July 3, 2013

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July 3, 2013

1.) Archangel Michael: We Cannot Issue Hard Hats
2.) A New Beginning Arises from the Depths of our Being
3.) A Flock Of Birds Calling Out Change is Underway –
A Duck Tale And More Insights
4.) The Mayan Day Keepers: Take Charge of Your life
5.) Who Is Responsible?
6.) The Manuscript Of Survival – Part 332
7.) The Shadow-Self is Divine
8.) Master Saint Germain: Revelations of Truth
9.) Sacred Sites – Earth Energy, Ley Lines and Vortex Energy
10.) Wake Up Call: Love Speaker
11.) Archangel Metatron: Ascension: What Does it Entail?

Sending Light to the families of the 19 Hotshots Firemen that passed away.

Archangel Michael: We Cannot Issue Hard Hats
channeled by Ron Head 6/30/13
July 3, 2013

It is time for us to discuss the movements that are occurring in your societies.  Others have done so.  Even other channelings have done so.  But we have only touched upon the topic here.  This may be a short message, but we trust you will give it thought and consideration.

You see around you now reports of much upheaval.  You are told of riots, of massive protests, of government crackdowns.  You are apprized almost daily of plans and technologies which are meant to control you even more than you are at present controlled.  You are bombarded endlessly with stories of mayhem of all sorts, most of which, may we point out, has occurred many thousands of miles away from you.  If you are following these things, it is very easy for you to lose yourselves in feelings of doubt, fear, and depression.

Most of those following these messages, not all, but most, have learned to balance what they take into their consciousness and remain hopeful and centered in themselves.  Even so, we have a point we wish to make regarding all of this.

You are, at present, beginning to reconstruct your world into the type of place that the very biggest majority of you have longed and prayed for across the last several thousand years.  You have asked for it, and it is time for it to happen.  Your world is now a construction site, my friends.  But we cannot build a safety fence around it to keep you from experiencing the turmoil.  We cannot issue hard hats.  You are living in the middle of the work area.  What we can do is help to remember the truth about what is going on if you will only give some little credence to our words.

Everything that you now see, no matter how it appears on its surface, is being used to bring about the changes you desire and, in fact, are creating for yourselves.  So if you must look at the more disturbing things, and we certainly think you should not bury your heads in the sand as you say, then we ask you to look for the possible ways in which they may contribute to the desirable outcome.  Mostly, try to remain aware at these times of the changes in the world consciousness which they are bringing about.  They have certainly made a great impact on your own, have they not?

In the meantime, continue to work on your own growth and to offer whatever love and comfort you can to others.  Such love, we offer, IS the new world you long for.

Be at peace in your hearts, dear friends, dear family.  We will speak again.  Good day.

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A New Beginning Arises from the Depths of our Being
Méline Lafont – Channeled from Self 6/29/13
July 3, 2013

As we continue to  settle in this foundation and in this grid of Love and empathy, of Divine potential and of inter-Dimensional creation, a lot is being absorbed by our  beings and hearts.  The energies are co-operating into a new divine system of Alchemy, where all the foundations of heart based feelings and creations are part of this new system and form the new system called Humanity as One race  and One being.

Therefore a new  beginning arises from the depths of our being and systems to this beautiful  point of view where all that has been seen as lower Dimensional frequency will no  longer exist nor linger in one’s reality.  Dependency on outer forms and systems will continue to crumble, for there is only the independency of Self and being autonomous and self-reliant.  Creations form the outer formation of one’s world and therefore a more grounded way of living is required in order to be able and create a stable and joyful experience of life.

When one is  grounded to the core and the heart of Mother, all that is passing through Her will reveal all that you are and that you ground into a great manifestation on  Her reality.  Therefore it is very opportune to stay in Love in a constant state of being, for one will reflect that to others as well.

A refined energy is about to scalp this beautiful being that one is, out of the big and heavy husk that one has been forming for all these years of incarnation.  As these refined energies move on into a greater level and pace, a most blissful state is  being created where one will find Love again for Self on a much deeper level  than before.  Self Love is the key for ascending into the I AM Presence that one  is from essence, for Love is what one is.

As the sparks of  the Beauty and Divine Feminine God Presence will flow and affect all the ones on  Mother at this time, the God particles are being re-activated on such a refined  and deep level of one’s consciousness that the entire Giant Cosmic web of I AM  Presences is being laid as the foundation of our being at this time on a global  and Universal scale.  This is part of one’s being and is now reactivated on a  conscious level of understanding.

We must now bring the order of the day into fruition, which is the unconditional love to ones who are in great need for it, to ones who are finding themselves in great challenges in life and to ones who need forgiveness.  Unconditional Love is a unmistakable  part of Self that defines who one is and the other is.  So share what one is to one who needs it, for it completes the Self into a most loving and gentle way of  being.

For now all is unconditionaly connected to one another and the Self is part of all that is; the  Giant Cosmic grid of I AM Presences and the source of God Presence of light.  As  we speak now about abundance and freedom, we speak of Love and ways of living,  of exploring, of being and of expressing. This all is part of our being, part of cosmic creation and it is the right of being.

As all forces now gently start to remove themselves from the planes of Mother, a place of freedom  fits in and expresses itself to be born anew on this planet.  Rejoicing is upon all of the ones who linger on the planes of Mother, for freedom is the way of being as a natural Self.  For now, these forces are gently taking their place out of the grids of the I AM Presences of Earth and resolving into another form of creation that is allowed by the collective of this oneness on Earth.  So it  is very important to be focused and to be gentle with oneself and with others, for creation comes from that state of Self and being.

My greatest wish to share my energy is now fulfilled for this moment of now, until we speak  later; My love and passion is send to all.  Eyah Asher Eyah Méline Lafont/ Lady  Portia

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A Flock Of Birds Calling Out Change is Underway –
A Duck Tale And More Insights
by Lucas 6/30/13
July 3, 2013

As I was talking to a friend I had mentioned I have been monitoring lots of newly awakened getting in touch with nature, with telepathic abilities and seeing they have more things than their already known 5 senses.

I hear of people not being afraid anymore to say to talk or even talk to nature, trees, plants and animals.  It is now felt as becoming more a part of us accepting to be one with all. We accept the realms of the earth, the forest, the mountains and waters and skies as being living breathing  vibrational energy frequencies like us and our earth Gaia.

For me past thursday, friday and saturday morning I was called with a loud cacophony of sound by all the birds to awaken those mornings with a message that change is upon us.  I never got wakened that loud by birds when the sun rose. I felt their genuine message and looked out of my window seeing flocks of different sorts of birds calling out the change. It was awesome.

I talk myself often with animals and birds via telepathy.  I know they understand it.  For example: I have a couple  of  wild ducks nesting every year and raise their ducklings at my little pond in the backyard. This year I talked telepathic to them not to come and nest as there will be building and renovating activities going on in my neighborhood and that would disturb their nesting. They listened and didn’t come to nest this year.

The people are getting more and more acquainted with their new abilities in healing, manifesting, creating. This makes new ways of connecting and relating to other living entities, human, animal or otherwise easier. Seeing energy, seeing different color intensities is all part of that what is going on. Also some will feel they need less food as they get fed more and more also by pure energy.

Certain foods will be felt as not prevalent to eat anymore. It is up to you what to do as you only can feel what is right for you in the moment of now.  See that things are changing and integrating also. It is seeing there is change by changing perception and following your heart-source and feelings.  It is about feeling your way through. If there is now chaos and lots of things exposed you can see that as negative, but you can perceive it also as positive and see that things need to change after all this chaos ending.

Also there is absolute a  group of positive and negative, dark or light teachers and gurus out there.  A lot of them preach on intellectual level how to be getting into that space of neutrality and unity  but in fact they still act out differently as they are doing the opposite of what the mind has intellectually brought forward.  It is about not being a preacher, guru or teacher anyhow it is about just being “You” and being example in what you talk and do and just talk for yourself and let people themselves see if it relates to them or not.

Are you willing to become uniting dark and light than shine a bit of light in the dark and let a bit of dark in the full light. Maybe both sides can see more of each other as being just interconnected as one.  Are we able to bring those polarities together in ourselves and therefore also outside ourselves? For me that answer is a yes as I see the changes coming fast.

We still need to see there is no need for trial, retribution and hunting down the  still called ” Dark and Evil.” They have played their roles in our duality game that officially has ended last year 21st december 2012.  It is though still playing out. We ourselves are often the ones that keep this last bit going by still feeding energy into this crumbling old structure.

Are we able to feed the new unity in all our energy, that is all polarities without judgement, hate, fear and anger.  Can we grow beyond our own self-imposed new borders of being only light or only dark?  I think we can.  Let us make it happen.  When in all light the dark is seen also we will find the balance that will bring unification of all.  If we see in darkness also the light shine through we are amazingly seeing the unity coming.

There is no us and them anymore as is said so often already by some way showers.  It is about us all.  Separation is no more. Let us find all our way into our heart source connection. The sooner we all do, the sooner we all will see our 5D paradigm manifest in all its beauty for us and earth.  We are already in our in between stage. Some holding the energies of 5D already in its highest form and others are still in the experience of  energies of a already past 3D.

In letting go of our past, our patterns, our addictions, our beliefs, our cultural and societal dogmas and imprints, in letting go of all our expectations and future thoughts we will be getting into the heart and also more in the “Now.” As all is Now. Past-Present and Future is Now.

Let there be love to guide you and warm you heart. It is the guide for your journey.

Love and Light in all its shades,

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The Mayan Day Keepers: Take Charge of Your life
Day 86, Cimi 8
July 3, 2013

I am Cimi with Tone 8. We are grateful for this time to be with you. As always, our intention is to help you to re-discover what you already possess within yourself. You have no need for teachers or gurus; simply look within to find all you seek. We are here to re-mind and to support all you choose to do with your life. We hold no judgment and are in awe of all that you are accomplishing on Earth.

Although it may not seem like it, you are gaining much for yourself and for everyone else in the universe. Every experience you have creates a new memory for us. Each of you has a unique slant on life. Although many may gather at an event, no two of you are having the same experience.

Literally, you are each a living library, storing every thought, emotion and action you have experienced. Isn’t that truly amazing? You are like super-computers with intelligence beyond any virtual reality software program. How much better will your life be when you realize you are conscious thinkers, with the ability to create with your Creator! You have been given free will to choose your experiences. Although many of you have fallen far from the compassion wagon, your experiences have allowed for a tremendous amount of spiritual growth.

Can you picture a heaven where there is only perfection? Most of you would be bored within the first few minutes! Where is the challenge? Where is the drama? Where is the opportunity to express your creativity? We hate to burst your bubble to tell you there is no such place as heaven or hell. Hang onto these beliefs if you choose, but we have a better offer for you.

What if everything you think and act upon with passion is the doorway to creation? Would you choose to condemn yourself to a place of agony for eternity? What kind of loving father would do such a thing, even to his naughtiest child? It makes no sense! You claim your Father is all-loving and all-knowing. If he is all-knowing, then surely he would have known when he created you that at times you would choose to be naughty! Are you saying that your Father set you up for failure? If this describes your God, perhaps you might consider running away and being an orphan, then you might have a better chance at finding happiness!

Okay, I shall step off my soapbox and be a bit gentler. Consider this. There is a Creator. That shouldn’t be too hard to fathom when you look around and see the balance in Nature. What if this Creator designed Earth in such a way that would allow for a multitude of creatures to co-habitat here? Is that too far from your thinking?

Now, what if the Creator wanted to experience Earth and all her treasures, but was unable to fully do so while in perfect Spirit form? Could the problem be solved if the Creator were able to fragment into small units, with some remaining in Spirit form while other fragments lowered their vibration to denser forms?

What if in order to experiment with the concept of duality or polarity, those coming to Earth were given temporary amnesia in order to experience what it would be like to live in a place that wasn’t just peace, love and chanting hallelujah? Would you be one of the adventurers to sign up for this unique experience? Now, we admit that this polarity experience has gotten a little out of hand. If your all-knowing God knew this when he created this planet, wouldn’t it be wise for him to set parameters, perhaps a date for it to end? Isn’t this like wise parents who allow their maturing child to wander further from home and with less adult supervision, but has a nightly curfew?

Have we gone too far in stretching your imagination or will you continue with us? What if the world of polarity, the Grand Experiment, is coming to an end? What would it look like? Perhaps you would find that more people would be interested in finding their spiritual roots, seeking what feels right to them rather than blindly following the religion of their parents. Look around at the increasing number of new churches around the world; could this be a sign of the End Times? What if the experiment were about to end? Wouldn’t you expect more people to talk about how they would like to see changes in their world? This is happening. Have you noticed that an increasing number of people are simplifying their lives and down-sizing, while in the past there was more emphasis on amassing material objects?

Have you noticed an increased surge in people moving where they feel they “should be.” Have you noticed others moving closer to their family or looking for communities with like-minded people? Have you noticed how all the systems that were set up to control the masses are now disintegrating? Could these all be signs of the end of polarity? Perhaps the hippies were right, all you need is love! True love. Unconditional love. Respectful love. The current buzzword in many churches and spiritual gatherings is unity. There is much talk of being one with each other. More emphasis is being placed on finding common ground rather than what separates.

Begin to focus on what makes you feel loved, balanced, joyful, creative and passionate. You no longer need to experience what it would be like to be alone, have the biggest house on the block, controlling others or anything that causes separation between you and another. The best place to begin feeling this unity is to begin to see others for who they truly are, children of the same Creator. Each one of you possesses the gifts of co-creation. Don’t take our word for it, put it to the test. Remember times when you received what you desired and see if you can find the patterns that led you to successful manifestation.

You have the ability within you to create Heaven on Earth in an instant. However, there are many diverse energies competing against each other. Like a tug of war, the group that pulls the hardest will win. You are at a point in history where the unity side is winning. More each day are coming to the realization that there is more to life than material wealth.

Through the past several decades, the masses have given personal control over to governmental and religious figures. All the hullabaloo over separation of church and state came as a result of the church having more power than the state. The lawmakers had the power to create legislation to gain control of you, the common people. The goal was to control you and they have succeeded. As you awaken consciously and begin to remember how powerful you are, you can begin to stand up and say, “No more!” It has taken a great upheaval to awaken you. As a result, many are homeless with no money to buy clothing, food or shelter, the bare necessities to survive on this planet. You are on the verge of losing the ability for any life to exist on Earth. Can you think of anything further from love?

Could it be possible that humans are now experiencing the opposite of Love? Isn’t it possible that you have run the full spectrum of possible experiences, short of complete annihilation? Is there a way out or are you doomed? We are ever hopeful that enough of you have awakened and are ready to regain possession of your body, mind and soul and begin the dance back to centeredness. If this is true, what might it look like? Might there be outcries against war? Would there be an influx of people interested in stopping the groups who control every aspect of their lives? Would you see a return to backyard gardening as a means to feeding yourself healthy food? Would you see an increase in community as you work together to provide food, clothing and housing for those in need? Might there be a shift from jobs with “benefits” to jobs that create passion and are less stressful?

Have you seen these things happening? The news media doesn’t focus on this, for it would expose the pitfalls of the magnates who “own the world” and the media. Yet their world is crumbling in front of their eyes, for they forgot one important ingredient in their plan for world domination, the free will of the people they desire to control. Each one of you has boundaries that you have set up, some consciously and others unconsciously. Your beliefs allow you to take only so much abuse, so much control, so much unhappiness, so much servitude, etc. Each of you are now coming to that point, if you haven’t already, in which you say, “Enough is enough, I want and deserve a more fulfilling life!”

The road to Heaven on Earth can be smooth or bumpy. It depends on how much those in power will relinquish control and how gracefully you are able to regain control of your life choices. We say “gracefully” because it is a means to achieving what you want through actions of love rather than reactions from fear. The latter has been the way that battles on all levels have been fought for eons. It is now time to set aside your weapons and create the life you desire.

Begin to visualize your dreams into reality. Take each step with love and regard for yourself and others, seeking only those things that are for your good and for the highest good of all concerned. Anything less will keep you in the polarity consciousness that now has you bound and gagged.

We will stop here, although there is much more to say. However, each day we offer more insights into how to create Heaven on Earth. In the meantime, as you learn to release your fears and replace them with love, you will become further removed from the chaos that exists in your world.

As more of you unite, the grip of those who have had you under their control will be loosened. The dragon is losing its power over you. As we stated on Day 83, befriend your dragons, for you all are truly one, from the same Source. Soon you will remember this truth and embrace your enemies as well as your friends. The world can be a better place! You are the ones you have been waiting for! These are not idle words. Take them into your heart and let your light shine!

Selamet! Cimi 8

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Heavenletter #4604
Who Is Responsible?
July 3, 2013

God said:

You might ask: “Is life a roulette wheel, God? Do You spin it, or do I?”

I could answer that We are One, so what is the difference? And this is a good argument I make. It’s time now to stop pointing the finger. There is no blame. On whom do you lay the responsibility for life or anything and everything?

Take life as a matter of course, and keep whistling a merry tune.

Manifold is the responsibility. In one sense We can say that everyone and everything is responsible, as are you responsible for everyone and everything, you as you are on every level of existence.

At the least, you co-exist. At the least, you watch what goes on. You tut-tut, or you walk away.

Guilt is outdated, beloveds. It is a waste of energy. Regret just lies around, not doing much good if any at all.

If you have left your trash to be picked up in the wrong place, no matter how innocently, when you realize you have, you move the trash. If you spill milk, you wipe it up. If someone else’s elbow spills the milk, still, you wipe it up. You are responsible for all aftermath. One way or another, you take responsibility.

You may object to this idea. You might say: “If an explosion goes off three thousand miles away, how am I responsible?”

The cadence of your thoughts, beloved. The armor from which your thoughts, speech, and deeds come. Listen, you could wipe out a whole town with your thoughts. You could also build a town with your thoughts. You are a proponent. On stage or off stage, you are a contributor. One way or another, you contribute, so you might as well tip the scales in love’s favor.

Unless you uplift the world, you are pulling it down. You may say you like to face facts, yet you, who call yourself practical and realistic, you may well have been skirting the issue. And you, you are part of the issue. You are a significant part of the issue.

People play chess long-distance. Wars are incepted long-distance. Shorten the distance. Distance is illusion.

Beloveds, as has been said, there is no them. There is only Us.  There is no they, there is only We. There is no you. There is only I.

Analysis doesn’t do much. Analyze all you want, and still you are responsible to everyone for everything. This is not a new thought, although it may be a new realization for you.

No longer are you a bystander on Earth. There are no bystanders. So-called bystanders also pertain.

Your thoughts are powerful. Be careful about the power you wield. Better to be humble. Better to come from a blank slate. You are the one who writes on it. You are responsible for what you write. You are also responsible for what you don’t write.

Now let Me say this all differently. Above what you do is who you are. We know that your Being is what is called good and true. When you look out from a 40th floor window, you have a different view from when you see out from a garden apartment. Who is responsible for your perception? To see further, if you are required to climb, then climb.

Nevertheless, you who are on the top floor are also responsible to the people on the ground floor. The people on the ground floor are also responsible for the people on the top floor. Life is not a one-way street, beloveds. There are many avenues, and they interact and overlap.

Are you your brother’s keeper? Yes, you are. You invariably are, yet not in the way you may have thought, yet your brother is affected by your thoughts.

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The Manuscript Of Survival – Part 332
Channeled by Aisha North
July 3, 2013

As many of you have ascertained already, things are certainly starting to heat up this summer, and we do mean that in every sense of the word. Much is swirling around you all in the form of not only energetic emissions, but also the outcome from all of these injections of light. For the light never comes empty handed as it were, as it will always have a profound effect on all that it touches on its way. So too this time, as has been amply proven already.

We gather you will all have been profoundly touched by these energetic emissions already, and much has once again been brought up to the surface. Not only in you, but in people around you as well. And even if you have all by now been thoroughly exposed to the effects of all of this and you will in some ways have gotten used to it, it will still be hard to keep your focus and indeed your balance throughout these periods of upheaval. For that is truly what so much of this will be seen as, and as we have already touched upon, it can in many ways be described as a period of chaos, but as a creative chaos. For there is indeed a distinction between what many will perceive as chaotic upheavals, and what is actually underneath it all. For the temptation to view this as a form of breakdown or destruction may be strong, but remember, this is not about destruction, this is all about rebuilding.

But as we have talked about over and over again, mankind has been reprogrammed to view any form of change as something to be avoided, and as such, a lot of fear is already starting to emerge. And we do not think we are far off the mark if we venture to guess that this fear is something you have all been exposed to in one way or the other over this last period. Again, it is always important to remember that as you have all become so open by now by connecting to not only yourselves but also to this infinite grid, you will pick up signals in a way that is much more powerful than before. In other words, even the subtlest of hints can be construed as an alarm going off somewhere, so we do urge you all to remember to step back a little every time you sense this feeling of alarm going off within. For you are in most cases merely picking up a message being exuded from the collective, and even if you can literally feel it within your body, it is not something that actually belongs to you. You are merely picking up other people’s distress signals, but they can be easily be misconstrued as your own.

So again we say, keep breathing and stay focused, and try to disconnect yourself a little bit from all of the emotions swirling around you. We know it is not easy at times, for it can be more than a little overpowering, so we do urge you to seek refuge with your fellow men whenever you can. The best cure for all of these energetic upheavals is as always to seek within, and even more important, remember to connect with this grid of souls that you are all a part of. It can be difficult to do so in the heat of it all, but that is when you all need it the most. The waters of this Pond will quench any thirst and any burning heat of fear, so make sure that you seek refuge here whenever you feel the need to do so. And no, this is not running away from anything, this is merely a way of seeking shelter from the scalding outpouring of old dross that will ensue from so many others out there who are still standing fully exposed under the fierce midday sun. But you have found your refuge, and you have all been instrumental in setting it up by allowing yourselves to become “One” with these soothing energies. So never resist the urge to gather here in any way you can. It will not only bring you solace, but it will be of immense help to all of those still feeling trapped out in the searing heat of change.

Aisha North

I started to receive channeled messages a few years back, but they were few and far between. Mostly they were to me personally, or to people close to me. After a while, they started to come more frequently, and the entities coming through with these messages changed. For the last year and a half, they usually come from a group calling themselves ”The constant companions.” They have not given me much information about themselves, apart from the fact they are ”a motley bunch” and ”more than five,” and that they work on the orders from All There Is. They all have their own ”voice,” they use different words, cover different subjects and they have very different energies when they come through with their messages. They have not told me where they come from, but I have been given the impression that they represent different civilizations, all coming together to help us and Planet Earth. I was told to start to write down and publish this Manuscript of survival in the beginning of August 201. Almost every day, they give me a new message, or part of a message, and they always tell me when one part is finished and ready to post. I do not know how long they will continue, but I will keep sending them out as long as they keep coming.

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The Shadow-Self is Divine
by Wes Annac 6/30/13
July 3, 2013

I’ve discovered something important along my personal process, and this discovery has come-about on the back of my own, what I perceive to be difficulty or inability to enjoy a smooth and free-flowing existence. To be blunt about it – I’m meeting my shadow-self in all of its ferocity.

I’ve been writing lately about how joyful and brimming my existence has been, and indeed it has been, but I recognize that, that’s perhaps a bit narrow or one-sided of a view to give of my ascension process as it stands currently.

I say this because I, like all of you, also experience anger; frustration; uncertainty; the wish that things were just a bit easier or more in alignment with the higher realms I can only slightly remember.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t discuss the aspects of my personal process that would be easier to hide away from or deal with all on my own. It’s easy not to talk about the catalytic sadness I feel at times, or the immense disappointment when things in my Life don’t pan-out the exact way I expected.

It’s easy to talk only about the good, and not mention that I too get angry, curse at times, stamp my feet, etc. These are all completely-human qualities that we’ve incarnated under, genetically and spiritually, so that we could grow to understand them and thus, understand ourselves, in much greater ways.

I can remember when dear Konstantinos, who posts along with me on The Aquarius Paradigm, described a very-accurate dream he had in which I was depicted. He said he saw me wearing a black t-shirt (as I’m prone to doing sometimes) and he said that when he initially greeted me, I was very happy to see him and we had a short conversation.

However, when he left and came back to me, he claimed I was mean and insulting. I remember saying at the time that what we witnessed could’ve been an accurate depiction of my own shadow-self, which I certainly didn’t understand at the time as much as I’m beginning to now.

The reason I feel his dream was so accurate is because the traits of my shadow-self were depicted quite correctly. If I’m upset or angry for any reason, I recognize that I tend to look toward outward circumstances or even become insulting to those who Love and care for me, in the name of my own self-righteousness and anger.

I recognize this facet of myself, and in doing so, I can work to understand it and not necessarily control it, but reassign it to a position that will benefit me and those around me. Understanding my shadow-self in greater ways, I can work not to resort to anger or depression when it’s easy to, but take the depression I’d otherwise feel and use it as a drive to do more good, not just for the planet, but for myself and my family.

While it’d be easy to hide under the one-sided cloak of the joyous channeler who never experiences anger or sadness, to do so would be to hide away from a part of myself in need of active recognition. I wouldn’t be a complete human (or spiritual) being if I didn’t recognize every facet of myself, including my shadow self who’ll kick and scream until it’s blue in the face, and see them all as integral parts of me.

I’m learning lately that when we shine Light upon and Love those parts of ourselves we’d otherwise be ashamed of or hide ourselves away from, we actually curtail the negative influence they’d otherwise have upon us. When coming to a point of complete and true wholeness by recognizing one’s Divine self, one’s human self and one’s shadow-self, we’re able to curtail our own feeding of negativity and sadness.

I’m smack in the middle of this part of my process as I write this, and I’m still learning and will continue to learn more about this ideal. The basic message I wish to impart, which I do hope has come across clearly, is that I’m not going to hide away from recognizing aspects of myself that, at the surface, wouldn’t seem to be “of the Light”.

To judge anything, especially an active part of ourselves in need of recognition, as “of the Light” or not, is quite a distortion in its own right. My and your shadow-self is of the Light, because everything is of the Light.

Don’t be ashamed of yourself if you feel like you’re feeding into the old paradigm you’re ready to see-off, because you’re a growing and evolving human, who’s learning not to hide away from the lower-dimensional aspects of your personal existence, but to embrace them and bring them into the Light they’ve always been.

Wes Annac – Becoming secure and whole with myself as I continue to learn and grow.

(Thanks to John Smallman, whose latest message from Saul really helped put things into perspective for me.)

* WesAnnac.com * AquariusParadigm.com * Contributing Editor: The Golden Age of Gaia *

Master Saint Germain: Revelations of Truth
Channeled through Natalie Glasson 6/30/13
July 3, 2013

With love, as I unfold my energy to you, I express the truth which has been imparted to me through my own process of spiritual growth and the awakening of the Creator within my being. I am Master Saint Germain, it is always such a deep honour to connect with your energy and to speak of truth. There are often many layers of false interpretations within the fabric of the Earth, humanity’s existence and consciousness. To speak of truth allows for many false interpretations which disguise the Creator from you to be dissolved and erased eternally. Seeking the vibration of truth within your being and projecting it into your reality for experience encourages you to be consciously aware of the Creator during your time upon the Earth. With conscious awareness many limitations that you perceived to be true fall away allowing for new limitless ideas and inspiration to form. When we speak of truth, especially upon the Earth, there is an element of competition and survival that emerges from within many people. This is simply a misinterpretation of knowing the truth.

As you are aware, to know something is often interpreted as understanding something completely, often holding an element of confirmation. There is often no form of confirmation of the truth, divine wisdom and consciousness of the Creator but there is a knowingness within each of our souls which acts as our guiding light, source of empowerment and encouragement. To know the truth is to feel it and to sense it without truly understanding or having a need for understanding. A spiritual knowingness of truth is very different to an intellectual knowingness of truth. It may often seem as if you are weak if you admit that you do not understand the truth and will of the Creator but this is a beautiful space that you can enter into, accessing a deep steam of freedom from within your being that offers tremendous expansion and connection with the Creator. In many ways it is as if you are letting go of any form of control that you may have upon the world, your reality or being, entering into a space that truly allows you to experience the truth of the Creator. Often revelations of the truth of the Creator will emerge and form within you as a feeling, maybe even as the most beautiful scent that embodies your entire being. Frequently truth will emerge as energy within your being, you may not be able to express this energy but you will notice and recognise its freedom and familiarity to the Creator. Such integrations and awareness of truth cannot be interpreted verbally due to the fact that you are considering the great source and energy networks that are the Creator, trying to describe vastness in a few words. Even as ascended masters we can often have difficulty in sharing or inspiring truth within your being. We often contemplate, how does one explain the multidimensional, expansion, all-encompassing presence of the Creator to bring forth recognition?  Entering into a space of freedom and expansion allows for inspiration to arise.

I wish to share with you that often if you find yourself in an experience where you do not know the answer to a problem or are unsure as to what your next stage might be, allow yourself to enter into a space within you of freedom and expansion. Being content and breathing as the vibration of freedom and expansion allows the truth of the Creator to rise and form with your conscious awareness. Sometimes it will form into inspiration that is most understandable or other times you can send the energy out into your reality and to the situation to resolve all that needs completion.  When you experience a situation where an answer is needed and you simply cannot understand how it would be beneficial for you to react, in that moment you exist in a limited space within your being. You are hindering and constraining yourself and your magnificent inner truth. This could be due to the circumstance or to your beliefs but by entering into a space of freedom and expansion within you, you are able to access the truth that is ever flowing especially between you and the Creator.

To discover your space of freedom and expansion, allow yourself to meditate upon both freedom and expansion within your being asking to discover a haven within you that holds both vibrations. You may discover an area of your body or a sacred space such as sitting before the sea or in expansive woods. This is then a space for you to retreat to when the truth of the Creator is required within your reality. The process that I share with you encourages your empowerment and the divine flow of the Creator within your being, raising your energy vibration and dissolving all limitations from your reality, as all your actions and understanding are drawn from the abundant fountain of the Creator rather than the mind.

Every soul upon the Earth and the inner planes draws upon the same truth, wisdom and consciousness of the Creator bringing this sacred energy into creative expression and interpretation.  The vibration of truth within each being is also the same; it is interpretation of the Creator that allows for so many different teachings, expressions and discoveries of the Creator’s wisdom. Your interpretation is born through the predefined goals of your soul, the dimension of anchoring for your mind and the beliefs that you hold onto. This means that there is no wrong or right answer or expression when it comes to truth but only vibrations and inspiration that are appropriate in the present moment. It is important to be mindful that you are constantly interpreting and expressing the will of the Creator in new ways as you recognise the great expansion of the Creator within you.

In 2012 there was a great focus placed upon unity and oneness, encouraging all to recognise themselves as united with all aspects of the Creator. There was a very powerful and essential purpose for this; it was to build the connections of light or networks of light between all aspects of the Creator, consciously strengthening the greater whole of the Creator. Each soul and aspect of the Creator is then able to draw upon the great wealth of divine consciousness, wisdom and truth to serve them in the new era. This in turn offers to you more responsibility because you have a greater access to the divine fountain of energy, wisdom and sacred knowingness of the Creator. It also means that all you experience and create flows into the fountain of the Creator and the consciousness of the dimension you exist within. Each soul becomes an expression of the Creator but also a decipherer or energizer of the Creator. Your ability to consciously feel the vibrations, energy and consciousness of each and every soul especially within your dimension becomes magnified. No longer are you just pleasing and serving yourself but you are magnifying and nurturing all aspects of the Creator especially within your dimension through your physical reality. If you experience a deep seated love and peace during meditation, these sacred vibrations flow into the consciousness of all who you are connected to and all that is the Creator. If someone else experiences pain in their reality this vibration could be sensed by you on an unseen or seen level.

Many of you may have been asked by your guides to detach from the general consciousness of humanity expressing instead deep love, this means that you have connected into another consciousness pool often of a higher vibration or maybe your focus has been placed upon a different dimension within the Creator’s universe. There will always be an element of influence upon you from the consciousness pool that you are connected into and your vibrations will also serve and fuel the consciousness pool. Often people connect into certain consciousness pools because specific truths are held in different consciousness pools, through connection and the focus on unity one can merge with the truth that is needed while also sharing valuable wisdom.

During meditation you can ask to become aware of the vibration of the beautiful higher frequency consciousness pool or consciousness dimension you are currently connected with. Ask to only experience love and divine truth of the highest appropriate vibration. You may also ask if there are certain truths held within this consciousness that need to be revealed to you. Allow yourself to sit in meditation with this focus being aware of any vibrations, inspirations or sensations that may enter into your awareness. With every moment souls are bringing to light the truth of the Creator from the consciousness pool you are connected with, enhancing the knowingness of the truth within your being. Allow yourself to be open to revelations of truth.

With this understanding it is also important to be conscious of your own thoughts, judgements and actions. With the acceptance that everything and every aspect of the Creator are united in oneness and that you are also connected to a consciousness pool which is fueling your spiritual awakening, any negative energy you create can have an impact upon all. Imagine you were judging someone, the vibration of the judgment you create would not only be sent to them but would impact upon all souls. This may be hard to understand but imagine that every time you have a negative thought, emotion or expression from your being for another person or yourself, your loved ones are being attacked by the energy you are experiencing. If this was to occur and you noticed the suffering of your loved ones you would most probably place great focus upon altering your thoughts and actions. I say to you that all of humanity are your loved ones and with the desire and focus for greater energetic unity between souls there is also a need to take responsibility for the energy you are creating and putting into the world, as it impacts not only you but all. This is why we ask you to focus upon love as often as you can. Energetic unity upon the Earth is and was needed in order to create the era of love of the Earth. Unity allowed for all energetic networks upon the Earth and within each being to be healed so that all could with divine timing open up to the divine flow of the Creator. With more and more energy networks on the Earth and within your being opening the vibration of love can flow with greater abundance, building momentum for creation and the experience of absolute love on the Earth.

Let us all exist in a space of freedom and expansion to allow for the Creator’s revelations of truth.

With love,
Saint Germain

With divine blessings,

Natalie was born in 1984, UK. Over seen by Archangel Michael, she now works as a channel for a vast variety of spiritual beings and Masters in the spiritual hierarchy. Through her website www.omna.org she shares the channeled messages of the Creator’s helpers to expand the awareness of humanity and assist in the raise in energy vibration of the planet.  She offers a service of channeled readings from Ascended Masters, Archangels, Angels, Unicorns and Fairies. *
Sacred Sites – Earth Energy, Ley Lines and Vortex Energy
by Shirley MacLaine 6/27/13
July 3, 2013

Earth energy. It can’t be seen or tasted and it doesn’t have an odor. But, the effects of Earth energy can be experienced in all of those ways. It isn’t loud, but it can be heard. It can’t be touched, but it can definitely be felt.

Our ancestors knew that ley lines, earth grids and vortexes were energy sources and centers that were to be considered holy. They knew that Mother Earth supplied their physical needs, cured their ills and balanced their spirit. Mother Earth had also supplied the invisible forces of Earth energy. They respected the strength of these unseen powers and knew they were a place to heal physical, emotional and spiritual pain. Used as a place of communion with the Creator, our ancestors knew that these energy points uplifted the group or individual consciousness and fortified the soul.

Today, in this fast-paced, technology-oriented, loud 21st Century, science refers to these sacred energy centers as geophysical anomalies. As an anomaly, science has the responsibility of attempting to define and label the physics of the energy centers. This has been attempted all around the globe by measuring magnetic fields and electrical impulses that may or may not be present in the area. More often than not, geophysicists and science in general have not been able to explain why things are the way they are. The scientific community, however, has been able to shed some light on ley lines, grids and vortexes, even if they do not fully understand why certain things happen. These scientific acknowledgments include: unexplainable biochemical changes that occur when a person is at one of these centers and the fact that the energy centers and paths are all heavily charged with negative ions, even in the most arid climate conditions.

The oddity about using science and technology to determine what happens at these energy centers is that the technology to make this determination already exists within each and every individual. Every person relates and reacts differently to a different energy location and these personal reactions cannot be measured categorized by technology. In fact, to achieve the most accurate measurement we need to take a step backward and learn from our ancestors.

The power and strength of a ley line, earth grid or vortex can only be determined on an individualistic basis by the physical body utilizing the spirit as the conductor and the mind as the translator.

Ley Lines

Rhythms of energy. All living things emit these unseen influences. We sense them intuitively and logically, even if we can’t see them. When a magnet attracts iron filings we can’t see the cause, but we can see the result and in turn know the energy exists.

Ley Lines transmit or receive energies around the globe…” Earth is a living being and many of these invisible dynamics that the Earth emits interact between a human being and the planet. One such unseen force is ley lines. Sometimes called telluric pathways, ley lines are often not easily recognized. Some have compared ley lines to the acupuncture meridians of the human body. Certain points on the body are energy centers that transmit or receive strength to or from other locations. Ley lines transmit or receive energies around the globe.

When these pathways were mapped in England at the beginning of the 21st Century they appeared to connect one holy shrine to another. The ancients of each civilization knew the paths of the ley lines and how to amplify the already abundant energy. Native cultures in the Americas called them the Spirit Path. The Chinese understood them to be a balance between the yin and the yang and the Aborigines of Australia called them Song Lines. Our ancestors often traveled the pathways in solitude, allowing communion between their physical, mental and spiritual being and the Divine. They knew that when these energies interacted with the body’s physical makeup the traveler often experienced a feeling of enhanced self awareness and a sense of centered spirituality.

Vortex Energy

Vortex. The word brings to mind a spiraling energy, such as a tornado or water going down a drain. But vortex earth energy is very different because the energy of a vortex is multifaceted. An earth energy vortex can be electrical, magnetic, or electromagnetic. And even those terms are a bit misleading. A magnetic vortex doesn’t mean that the energy is literally a magnetic field, nor is an electrical vortex the carrier of electrical current. These names actually reflect the effect of the energy found at a specific vortex point. An electrical vortex is an energizing, activating location. A magnetic vortex attracts energy much as a magnet attracts iron filings. Electromagnetic vortexes combine the qualities of both types to provide an energy that attracts, activates and energizes.

Even though a vortex is considered by science as a geophysical anomaly, indigenous peoples from all areas of the world, knew of vortex energy and revered these locations as sacred sites. The ancients knew how to work with a vortex to achieve a better understanding of self and of spirit. They also knew that vortex energy held the potential to help heal mind, body and spirit.

Somewhere in our history we have set these old traditions aside, feeling that we no longer needed them. We were wrong. Now, many of us are trying to find and reawaken the communicative harmony that naturally exists between human, Earth energy and Creation. Vortex energy is only one of many Earth energy sources that may complete this trine.

About the Author

Shirley MacLaine is a famous actress, singer, dancer and author. She is a strong believer in life as a creation that each of us paints for ourselves. Please visit her website at http://shirleymaclaine.com/  * where this article was originally featured. ”We do create our own reality in order to be aligned with our destiny.” ~Shirley MacLaine *

Wake Up Call: Love Speaker
Channeled by Nancy Tate 6/1/13
July 3, 2013

I Am here today to tell you about something that is taking place in the skies today around your earth. It is a matter of the sameness of the universe coming into being in the skies of your planet. In a way this is a time of coming into unison for the universe. In a way it is a time of all of you coming into unison on earth. It is a matter of all of you realizing that there is something astoundingly different about how you feel and what is taking place around the planet.

For some of you it may be a bit troublesome; worry not for that will pass. For some of you it is for the most part joyful and peaceful. It brings to you the feeling that finally some of your prayers are being answered for peace to come and the unison to be in place firmly and without doubt.  It is a matter of you being able to support whatever is taking place on the planet if not with your actions, then with your total and complete feeling of surrender to the Love that is prevalent.

Yes, dear ones, we are finding that the Love of the eternal grace is so much stronger this day than it has been for so long on this planet. We are seeing that there is a deeper sense of what is right for the planet and all life on it. More of you are seeing into the depth of love that is needed and at the same time being expressed. In the animal kingdom, the plants and all of what it is that makes this planet whole and beautiful is expressing forth the love that is predominant in their beingness.

I speak to you now as a body of love, one that is complete in its existence and identity. I speak for all of existence on your planet for I am that which you all are. I have no voice but yours and it comes through many phases in its evolvement. I have no name but yours and is that I am nameless, while at the same time I have the identity of Love, so I shall call myself Love Speaker, for that is what the majority of you are doing in this moment, on some level.

This is what it is going to take for all of you to evolve into the ascended awareness that you are destined for. It is a matter of being able to realize what you are capable of, and to look at the reflections of what you are doing and what it means for your dear planet. You are coming back to yourselves and in the process you are seeing the rights of your existence being reclaimed and brought into the balance that is your destined way of life.

As you go through this process you may find many obstacles along the way. What you will know to do is to take a breath and then feel the love that emanates forth that will take care of the issue and clear the way for your absolute ascension with all others. As this takes place you will see how it works in a deeper way, and you will know what it takes to give of yourself to receive that which is right around the corner for you.

I go now to the corners of your beingness and rest in assurance that you are enjoying the new ride you have chosen. Worry not that others in the world seem to be taking a slower ride, for the choices are what is keeping all in balance while you take your glory to a new height. Rest and be assured that all is in harmony with what you have set into place. Know that the Love that has grown so steadily and surely is the moving force of the deep Love that you are feeling and expressing. You are the Creators of your new world in the essence of The Creator of all that you are and have been from the beginning of Creation in expression.

Blessings to you all, for I speak in your name and the Essence of Love that you are.

Thank you dear Love Speaker.

Nancy Tate

*  www.treeofthegoldenlight.com *
Archangel Metatron: Ascension: What Does it Entail?
as channeled by Méline Lafont 7/1/13
July 3, 2013

I greet all of you in the name of my Presence of Love and gratitude. I Am Archangel Metatron, at your disposal at all times. In the name of the Heavenly Realms of Light I bring you great tidings full of love as well as an update on your current reality.

Beloved children of God and of Mother Earth, it truly is a pleasure to be in connection with all of you as you are immensely loved, each and everyone of you. The times you are living in are remarkable to say the least and this gets more obvious for all of you. Nothing is at it seems anymore, everything changes and collapses in on itself on an energetic level. New forms and creations are adopted, in which the old energy finds a new life back into a higher light aspect of itself, for you all grow quite astonishingly into a light body and everything around you automatically follows the same path.

All reality around you follows the inner creations and ditto reflections in their forms and emanations. More loving designs have been created as the heart now runs your reality and your Being. Everything that flourishes from now on out of your Being will reflect the facets of your Being in a creation and a form of energy within a deeper context of Love and Light. Admittedly, some ascension shifts have taken place in your world of Being, that is for sure. Nothing can obstruct this Ascension process any longer for it runs at full speed and it cannot be stopped.

So many Ascension processes now take place on a daily basis as each soul ascends a couple of times during a Moon cycle and even more, for the soul yearns for the expansion of its consciousness and the growth of its Light. This refers to the souls in incarnation that want to progress and evolve in such a way that they clear the path for all the countless other souls who wish to tread in their footsteps and want to proceed with their evolution.

There is no doubt that there are plenty of shifts taking place all over the world for each individual in his/her own way. To learn lessons and to experience them is also a kind of ascension, to transmute difficulties and to release old patterns also pertains to ascension. Ascension does not imply that you leave this place and that you all of a sudden dwell in another place, ascension is way more than that. Ascension is enriching yourself with the energies that you already naturally are, Ascension is lifting yourself up out of duality by releasing the ego and letting yourself be guided by the heart and not the ego.

Ascension is to get to know and to accept yourself, to love yourself for who you are, to pass yourself on to others, to love everyone unconditionally, to not force your will onto others, to not judge but to respect everything and everyone. Above all, Ascension is forming yourself in a higher world that manifests itself now in your current reality implying a higher way of being and of living, a more refined way of feeling and integrating, feeling enlightened and rising in value and love, in energy and in integration of the Light. Ascension is so much more, my beloved ones.

You are going nowhere, instead you create the new world on Gaia and in Her fields and that’s where you are going! That is your home, for you integrate your Being and your home on the frequency level that you are and where you are, depending on the reality in which you dwell. Yes, you return home and home is who you are in pure essence.

Of course, there are space ships and other planets, other worlds on which our brethren of the Galactic Federation dwell, where you are a part of, being a Galactic aspect. Yes, you can perfectly dwell in that reality and still be a part of this reality should you so choose and be ready for this. You are a co-creator God, so your reality lies in your hands and not in those of someone else. You will be what you create, my beloved ones, it is as simple as it can be in that regards.

However, you have to become aware that everything requires its integration and its real manifestation to come to such new worlds as everything evolves along processes. What will become your reality fully depends on you, but let’s firstly allow the old reality to continue crumbling and let’s convert its released energies into what you truly want to see and integrate in your Being, before your created world can become factual. You are now very busy with that and the process involved has already progressed a long way as the first pillars of light, and by that I mean you, you have already arrived in this reality and the first modifications and alterations are forming themselves as a reality in this world.

Everything is already finished on the etheric level and now the physical aspects will be drawn through the center point of the cosmos where after everything on the lowest level, namely the density level, will have been brought to shifting and enlightenment, arriving 1 level higher, specifically at the 5th and 6th dimension of being. A magnificently new world is dawning of which you already sense and experience the first signs. This will become your paradise of Love and Being in all Harmony and you are evolving into this for sure.

Release all linear thinking as it no longer serves you, it can only hold you back. Enjoy each moment that you are and view each day as a new step and a new moment in creation.

With all of my love, I great you cordially,
Archangel Metatron

Méline Lafont 2012 – 2013, permission is given to share in its entirety and unaltered.  http://lafontmeline.wordpress.com *
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