicity if we did not believe in the ego? But since the ego is a fabrication of our mind — it did not create itself ex nihil — it draws its force of illusion, as a substitute for what we really are, from the power of the mind itself. Once our mind projects the idea or possibility of an ego, the ego must have a  seeming life of its own and insure its survival. This can be possible only if the ego makes us deny what gave it birth: our own mind, our own creative power.

Logically, to fully experience ego we have to deny our own real existence to endorse the ego as our real being or existence, hence as our real security, direction and support. Even if ego is not real, only virtual, it can simulate and impose its reality, its make-believe reality by making our mind believe that this mind of ours is non-existent. If we then believe in ego, if we support it, it will ensure its continuance.

The ego can insure its continuance as long as we don’t know, don’t remember, don’t recognize our own real inherent and eternal identity. Ego will substitute to our real identity its temporary identity, making us believe this temporary identity is the only one we have. Ego then offers us its conception of safety, direction, and support according to its logic.

But what must ego do to our mind to make us believe that it is real? It must constantly attack what has given it its existence, namely our mind. This must create extreme anxiety, stress for the ego, this imagined us, since it has to constantly deny what supports its existence. So it transfers its anxiety to our mind and makes us believe that it (ego) will insure our safety, direction and support in the competing outside world. By believing in the ego, we think that life in the world is based on lack. In fact, ego has to make us believe that lack is the law of the relative world. Therefore, for the ego, giving is losing unless it is used to get more.

It is obvious then that ego can build only on fear of loss its idea of safety. No wonder it is always confused, conflicted and tormented, ready to attack because ready to be attacked.

The boomerang of giving

How can we seriously rely on the ego to insure our safety, our self-direction and self-support? Ego does not have the choice to believe in competition, conflict and attack because it is fighting for what it wants to get and also fighting for what it wants to get rid of. As well as the ego needs to take in order to get, it needs to get rid of what it doesn’t want by giving it away.

But a conflicted mind projected through the ego can be only confused, hence a poor teacher, a poor director, a poor supporter and a poor security. “The more you learn about the ego, the more you realize that it cannot be believed. The incredible cannot be understood because it is unbelievable.” There is a universal law which does not apply only to the relative, illusory world, but to the real world as well: giving something is how we keep it.

This is an extremely powerful neutral law that works for both the good and the so-called bad. If we give away or get rid of our anxiety and anger (which we assuredly don’t want of) by projecting its cause outside of us, that is the surest way to keep this anxiety or anger inside. What we exclude from our mind through the virtuality of the ego is a complete distortion of the inherent power of our mind. But even distorted, the mind remains very powerful. Giving war away to the outside world is the best way to keep it inside.

We are all aware that our projections will boomerang and return to us and hurt us.

The only security, self-direction and self-support lies in sharing

So if giving something is how we keep it, could we foresee that the best way to insure our safety, our self-direction and our self-support is by giving them away, which means by sharing them?

But as long as we believe that we are space-time bounded, limited beings, we cannot really share because we still believe in lack and loss, consequently believing that giving something is losing it.

We constantly seek to create boundaries in our lives because we rely on ego for our safety, self-direction and self-support. We create laws and rules to protect our freedom while we forget we are already totally free.

There is safety only in the limitless, the boundless, the spaceless and the timeless.  In the limitless, the only way to feel safe is to contribute. Instead of believing in lack, which is the essence of selfishness, we believe in self-fulness that we are here to extend : “What has been your contribution to the world? There is only one contribution you can make, and that is love.” The only real and essential thing we have is what we are. We have all we need by knowing that we are all we need.

If the ego is a projection of our mind, it must occupy only a virtual part of the mind since the mind is an undivisible whole.  The Holy Spirit in us plays the role of a mediator between the ego and our whole mind, reminding the mind that we don’t have to fear the ego because it is the ego that fears us. “It depends on your mind, and as you made it (the ego) by believing in it, you can dispel it by withdrawing belief from it.”

Normand Bourque

This blog is about exploring the possibilities of thinking with what we are rather than thinking about what we can do. * *

P.S. For the simple purpose of relative orientation in this 3-D world, my name is Normand Bourque, born in Montréal, Québec, Canada in 1947. Studies and teaching in Anthropology, then consultant in information technology until 2002. Live presently in Perth, Western Australia. Retired, I work as a French translator and collaborator for the Heavenletters™  website and work on a web project on the etymology of languages derived from Indo-European.  *
Mayan  Message: The Path to Mastery
Channeled by Reverend Theresa Crabtree
Day  64
February 11, 2013

Greetings on this magnificent day in which you are given the blessings of fairness and equality! You are blessed with the gift of free will, which allows you to choose whatever path you wish to walk. Will you make choices based on fear or choices made from love of self, others and planet Earth? The choice is yours.

Reflect on the knowledge you have gained from your relationships with people, places and events. You have a unique set of circumstances that has given you much to reflect on. The question is how to integrate this knowledge so it becomes a part of you? How will you use these pieces of the puzzle to create your own set of rules and sense of identity? Once integrated, they become who you are and the source from where you pull your strength and courage. It is your wisdom and yours alone.

To be able to share your wisdom with others in a way that does not interrupt their walk of life is an art form. There is a fine line between sharing and expecting others to follow your advice. Whenever you give advice or suggestions to others, pay attention to the purpose behind your action. If on any level you have the expectation that they should follow your advice, your ego is in the way. If you feel any resentment or frustration when others do not do as you suggest, look within yourself to find why you have this pressing need to help or fix others.

Can you not see that when you push your ideas onto others, that you are disempowering them? Your actions tell others they are inferior and incapable of making good choices for themselves. This creates separation and is the basis for all unrest and wars among you.

Many of you will argue that you only have the best interest of others in mind. In some cases, this may be so. The true test comes in how you feel or react when others have no interest in what you are sharing with them. If on any level, you feel discontent when your advice is not heeded, then you can be assured that you are being overly concerned and righteous.

Thought forms attach themselves to similar thought forms. When you seed your fears into another person’s consciousness, there comes a time when that person may adopt your belief codes. Sad indeed would the world be if all the river runners, mountain climbers and joy seekers had followed the advice of their parents and peers who injected their fears into these adventuresome ones. Without the adventurers, you would all still be living in the cradle of society with much of the land mass and oceans withholding their beauty from you. How much of this blessed Earth would still be untouched by human hands and hidden from your view?

Each of you is unique. We ask that you look at each other with a fresh set of eyes. Know that you all come from the same Source and that one day you will return to that Source. Instead of focusing on your differences, start to bridge the gaps of separation by recognizing your sameness. There is not one among you that is better than another. There is not one among you that is not capable of being a fully realized Spiritual being. Work through the fears and frustrations you encounter every day. Dream big, for all is attainable.

When you see another that you judge as helpless or ignorant, do not be fooled. These people are just as capable as you, and many times have demonstrated more intelligence in their way of life. Many that are homeless are there because they do not want to live in society’s shadow. Many imbeciles are full of love in their heart and can be your greatest teachers. Do not feel sorry for those with congenital diseases. Instead of averting your eyes when you pass them, look them in the eye and smile. Push through uncomfortable situations and get to know your fellow man deeper.

When you look at others with pity, you are judging them as victims. When you ignore those who have less, you are judging them as inferior. When you are cold to others, you are telling them they are not worthy of your attention. Who is to blame for all the unrest in the world? Each and every one of you. In order to have a world full of peace, love and joy, each of you must find it within yourself first.

Sharing your experiences and wisdom with others is crucial. However, we see that much of what you have to offer others is done in a condescending manner. Although many of you think you are doing others a favor by giving advice, your approach turns them off and closes the door. Do not play God and assume that you know what is best for the other. This only creates more distance between you.

When you can share with others your experiences and truly are not concerned with how they are received by others, then you are on the path to freedom. Whenever you share with others and have the fear or mistaken notion that your information is what they need, you set yourself up for failure. To be successful in all your endeavors, be satisfied in your heart that you planted a seed coming from your sense of truth and integrity.

Know that all seeds fall on different soil. Some of your seeds will fall on rock and wither in the sun. Others will fall on poor soil and the plant will struggle all its life. Some seeds will drown in the rain or be washed out to sea. Many seeds will be covered with soil and remain dormant for years. Other seeds will fall on enriched soil and sprout into magnificent plants.

You all have different ways of resolving problems. You all are on a different path, with a unique set of circumstances. Learn from your differences. Share your joys and sorrows. Do not look at yourself or others as victims; this is a tough belief code to extract. Find ways to support and encourage each other. You will find others flock to you for support when they know your heart is compassionate and your words are kind. Those who play the role of victim will be attracted to those who impose their ideas onto others. These people need a savior because they have yet to learn that all they need is already inside them. The saviors are the ones who feel they have the right answers for others. This false sense of superiority will eventually lead to their downfall.

Without saviors, there is no need for victims. When each of you learns to support each other from a sense of balance and equality, the true essence of brotherhood will shine. It is in this environment that you will nurture a society of adventurous, free-thinking, healthy individuals. Until then, you will continue coddling others and creating victims and helpless individuals who need others to tell them what to do. Which do you choose?

If you choose a society of healthy individuals, what steps do you need to take to create this? Learn the fine line between supporting and enabling others. It is not always easy to see the difference. However, you will know what you are sowing by what is reaped. When a person returns to thank you for assistance you gave them and they are moving forward towards a more satisfying life, know that you were helpful to that individual. Do not expect this to happen, but rejoice when it does.

Find ways to assist without expectations. True Masters assist those who come to them; they do not seek the audience of others. They listen intently and offer advice only when asked. Many times the Master does not offer anything more than a question such as, “What do you think is best?” This allows the seeker the opportunity to use his capabilities to resolve his own problems. Thus a new Master is born, one who has the ability to take control of his own life, regardless of what others think.

Selamet!  Kan 12

To read all 260 Mayan Messages in their entirety, visit: *  Interested in helping to donate the Mayan Messages to prisons and inmates? Find the details at: * Check out my other books and free eBooks at: * Join my Facebook circle of friends: *

Many blessings,
Reverend Theresa Crabtree
The Pleiadian High Council
through Valerie  Donner 2/8/2013
February 11, 2013

Greetings, I am Mira currently working with the Earth Council.

I have much to report at this time. There is a shaking of the Earth and the Earth’s old records. It is time for the truth to come out. Much that has been buried in storage vaults and places within the Earth will become revealed. The restructuring of the Earth’s surface has begun.

It is of paramount importance that one becomes more self-aware. This awareness will always lead you in the path of the least disturbance. It will put you in contact with what is going on in the skies as well as on the Earth. There is substantial change that many of you feel. You will become more consciously aware of this when it is the right time.

Although there is more surveillance of your lives from those that would like to control you, there is less possibility of that occurring as you stay focused on your inner guidance and truth. There will come a point when you will render yourselves impermeable to external or internal interference. Try as they may, as you progress higher in your ascension process you will block any of their means of attempting to deter you from your complete ascension.

There is already a stronghold of the photon energy combined with other key elements that are protecting this evolutionary process. You are shielded and protected in a myriad of ways. This also prevents any victimization that might occur.

As you observe the outside controlling influences trying to stifle you with fear, you will also see that this is what is occurring and little energy will be given to that agenda. You are too busy working with the Light and being the Light. You already know what is stronger.

We in the Earth Council are busy overseeing the process of Light awakening and dark departing. We receive help from other members of our space family and from the Light Realms. If you feel the battle of your own shadow sense of thoughts and emotions, imagine what we see across the planet!

Excellent progress is being made as you evolve into more conscious beings and co-creators of the New Earth. It is happening in what you like to call break neck speed with time-lines folding into time-lines that will no longer impact the safety and future life on Earth.

You have won the battle yet you cannot rest here. There are still many steps along the way for you to be free. It is within your reach. Proceed as directed and the illuminated Earth will be yours.

I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council serving the Earth Council.

Valerie Donner is a spiritual counselor, energy healer, channel, teacher, and intuitive reader. She is available for private sessions over the phone or Skype. She has been meditating twice daily for nearly 40 years. She works deeply at the heart and soul level to feel things, see, hear and know what is going on with her clients. The Masters and Archangels work with her to bring profound healing. She may be reached at: 925-287-8976 * e-mail: * P.O. Box 5705 Walnut Creek, CA 94596 *
Heavenletter #4462
The Sun, Moon, and Stars Have Their Own Paths
February 11, 2013

God said:

You can love someone even when the person doesn’t love you, or doesn’t love you any longer or love you enough. You can love. Of course, loving someone doesn’t mean hounding or stalking. Loving someone may mean leaving him or her alone even when you want to be together. You can love someone and let him go his way and you go yours. Boundaries are not the governance of love.

This is the case with your children, is it not? You are constantly with your baby. As the child grows, you are with him less. He is off somewhere. He may even move far away. Your love is intact, only it isn’t full time any longer. Your child is ever your child, and yet he belongs more to himself now than he belongs to you. It is not farewell. It is the child’s leave-taking, however. He has miles to go. And you have to wave goodbye with a smile.

Sometimes friends seem to be at a distance even in the same room. So be it. You can love someone enough to grant him freedom even in the same room. You can love and free at the same time. You must.

Love is not meant to be a hold you have on someone. Love is not a vise. Let’s call it a key. You can unlock the door of love. You can give the one you love his key back. Truly he has the key to his own heart. His heart was not yours to hold. His heart was yours to behold and to shine your love upon.

There are no laws that say what love must look like and how it must perform. You may set such rules for yourself but not for others. You don’t like someone else laying down the law for you. What has to be, beloveds, is what is. You have to allow everyone his own free-wheeling space. You take no captives.

You see the sun every day, and you let the sun do what suns do. You don’t tell the sun that it has to stay where it is and keep shining through your window. You look up at the night stars, and you let them be. You don’t lock the stars in. You don’t demand. You love, and you let them go. In Reality, there is no near and there is no far. Closeness does not mean tied. The sun and stars and the moon are always in your heart. They are an intimate part of you, and they belong to themselves, and they belong everywhere they are.

You do not say that the beautiful sun, moon, and stars stray. They have their own paths, and they travel them. You would not control them. Your eyes may not be able to follow them everywhere. Consider everyone you love as his or her own planet, and each has his own revolving to do. In the case of people, you would say their own evolving to do. It is great love to let someone take the oars of his own life. You cannot hold against him that he goes somewhere where you cannot follow.

It is not for you to throw someone out of your heart because he goes in a direction different from yours. Who can say it is right or wrong the direction someone else goes in? If you love, you bless. You don’t resent. If you love, you don’t own. You have your freedom to love and to free a beloved one at the same time. Your love need not be dependent upon concession. Concede your own love, and take no prisoners.

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Master Kuthumi and the Celestial White Beings:
Enlightenment through Awakening
Channelled through Natalie Glasson- 10-02-13-
February 11, 2013

It is with immensely conscious love that we come forward to greet and connect with your being. We wish to share with you the gift of conscious unconditional love, which is one of the greatest gifts that can be shared. We wish to awaken your own natural ability to be conscious in the unconditional love that you are and in the unconditional love that you share with others and yourself. We ask you, if you feel guided, to invoke our energies to transport you to Master Kuthumi’s Ashram upon the inner-planes of the Creator’s universe. Our greatest wish is to stir within you feelings, sensations and energetic experiences of joy, bliss and tremendous happiness, within the manifestation of these sacred Creator qualities we wish to activate your natural ability to be conscious in your unconditional love. Within these sacred qualities we wish to form, awaken and deeply guide you in becoming aware of your own vibration of unconditional love and to be conscious of this vibration. To be conscious is to be completely grounded into an energy, to be completely aware of the energy and to feel as if you are the energy; a true and absolute embodiment. Unconditional love is always required upon the Earth, within humanity, connections and manifestations, but we wish to anchor a pure vibration of unconditional love which can only be born from being conscious. You can open your heart and share your unconditional love but this process is intensified if you are conscious, it is not to be conscious of where the unconditional love is streaming to, the purpose or outcome of the unconditional love. It serves more to be conscious of the actual vibration of unconditional love so this could be interpreted as your experience of the unconditional love. Even as you are conscious of your experience of unconditional love there is no longer a need to understand or comprehend what you are actually experiencing, it is more so to recognize the energy vibration, being at one with the vibration free from expectations or needs of mentally processing. We are asking you to join us in Master Kuthumi’s Ashram in order to achieve and awaken this consciousness within you as it will serve as a true and meaningful gift within your reality. Imagine if you were then able to exist in this state eternally on the Earth, you have this divine and sacred ability, it is naturally within you.

First there is a need to achieve this conscious state on the inner planes, then it can be truly experienced in your physical reality which will allow for a new vibration of love to materialize not only in your reality but in the very foundations of the Earth’s vibration. With a conscious knowingness and oneness with the vibration of unconditional love on the inner planes you will become extremely familiar with the vibration therefore able to attune with deeper continuous waves of unconditional love. Unconditional love is one of the greatest and most beautiful ways in which healing can take place within your being and upon the Earth; it has the power to dissolve the rising of the ego, judgment, cruelty, misunderstanding and lack on the Earth and within the realities of all. It also has the power to bring true and absolute alignment with the Creator. Unconditional love is a divine expression of your being which can be nurtured as a quality of strength and truth within you.

Through meditation you can become aware and conscious of your unconditional love, simply ask us as you drift into a peaceful state of existence and breathing to come forward and transport you to Master Kuthumi’s Ashram to achieve the gift of conscious unconditional love.

Part 1

As you allow yourself to breathe the vibration of the Ashram deep into your being, simply ask us, Master Kuthumi and the Celestial White Being to surround you with the divine qualities of the Creator of joy, bliss and tremendous happiness.

Breathe these vibrations into your being as if you are being filled with joy, bliss and tremendous happiness. As you focus upon inhaling the vibrations you are activating the same within your being.

You may find that you need to practice this part of our connection with you several times until you are truly conscious and able to experience joy, bliss and tremendous happiness activating and beaming from your being. This vibration will flow from your soul so know that with your experience you are also deeply connecting with your soul, the essence and truth of your being.

Part 2

With your conscious experience of part 1, then allow yourself to focus within your being, not within your heart but as if your focus is being placed in the center or core of your being wherever this may be for you.

Within the center of your being there is only light present.

‘Master Kuthumi and the Celestial White Beings, I call you forth to place within the center of my being a seed of your own unconditional love. As I imagine, sense or acknowledge this seed of unconditional love present within me, it merges with my own personal seed of unconditional love. The seed of unconditional love within me symbolizes the oneness and unity of all aspects of unconditional love and the unconditional love of the Creator.

I invite the energy vibration of my being which is my conscious alertness and present focus to wrap around the seed of unconditional love allowing a deep fusion to take place.  My fusion of unconditional love and conscious alertness acts as a symbol of my chosen manifestation. With truth, love and divine responsibility, I ask Master Kuthumi and the Celestial White Beings to assist me in enhancing the seed of unconditional love so that I may embody it completely achieving complete oneness. All that I choose to embody is surrounded and energized by the joy, bliss and tremendous happiness which I am already conscious of.

I am conscious unconditional love in embodiment.’

You may also find it advisable to repeat the last affirmation in your mind or out loud as you focus on being with, merging with, integrating into or as the seed of conscious unconditional love. The more you begin to sit within this vibration, realizing the oneness with the vibration the more conscious of the unconditional love that you hold you will become. After some time you may find that this vibration and ability to be conscious will radiate and stream from your heart into your physical reality without much action or encouragement from you.

When you allow yourself to be conscious of your unconditional love which is an extremely pure aspect of your being which doesn’t seek for anything but simply wishes to radiate and be expressed, then you will allow yourself to become more conscious in other aspect of your reality and being. It is through your focus upon being conscious that you will allow yourself to access enlightenment. Unconditional love when experienced within your being can hold and present enlightenment to you, after all enlightenment isn’t the receiving of wisdom and knowledge but more so the ability to be conscious, observant, grounded and simply being in a vibration of understanding. Enlightenment can be likened to understanding but understanding can be likened to knowing the next action. If you are enlightened or if you have spiritual understanding you are conscious of th e process that requires your action, your focus and energy in a way that interprets the will and divine plane of the Creator. In many ways there is a need to let go of the requirement of detailed understanding and embrace the process of understanding without truly comprehending all aspects in your mind.

We are with you at this time of great change, enlightenment is yours to gain, it is already yours, it is just that there are expectations which obscure your vision of your own enlightened being. Enlightenment can be to be at peace and to follow the powerful guidance within your being without seeking anything else, just following that divine inner compass. Enlightenment flows from awakening, encouraging yourself to be conscious manifests many activations within your being. To be conscious is to realize all that is the Creator.

With unconditional love,
Master Kuthumi and the Celestial White Beings

May you walk in the love and light always,

Natalie was born in 1984, UK. Over seen by Archangel Michael, she now works as a channel for a vast variety of spiritual beings and Masters in the spiritual hierarchy. Through her website she shares the channeled messages of the Creator’s helpers to expand the awareness of humanity and assist in the raise in energy vibration of the planet.  She offers a service of channeled readings from Ascended Masters, Archangels, Angels, Unicorns and Fairies. *

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