June 24, 2013

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June 24, 2013

1.) Your Thoughts Reach Everywhere
2.) Hilarion’s Weekly Message: June 23-30, 2013
3.) Sirian Archangel Hermes: Concept of the Mind
4.) SaLuSa: The Power of the People
5.) Your Guilt-ridden Beliefs
6.) The Manuscript of Survival – Part 327
7.) Arcturians: Acting As If You Are An Ascended Master
8.) High Sirian Stellar Solar Source on Summer Solstice
9.) Atlantis Found: Giant Sphinxes, Pyramids In Bermuda Triangle
10.) Ashtar: Outlook On What Lies Immediately Ahead Of You
11.) Your Return to Reality is Guaranteed by God


Heavenletter #4595
Your Thoughts Reach Everywhere
June 24, 2013

God said:

I do not hold the reins on your heart. You understand that, don’t you? Even as your beating heart is Mine, I give it to you fully. Here is where free will resides – in your heart. You have all the ingredients of My heart given to you freely. I do not give you restrictions. Any restrictions imposed, you impose. You are the imposer. I could even call you imposter.

When you represent anything less than My heart in yours, you are an imposter. You donned a costume. You threw it on. Your costume is only a cover up. It’s like an apron. The True You is still there, but costumed, rearranged, turned around perhaps. Nevertheless, your True Heart cannot be uprooted. It waits patiently for your consent.

Your heart wants to blossom. Your heart wants to sing. It doesn’t want to sing dirges. It wants to sing sprightly. It wants to hit the high notes. Your heart wants to sing and sing.

In the relative world, you look outside yourself. Well, of course, in the relative world, you have to look where you are going, but this does not mean to tether your heart. Your heart is free. It is as free as Mine. It is Mine, yet I gave it to you to do as you will.

You say you want your heart to be happy. You say that is one of your greatest wishes if not the greatest wish and most common of all. Why, then, aren’t you happy?

You have excuses for unhappiness. You attribute your happiness to this and to that. If your heart is free to live as you like, why isn’t your heart happy? Have you not attributed everything to outside you? The weather? Your upbringing? Your neighbor? Your boss? You take responsibility from your shoulders and attach it to anything and his brother.

Beloveds, you blame crime on criminals. They may well be expressing the lack of expansion in your heart.

What do you think it means when I say your thoughts reach everywhere?

Who is doing your thinking, beloved? You have the tendency to absolve yourself of responsibility. You foist it onto something else. You say that outside you comes first, and you come second.

It is really such a simple thing to admit:

“I am responsible. I am responsible for myself. I am responsible for the condition of my heart. I am also responsible for everyone else’s heart. I am responsible. I am responsible for myself and for everyone’s heart. God gave me this freedom. I am responsible for everyone’s well-being. I am responsible for my wealth. I am responsible for everyone’s wealth. I am responsible for the birds that sing and the dogs that bark. I am responsible for my life. The government is not. The world is not. The law is not. I, I am responsible.”

This is a whole new way of thinking for you. If you feel this now, amazingly to you, you feel unburdened, not burdened. Look, you are free! You are not held back.

This is where you begin. By being responsible, you set yourself free. Until you set yourself free, you are in bondage. In bondage, in letting others be responsible for your happiness, you have tied yourself to that which is outside you. Take responsibility, and a fount of strength rises from within you.

I understand that there are circumstances that are difficult for you. You do not have to give outer circumstances such power over you. You are your own determiner. Even if you are in shackles, you are your own determiner. Do not extend to anyone or anything so much power over your heart. What stops a bird from singing? Even in a cage, a bird sings. Sing. Sing now.

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Hilarion’s Weekly Message: June 23-30, 2013
Channeled by Marlene Swetlishoff

Beloved Ones,

As you watch the old world systems crumble and the weather patterns change all across the planet with all its ramifications, remain still within your heart and keep your vision strong for your intention for a peaceful change into a better way of life. Hold your intention for the raising of awareness of all of Earth’s inhabitants. As they meet these challenges, what wells up from within them is their innate goodness and the comprehension and understanding that all are one and that what happens to one happens to all and these ones open their hearts wide to encompass their sisters and brothers in their time of need.

Send your love and healing energy to those who are in tribulation as they deal with their losses and come to terms with what is really important in their daily lives. Praise the human spirit in all its diversity and hold the space for all to emerge more connected to the truth of their Being. All upon this planet at this time are those who have chosen to experience the changes and transformation that is now occurring. They are the souls who knew they had the strength and tenacity to withstand the trying and challenging situations they are in the midst of experiencing. Many inner revelations come during these occurrences which will assist them to remain strong.

As each person changes within their hearts and allows their heart to move them forward to a greater comprehension of the wider scope of events that are now before them, a reassessment takes place within them of the qualities of the human soul that truly matter. The qualities of compassion and generosity for their sisters and brothers emerges from within and a remembrance of the value of the human life and experience. So it is that each soul emerges from the tribulation with a greater understanding of what is important to nurture and foster within one’s own mind, heart and soul. These are insights that remain to guide these ones along their journey.

An understanding of the temporary nature of materiality creates a desire to connect with that which is of greater value to each soul. These lessons and insights move the human spirit to seek a better way and so there will be a mass movement of those who look for answers, healing and wholeness by seeking out those who are ready to serve in this capacity. There will soon be a great influx of humanity searching for understanding of the events that are so obviously happening right before their eyes. No longer can these events be denied as separate from the whole of the planet. These souls will be using their tools of technology to provide them with their answers.

For those who have already passed through these tests of the human spirit and who have made themselves ready, now is the time when the gifts that you bring will be sought and found. Be ready to go into greater service on behalf of humanity. There is a quickening of consciousness that is occurring and humanity is ready to find the next step. This is the role that you Beloved ones can now fulfill through your portals on the world-wide web. Stay strong and centered and remember to replenish your own energies in the ways that work for you.

Until next week…

I AM Hilarion

Marlene Swetlishoff

©2013 Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana (Soo-tam-ah) Keeper of the Symphonies of Grace

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Sirian Archangel Hermes: Concept of the Mind
June 24, 2013

Greetings fellow beings of light. I come to you now as the energy of the equinox opens a portal that bridges our realms.

I come to speak of the concept of the mind. The mind is what brought you here, now, to this message. The mind is an infinite concept, and when the mind begins to enter into infinite time awareness within a space of self discovery, a great change begins to occur. The minds eye begins to see that, time does not create mind, rather it is mind that creates time, and space. It could be compared to an evolutionary leap from an esoteric perspective. It is like discovering a long lost treasure in the sea, one begins to go beyond the great barrier of three dimensional perceptions and thought forms of time and space. This is simply the next step in the great work of ages, it is like opening pandoras box, the wonder, the awe, the risk, infinite possibility. One treasure reveals the journey to the next!

Thus begins the journey of the seeker. The seeker is now in an entirely new world, everything around them has changed, even within them, the mind has changed. So one begins to see that to change within, is to change without as well. That which is above, is like that which is below, and that which is below is like that which is above.

The mind is like a child, in this new world and conscious awareness. The child is pure, untainted by most dogma. However like a child, the mind seeks to learn, can be easily influenced through indoctrination. When one expands their consciousness into infinity, all things become possible, all great things, all terrible things. The mind is most vulnerable in this new consciousness! It can be easily swayed, influenced, through what the mind has not yet experienced, by means of technology, alchemy or magick. Other mind senses must be developed such as discernment, ESP, and intuition. Meditation can help one to expand these other mind senses. Health is very important as well. The mind functions only as well as the temple it is within, so if the body is well, the mind is well, and thus will function more efficiently.

The concept of memory is bound directly to the concept of mind. This is why it is called the minds eye, you can “see” the memories you have. This is one of the greatest blessings of humanity, to have this sacred and infinite ability. It is the line between Adamic and pre- Adamic man. The great leap of evolution that humanity is taking this time, is into infinite time awareness. The minds eye is open now the wings shall spread! When the temple and the mind work together, and all energetic chakra centers are flowing together in unity and health, the wings take flight! What this means is you will begin to remember more as your memory becomes more adept, possibly from past life experiences and thus will begin to open up much more from a multidimensional perspective!

This is why the Caduceus is seen as a sign of health, it is balance and well being. The sphere atop the Caduceus wand is a sign of the minds eye being open. When the minds eye is opened, you begin to fly!

Metaphor becomes a key aspect in your thought forms, and you begin to comprehend many things that previously you simply could not. Infinity is now your home, you are not bound by time, or space, you will obtain knowledge of how to reach the stars, of how to create your own experiences. This is why you must keep your mind strong, do not be limited in your thinking, do not take a label or a code of morals and ethics, create your own! There are no limits to infinite time! Interact with your reality, play with it, as a child would.

May you have the purity of the child, the knowledge of a scholar and the wisdom of a sage! In infinite love, I am looking at you this way, blessings in light!

SaLuSa: The Power of the People
Channeled by Gabriel Raio 6/21/13
June 24, 2013

These messages are translated from Portuguese to English. http://sementesdasestrelas.blogspot.com.br/ *

Dear Ones, it is time for the world during the demonstrations for light workers to do their share of aid in these movements. Consider that the souls that are there in a great struggle for freedom, are for the sake of Mother Earth and their rights. Such souls have taken on a huge responsibility before the Masters and even pledged to give their lives for the liberation of the planet. Many of them will leave the camp site and join us on the spiritual planes to continue the task of lifting the low vibrations of Mother Earth. Dear light workers, you are part of this movement that acts internally, we would say so, and in this case you should send love and light to all souls who decided – for reasons of soul contracts – to go up against their rulers, Brave souls say in passing.

Stand also aware that many of these souls are there as a unique opportunity to review past failures and redeem themselves with Mother Earth giving their share of help, donating even their life by raising the land of lower dimensions. As you well know nothing in the universe is unfair and God gives all souls every opportunity for growth within the purview of them. All beings in these times on Earth are having wonderful opportunities to give their help to liberate their planet from the negative shackles, all, each in their place and in the way that they are fit to act, to help. As always you speak, the feeling of Unity is what would bring freedom.

Beloved light workers, begin your manifest internally, begin to cry inside for your liberation from the shackles that have left you in lower dimensions for so long. Shout, fight, requiring the release, my beloved, do it inside. Do not allow more of the lower energies to dominate you emotionally and in no other way. Do not allow more of the negative thoughts to dictate the course of your lives! Hence the cry for freedom and Breathe relieved. That, dear, should be your share of help in this time because the (??gritardes) inside for your freedom, the power of love brings more of the masses who are in direct confrontations with militias, giving rise to only peace and justice, that is the desire. Each soul is where it has to be, all united by the heart and the desire to bring the Earth into the higher dimensions again, its proper place.

The energy has grown considerably and the result is what you are seeing around the world. You are now entering into a new space where there will be no more joined with the old and every thing will be in place according to its vibration. The time has come that choices will be made and you must be well immersed within you so that you may be aware of the best choice. Although you are constantly bathed by high energies and of course you are pushed into the path of light and the only work that you have to do is just let yourself go with the flow of genuine love. Let yourselves go with the flow and as you are bathed in it, multiply it, and distribute it to everyone.

Send forth, dear, your energies of light to all souls, protesters who walk the streets of the world to give a ‘face to show’ goodness and freedom, such souls like you deserve a round of applause (please do so at this point, clap in the name of freedom). It is an exciting time in which you are living now, my beloved, each giving their share of help, each according to their soul contracts, but all united by a common sentiment. . . Freedom.

The world will cease to be a small space where boundaries dictate the limits, but Mother Earth will be Unified, where even the universe is not the limit, because when you reach your freedom, your mindfulness, you will be connected to All that is beyond your own Universe as you know it, you will have no limits and know that you were misled by an illusion.

The demonstrations worldwide have also shown that the only desire of mankind is now genuine peace and freedom. World leaders are seeing the power of the people is growing and they have to change their way of dealing with people, going to give them the respect that every human being deserves. There is concrete evidence that the demonstrations are the world for peace and just rights and information is being adulterated by the communication media to let people become panicked and in favor of their leaders, but this is far from being credible because the lie can no longer be sustained before the light that has landed on Earth. The cry for freedom has grown in every heart and it is a process that will continue for all countries, it will be a snowball that can no longer be stopped. Many journalists from around the world will begin to resign for not agreeing to have to put out more false news. Some will join the protest and bring their dossiers containing all the tricks used by the communications media to keep them under control. Others will hide because they do not have the courage to admit they were deceived or forced to deceive. The major TV stations already have noticed that they have no longer pillars to support them, because the forces of light has swept from the earth those pillars that support these big TV stations.

There will be no way to fool people much longer when they are descending on you and taking possession of your inner power. It is the liberation of humanity and these beautiful souls have taken the reins of the situation to prevent the cabals declaration of martial law. Martial law as envisioned by the dark Ones can not be activated when the desire of mankind is only peace and love, the consciousness of the people is to make more high energies come down to earth canceling the plans of the dark Ones. The cabal knows that with the action of the people, they no longer are able to put their plans into practice due to the massive power of humanity to unite as a huge ball of energy going forward and sweeping out injustice and fear.

Beloved, divine beings, Freedom is already yours, dear, you just have to believe it. In actions for freedom around the world, you light workers, who are working behind the scenes of the situation, send all your love and desire for peace. Stories in the newscasts that tend to show the violence and disorder, consider that there is much more to light than the opposite. Consider also that the dark Ones can only have control over you if you give your power to them by your attention on negative topics that they try to give as true. You are powerful ones, do let yourselves believe that.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and I give my testimony that things are going very well, given the importance of the mass awakening that has occurred worldwide. It is what humanity needed so they could have more direct aid from us. You will see our ships around the world to bear witness that we are with you and your cry for freedom is the same cry that we gave for thousands of years, and that we are being heard by you!

Be at peace, Be the light.

Gabriel: Thank you dear SaLuSa.

Your Guilt-ridden Beliefs
Channeled by John Smallman 06/23/13
June 24, 2013

Humanity’s forthcoming awakening can be likened to an enormous wave cresting and breaking – a tremendous power (the ocean of Love) peaking and then spreading out in all directions encompassing all, and leaving no one feeling unloved, unaffected, or unchanged. It will be a moment of unimaginable exhilaration as awareness dawns, through the directly felt experience, of being infinitely and eternally loved by God, our Father, and of the impossibility of being anything less than a perfect child of God, an essential and inseparable part or aspect of God in Whom the whole of creation has its eternal existence. All sense of a separate form of individuality that is not one with God will be gone, and all the fear, the anxiety, and any sense of not being good enough or deserving enough will also be gone as you fully grasp and see, seemingly for the very first time, the wonder and the magnificence of the being that God created as You!

Let go of your fears and allow Love to fill you to overflowing. It surrounds you in every moment just waiting for you to accept It and invite It in. You are not, and never can be, alone, lost, or abandoned because you exist permanently within the field of God’s unfailing and eternal Love. Within the illusion it is extremely difficult for you to maintain your belief in that unalterable truth for more than a moment or two at a time before all your doubts and fears come rolling in, wrapped in a cloak of skepticism as you once more begin to doubt the existence of God. You have done a very good job of hiding Reality from your view, and you have great difficulty in acknowledging and believing in what you cannot see. That is all to change because the power of God’s Love for you is insisting that you open your eyes to the brilliant Light in which It is bathing you, and thus awaken. You will be unable to resist Its loving calls to you for very much longer because It is everything that your hearts desire.

To live consciously in the Presence of God is all that a heart desires, but the illusion that you built, because of its less-than-totally friendly nature, has encouraged you to see yourselves as small, insignificant beings with a very limited life span adrift in a vast and dangerous universe – a universe that could bring catastrophic disaster on you at any moment, snuffing out your lives for ever. Consequently, apprehension and fear provide a background sense of insecurity which you attempted to alleviate in eras past by inventing powerful gods (super-human-type heroes) to whom you paid obeisance and offered sacrifices. In recent times you have studied science and attempted to come to terms with and take precautions against any physical harm that the Earth environment might deliver. Whenever your scientific knowledge provides a means of combating one threat, a new one seems instantly to replace it. And you have earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, floods, hurricanes, forest fires, and a multitude of illnesses and accidents which keep that background sense of insecurity justifiably alive and well.

The divine Flame of Love burning eternally within each one of you has kept you from accepting and maintaining a sense of utter hopelessness as you observe the seemingly impossible odds against humanity’s continuing survival on Earth. It is an inextinguishable spark of hope placed within you for your safety and protection so that you could not fall into a sleep of despair from which you might refuse to awaken. While you have hope, you continue to seek out resolutions to humanity’s problems and therefore you keep your minds open enough to let the divine Love field flow through you, keeping your own personal Flame constantly burning. Falling in love even for a very short time stimulates It, reminding you that there must be much more to life than the constant and unending struggle just to stay alive. You seek meaning of a spiritual nature, and It burns brighter. You have discovered that there is a meaningful way forward, but have difficulty choosing a meaningful path. There appear to be so many, and most demand a belief in some kind of dogma or set of rules – religious, political, cultural – or just total loyalty to one who has set himself up as an intermediary between his followers and God.

The time for those kinds of guilt-ridden beliefs and their resultant paths of suffering and sacrifice are now well and truly over. They never made any sense, but you chose to believe in them anyhow. Now the power of Love enveloping you and the planet is dissolving the belief that you need a more holy, spiritual, or advanced human to intercede for you and to mediate between you and your Father, God. You have collectively realized that your Father wants each one of you to speak to Him directly and experience the Love in which He holds you at all times. Here in the spiritual realms we are always offering our support and attempting to remind you how dearly your Father loves each one of you. The Love that envelops you is irresistible and you are becoming aware of that and turning towards It in ever greater numbers. Know, as we know, and as you do deep within your hearts, that God’s Love for you is unending, as is His patience as He awaits your awakening which you cannot avoid for very much longer.

With so very much love,

About Me

I have been taking dictation from my friend Saul since 1995. He is a spiritual entity whose messages over the years have been inspiring and uplifting for me. In them he refers frequently to “Full Consciousness.” Now seems to be a very good time to start sharing these messages via a blog. I hope you find them of value. * http://johnsmallman.wordpress.com/ *

The Manuscript of Survival – Part 327
Channeled by Aisha North
June 24, 2013

As you all have noticed, the reverberations from yesterday’s show of strength are still pulsing through you, and it will continue to do so for quite a while yet. These are powerful energies of change dear ones, and as such, much will be pushed up in their wake. We do not necessarily refer to personal lessons this time, although they will still surface in those of you where it is deemed as necessary, but what we refer to, will be more noticeable in the outside world.

Again, mankind have been ingrained with a deep fear of change in many ways, and as such, these changes will instill fear in many that have yet to see the benefits from such a change. In other words, things will be pushed out by the light and into the light, and they will be hard to ignore, even by those in power. So expect this to be a summer with much noise in many ways, but also know that you will hear much jubilation mixed in between the choruses of anger and frustration that will continue to erupt.

For it is indeed time for change on so many levels now, and this time, the tide of change cannot be stopped, no matter how much fear those in charge of keeping up status quo will try to instill in those that surround them. For they will indeed find that the fear they have trusted as their ally is no longer the same powerful friend it used to be. Rather, it will turn out to be a shadow of its former self, and as such, no match for the light that is starting to suffuse so many of your fellow men and women all over the globe. So watch in amazement as one by one they will shake off their old companion, the fear, and start to embrace their own powers in so many ways. This will be a summer of discontent, but it will turn out to be the summer that will begin to show you all just how much power the populace has within. And as you have watched yourselves grow immensely these last few weeks, you will start to see the same things happen in people all around you. For you have marked a path for them to follow, and we think you will all be astounded by the number of people already starting to follow in your wake.

So again we must thank you all for the work that you do, and now, you will all start to get many, many confirmations of the necessity of being a pathfinder. For you will all rejoice in the knowledge that without you, the pioneers, there would be no marked trails for the multitude that suddenly find a strong urge to break out from the old confines and seek their fortunes in a world less restricted than the old one. For the fear is flagging, and the light is growing stronger, and so, the match has been declared as well and truly decided. For now, you will all feel the heightened rush of excitement as you look around you and see the prison walls collapse in place after place. For the truth will break free from these old walls, and the truth will set everyone free with it. So expect much noise, as we said, but expect to hear how the anger will subside into shouts of elation as one by one, your fellow men will start to see the same truth as you.

Aisha North

I started to receive channeled messages a few years back, but they were few and far between. Mostly they were to me personally, or to people close to me. After a while, they started to come more frequently, and the entities coming through with these messages changed. For the last year and a half, they usually come from a group calling themselves ”The constant companions.” They have not given me much information about themselves, apart from the fact they are ”a motley bunch” and ”more than five,” and that they work on the orders from All There Is. They all have their own ”voice,” they use different words, cover different subjects and they have very different energies when they come through with their messages. They have not told me where they come from, but I have been given the impression that they represent different civilizations, all coming together to help us and Planet Earth. I was told to start to write down and publish this Manuscript of survival in the beginning of August 201. Almost every day, they give me a new message, or part of a message, and they always tell me when one part is finished and ready to post. I do not know how long they will continue, but I will keep sending them out as long as they keep coming.

Channelings and words of inspiration * http://aishanorth.wordpress.com/ *

Arcturians: Acting As If You Are An Ascended Master
Channeled by Suzanne Lie 6/21/1313
June 24, 2013

The Question

Dear Arcturians,

I do not know where to start. There is so much that appears to be going on inside of me, but the outside world appears to be the same. I feel a deep transformation occurring within me, which is mostly experienced as resistance to all third-dimensional tasks. Fortunately, or unfortunately, I have discovered that when I feel the familiar overwhelming sense of exhaustion I can close my eyes and shift my attention from the outer world and into the inner world of my multidimensional Self.

When I take a short moment to turn around my attention to go inside myself, I am able to consciously experience an instant flow of peace, joy and unconditional love. However, I eventually must open my eyes and return to the dramas and challenges of the physical world. Fortunately, I am also beginning to understand that my earth vessel holds the key to my transmutation into Light body.

It is the combination of surrendering into the frequency of my inner Self and acknowledging the vast knowledge and quantum connections within the subconscious and DNA of my earth vessel that is the key to ascension. I have discovered that I need to go inside to surrender to my every feeling of resistance/ fear while also honoring my physical earth vessel. Therefore, I am asking you to assist me to remember to surrender to resistance/fear while honoring my physical form.

The Answer

The act of surrendering is a fifth dimensional behavior and the keynote for the inter-dimensional travel of ascension. Once you surrender into that which creates even a hint of fear within your consciousness, you expand your consciousness into the fifth dimension. From that higher perspective, you can perceive yourself as the Ascended Master, which you are when you are within that frequency of your Multidimensional Self.

Once you hold the Self concept of being an Ascended Master you perceive your body as a physical form you are wearing. Then, any fear within your physical life is perceived as similar to an infant’s cry. Would you run away from a crying infant or get angry at the tiny baby? No, you would realize the infant needs you comfort. Crying is the infant’s only form of asking you to figure out what he/she needs.

In the same manner, the cellular mind of your earth vessel can only communicate with you via physical sensations and emotions. Once you have remembered to connect your multidimensional Self to your earth vessel you have the option of experiencing your physical reality through the perspective of your Ascended Master Self, who resonates to myriad realities in the fifth dimension and beyond.

New Earth is on the threshold of the fifth dimension and serves as the portal between the third/fourth dimensional worlds of time, illusion and separation and the timeless worlds of unity and unconditional love. It is on New Earth that your multidimensional memory will return because you will not be plagued with the many fearful challenges of physical earth.

However, if you have not mastered your heart/mind, your thoughts may create a fearful challenge and fill it with a fearful emotion. This fear-based thought-form will instantly return you to the third/fourth dimension. This relocation of your primary consciousness is not a punishment. It is merely that you create the resonance of your reality with your thoughts and emotions.

Your human form has a long time habit of creating a fear-filled physical reality. You will need to totally release this habit in order to be the Master of your energy field. As we have said, you do not release 3D habits by judging yourself. The final statement of one of your Earthly ascended ones was, “Forgive them for they know not what they do.” This forgiveness stems from surrendering into a frightening process. Once you surrender into fear, it is revealed as a third dimensional illusion because your act of surrender has activated your fifth dimensional perception.

From a fifth dimensional perspective you can view the frightening situation as a crying infant. There is something about this situation that is calling for your attention. If you look at the situation as an enemy or something that you dread, you will not give it your attention. You have likely made this choice because you do not believe that you have the ability to deal with this issue in an effective manner.

The truth is that your earth vessel self may not have that ability. Hence, your best choice is to surrender into the situation so that your fifth dimensional Self can assist you with this earthly challenge. Once you begin to establish this kind of ongoing relationship with your Multidimensional Self, you begin the process of mastering your energy.

The key to gaining mastery of your energy is in knowing that your physical self cannot master many 3D/4D issues. Therefore, in order to successfully meet the challenge of mastery, you will need to raise your attention, consciousness and perceptions into a higher expression of your Self. The sequence for this “changing of the guard” from third dimensional to multidimensional is:
Consciously acknowledge that this issue is beyond the ability of your physical self to resolve.
Surrender into the issue, which shifts your consciousness into the fifth dimension.
Place your attention on the peace, joy and unconditional love of your fifth dimensional consciousness And ground it in your physical form.
Maintain this state of consciousness with thanksgiving and unconditional love.
Perceive the issue through this perspective so that you can remember that every challenge is a component of ascension.
From this perspective of your higher expression of your Self attend, not to the situation, but to the cause of the situation.
Surrender into the cause to find the message it is giving you.
Listen and act upon that message.
In this manner, you own that you are the creator of your life. The “crying infant” is your lowest expression of Self who needs the assistance of your higher expressions. It is through this process of surrendering into a challenge, by surrendering into your ascended Self that you can alter your life.

Most important, you have called to and merged with your own higher expression to identify the cause. Then, acting as your Ascended Master Self, you unconditionally love the crying “infant” inside the earth vessel and deal with the situation from a higher dimensional perspective.

We will now address a challenge that all of our wondrous and brave representatives in human form are facing, the transmutation of your physical forms.
Consciously acknowledge that this issue is beyond the ability of your physical self to resolve…
Surrender into the Fact that you are not your physical body. You are Wearing your physical body.
Surrender into the issue…
Close your eyes and turn around inside your mind to connect with your High Heart and Feel the peace, joy and unconditional love.
Place your attention on the peace, joy and unconditional love of your fifth dimensional consciousness…
Ground this feeling into your physical and planetary body.
Maintain this state of consciousness with thanksgiving and unconditional love…
Repeat as many times as you need “Thanksgiving for the substance at hand will duplicate the substance indefinitely.”
Perceive the issue through the perspective of your fifth dimensional Ascended Master…
Repeat again and again “Every challenge is a component of ascension.”
From this perspective of your higher expression of you Self attend, not to the situation, but to the cause of the situation…
Surrender into your Ascended Master Self and as for multidimensional cause of this issue.
Surrender into the cause…
Allow the message within the cause of this situation to be revealed.
Listen and act upon that message…
Release all fear-based emotion and act “as if” You are an Ascended Master!
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High Sirian Stellar Solar Source on Summer Solstice
via Judith K. Moore 6/20/13
tr. by Michael, unedited
June 24, 2013

Triangulation of the Solar Force with High Sirian’s Stellar Sun

Alignment with the High Sirian Stellar Solar Source on Summer Solstice transmits the Geometric Keys – an Ascension Formula and a Force of Creation.

Today is the 20th of June, 2013. This is Judith, and I’m in Cottonwood, AZ, close to Sedona. I’m in the home of Phyllis Tempest, a beautiful lady who also channels the Sirians. I didn’t remember that you channeled the Sirians when I got here last night. And we’ve been contacted by a Sirian Emmissary of Light. His name is Cithius, and this morning I can feel his presence again.

He’s a very tall, slender Sirian Master, very long eyes, long fingers, and a graceful body. He has eyes that are actually like, they’re radiant, they look like crystals, and (he’s) a very gentle being. He’s forecast the alignment this summer solstice, and the alignment with the triangulation of the solar force with High Sirian stellar sun. The dimensions of density of the Earth Plane are yielding to the transformative cosmic powers now as vast amounts of stagnant energy is released from the Earth’s magnetic body. The solar force is at an extreme now as this electromagnetic trough of negativity is discharged from the Earth. The solar frequencies burn away the dross of these negative frequencies.

The Earth enters now through this Summer Solstice the triangulation of the solar stellar grid to the High Sirian Sun, our stellar sun, the Galactic Solar Source and your solar system, your solar source, is lying in a triangulation with the stellar sun of the High Sirian Realm. We are the Sirian Solar Lords. We are emissaries of the consciousness of the stellar solar source of the High Sirian Realm. We are in constant communion and energetic communication with the Sun of Creation, and the power of the Solar Source of Universal Order.

Your solar source of Bio-3 is the source of radiance; the stellar solar source of the High Sirian Planes is the Power of Illumination. This solar alignment creates a solar lens, a Galactic solar lens, Universal solar lens that opens a window for the illumination of consciousness and the intelligence of the stellar solar force of the High Sirian Realm. We are the teachers of the teachers. We prepared the Ambassadors from the Sirian Realms to create the solar temples on your planet. Many of the empathetical formulas to the cosmic dynamics of Universal Order were mastered by the Sirian Masters, but we prepared to prepare the Earth for this stellar solar ascension.

The purpose of this Oracle’s transmission is to convey the stellar solar codes of the continuation of the triangulation of the solar lens. The specific geometric keys are transmitted through this transmission of light. Your sun is receiving many solar codes and solar DNA from this illumination. This is a Force of Creation. We have mastered the planes of consciousness and are able to transmit the solar force through the Consciousness of One, illuminating the solar frequencies.

Each of the solar portals on Earth will begin to pulse with powerful radiant frequencies, illuminating the power of radiance and illumination, Solar Creation forces. These are Christ energy frequencies, thus Sananda Christ is the solar son of the Suns of Creation. This cosmic force illuminates the Christ frequencies on your planet. We are Christ Beings. We are the Cosmic Christ presence.

(??? 13:31) receive the stellar solar illumination to transmit these precious solar formulas through the triangulation – your Sun, Galactic Solar Source, our Stellar Solar Source. Ultimately, this opens a new capacity for human intelligence and expands the solar mind. Thus, the keys to the great Ascension Process are energized through this Solar Deity, the Power of the Solar Lord, and the presence of the immortal energies of the Suns of Creation, the 12 Solar Houses of Enlightenment and the Great Central Sun. And thus, that which is given shall be received by the Sons of Man, the Daughters of Light, illuminate in the radiance of the trinity of the Holy Mother, the Holy Father and the Divine Child, for your Sun is the child of the Galactic Sun, and your Galactic Sun is the sister/brother to our stellar solar source.

They meet now as conscious beings, flowing on the seas of eternity, the force, the force of Creation. And these two beings are born of the Great Power – our Stellar Solar Being and your Solar Being, sister/brothers of Creation, one of the power of the Solar Sophia, given of the Light of Creation of the force of the Solar Father, igniting the force of the Creation Power within the Sophia. And thus, life is eternal, and given of the consciousness of love. In the I Am presence, we are Oneness.

Blessed be, so be it, and so it is.

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Atlantis Found: Giant Sphinxes, Pyramids In Bermuda Triangle

Atlantis found in Bermuda Triangle

Two scientist, Paul Weinzweig and Pauline Zalitzki, working off the coast of Cuba and using a robot submersible, have confirmed that a gigantic city exists at the bottom of the ocean. The site of the ancient city – that includes several sphinxes and at least four giant pyramids plus other structures – amazingly sits within the boundaries of the fabled Bermuda Triangle.

According to a report by Arclein of Terra Forming Terra, Cuban Subsea Pyramid Complex, the evidence points to the city being simultaneously inundated with rising waters and the land sinking into the sea. This correlates exactly with the Atlantis legend.

The disaster may have occurred at the end of the last Ice Age. As the Arctic icecap catastrophically melted it caused sea levels to rise quickly around the world, especially affecting the Northern Hemisphere. Coast lines changed; land was lost; islands (even island continents) disappeared.

Read more: http://beforeitsnews.com/science-and-technology/2012/10/atlantis-found-giant-sphinxes-pyramids-in-bermuda-triangle-2475944.html *

Ashtar: Outlook On What Lies Immediately Ahead Of You
Through Philipp 6/19/13
June 24, 2013

At this present time, while a lot of uncertainty remains among Lightworkers, it is important that you remember who you really are. You have come from dimensions where fear, anxiety, and all the other low vibrational feelings are unknown, and to be honest, you need never fear anything.

Your true essence is one of total pureness where it is impossible for you to judge yourself or others, and not to feel the All That Is. Your pureness is complete and is your true Being. Why is it so important now to be aware of this fact, which is the only true reality at every moment?

Presently, much information is circulated that may make you doubt and be afraid, and this will increase in the coming days ahead. The disclosures that are surfacing bit by bit are creating a backlash in those whose power is affected.

Even though it may be difficult for you, show understanding for these – your brothers and sisters. They do not know how to deal with the incoming Love energies. The see how their power structures are crumbling and their plans are not working out. They resist the inevitable, and by so doing they find that their situation is becoming ever more uncomfortable. As a result, they want to project their negative feelings on to those who they think are responsible for their situation – and those are mainly you, the Lightworkers.

Do not worry however, as you are all sufficiently strong and awake to face these actions in a relaxed manner. And the end-game of this scenario is imminent and knocking on your door.

It doesn’t take much more for the rank-and-file mass of people who are receiving information about this end-game on your world, to cause doubt in their core values. These people will have problems in accepting the truths that are presented to them. Even with all the proof which will be presented to back up the information relating to the reality, for them acceptance of the truth will bring them pain.

When they find out who really controls your world – how they were enslaved for eons and deprived of their rights – it will be hardly surprising that they will rapidly switch, after their initial doubts, to the next emotional reactions of fear, anger, and unfortunately sometimes even hatred of those who have apparently done these things to them.

We remind you that it will be your task at this time to stand by your fellow men and to remind them of this ‘game’ on your planet – remind them that it cannot work if the Light and darkness would not face each other. Also remind them that they are all immortal souls who have known, prior to their incarnation on this planet, precisely what the ‘game’ rules would be and who are their teammates.

It won’t be easy for you – many of the negative reactions relating to the truth of your existence will fall on you. Please understand though how difficult it will be for your fellow men to receive the truth about the ‘game’ and, practically in the same breath, to learn about who they really are – namely immortal and complete souls.

We see that this may create some inner and outer turbulence, but we also see that this is only a short phase that you will successfully overcome. You are Masters, and you have already achieved so much that you will also encompass this support for your fellow men at this time. Truly, you are sufficiently powerful that you can approach this time without concern, take on your task, and perform it.

Expect many groundbreaking revelations in the times ahead. We remind you that Disclosure not only includes the information about us, your Star brothers and sisters. This is just a part of Disclosure, and in particular the information on the purpose, content and outcome of the end-game which is taking place on your planet are also important ingredients.

From our perspective we are seeing how you evolve and the fruits of Disclosure. We see how you will achieve it all with flying colors, and this triggers in us great rapture and gratitude. You will succeed and believe in yourselves, as we all believe in you.

And do not forget: never – not for one moment – are you alone. You do not need to tread this path alone and we are here very closely at your side. Call upon us if you need help, and we are right here for you.

I am Ashtar, your brother, who loves you so much, admires you so much and yes, is proud of you to the extent that words cannot express.

In deepest, heartfelt Love,

Your Return to Reality is Guaranteed by God
Channeled by John Smallman 6/23/13
June 24, 2013

Humanity’s journey homeward to God has been long and fraught with confusion as you attempted to discern wisely between conflicting opinions about the best strategy to follow to ensure your arrival at your planned destination. But you really had very little understanding of what the journey entailed or what the true destination was because of the severe limitations you had imposed on yourselves when you chose to separate from your Father and enter the illusion that you had constructed. Clear thought, wisdom, and knowledge are not available to you within the illusion because it is but an unreal dreamlike world, a place in which you have hidden from Reality and the infinite abundance of wisdom and knowledge that, that offers you. And of course your return to Reality is guaranteed by God. You have only to make the collective intent to return, and you will.

Many of you are holding that intent and as a result the divine field of Love is embracing you and drawing you forwards, while the drag on your progress from those who choose not to participate in the journey is diminishing as rapidly as are their numbers. Love is your natural state – to define or demonstrate all the characteristics that Love employs and exercises constantly is quite impossible – and the choice to enter the illusion, while attempting to leave Love behind, was unnatural. Nevertheless, you did choose to play a game of separation, powerlessness, and ignorance, thinking that it would demonstrate and provide creative possibilities that were unavailable in Reality. And you were right. . . and wrong! Right, because it does seem to have provided you with an unimaginably vast and varied environment in which to play and explore, and wrong, because it is unreal and does not exist even though its apparent reality is very convincing for you. And while you believe in it your collective energy fields support and maintain it, confirming for you that you are missing something, that you are separated from God, and that you need to return to His Presence to achieve everlasting happiness.

However, as you know, you have never departed from the Presence of God – there is nowhere but His Presence – but the imaginary environment that you conjured up in which to play and experience separation from Him seems very real and has caused you much pain and suffering. Slowly, over the eons (although in Reality less than a moment has passed!) you have grown tired of the struggle for survival and the accompanying suffering that is inseparable from it. You have prayed and prayed and prayed beseechingly to God, and finally you are listening to His reply! And that is the turning point. Listening to Him – He speaks through your guides, your angels, and your human companions – instead of beseeching and imploring Him is the most effective way to uncover the way Home. And that is what you are at last doing.

By listening to Him, in whatever form He shows Himself to you, you open your hearts to the Love with which He has surrounded you and become channels through which It flows to wherever He chooses to direct It. And when you allow Him to direct His Love through you the most marvelous results occur. Over the last few decades of illusory time, more and more of you have chosen to listen to Him, and all across the world evidence of this is growing exponentially.

You, all of humanity, are the beloved children of God, and your choice to listen to Him has filled Him with joy. He loves you, He cares for you, and He wants only your eternal happiness, and you have been refusing it, blocking it out, like teenagers who know everything – until they discover that they do not! You have come to realize that Love works, that It is the only thing that works because It is the only thing. All that you have to do is to allow It, and as you do, humanity’s intent to awaken intensifies. That intent is now very intense! It will not be overridden by any contrary intents that some – trying to hold on to the illusion and the seeming power that it gives them – are still holding.

You cannot avoid waking up into the Presence of your Father, because to be awake is to be in His Presence. And even in the illusion you are aware that you cannot stay asleep indefinitely – even in drug or alcohol-induced sleep! Eventually you wake up and have to experience life. Once you begin to really experience the illusion that you constructed, as you have started to do, it becomes impossible for you to ignore, disregard, or deny its utter inadequacy as a home for the children of God.

The only Home for the children of God is to be in His loving Presence. First of all there is nowhere else, and secondly, even if it were possible for there to be an alternative home of any kind it could not be in any way near good enough for the children of God, who are entitled to and deserve only the best. And only God can offer the best of everything! He is offering you the best of everything in every moment – you do really know that – and so it is inevitable that you awaken into the eternal joy of his loving Presence.

Your loving brother,

Messages from an elder brother Jesus. I hope you find them of value. * http://johnsmallman2.wordpress.com/ *
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