May 10, 2013

Love Light Around the World Newsletter
Published by Lady of the Light
May 10, 2013
1.) Federation Of Light & Blossom
2.) Dream a Dream of You
3.) AmericanKabuki – World Bank Whistle-Blower:
4.) First Signs of Physical Ascension Are Here
5.) Mother Earth/Gaia: Restoring The Male and Female Energies In The Body
6.) ET’s are here and the White House knows it, says actual former senator
7.) Nancy Tate – Wake Up Call
8.) The Galactic Federation of Worlds

Federation Of Light & Blossom
Received by Blossom Goodchild
May 10, 2013
Hello again ‘up there’! I know you are aware of the amazing galactic channelings translator team. Many say they feel you are with them as they translate. They have asked if they may ask you a few questions and it would be my pleasure to be able to do something in return for all that they do for ‘us.’
Good morning to you and each one. Indeed this is agreeable and we shall do our upmost to answer precisely … to avoid confusion.
Great. Thank you. The first question concerns the experience of specific changes in our physical bodies or any symptoms that may associate with our bodies during the ascension and the speeding of the vibrative frequency, and if you can give us any advice about the symptoms and how to treat them?
Well, we would address the matter by saying this. Your bodies as you know are your temples. They are your housing for this life experience. Throughout time much has been laden upon these bodies causing them to have to overwork and be underpaid! That which your body requires is not found in fast foods and fizzy drinks. It is not found in addictions of varied sorts it is found in nature. It is grown from within Mother Earth. It is sourced from trees yet we feel we are telling many that which they already know.

Yes indeed your bodies are changing to that of a lighter energy. The lighter side of you. We would ask that you ‘listen’ to what your body is telling you for it knows what is best yet many tend to pass these whispers by. One has become so conditioned to that which does not suit and therefore accustomed to that which does not serve when it comes to your temple. One chooses ease over sense at times. There is choice of course and that is down to each individual. We do not judge and therefore it is interesting to see those who recognize the response to the ‘natural intaking’ in order to gain the fullest from this magnificently designed home in which your soul lives.

Many changes have been taking place within for a long while. The reaction to these changes may consist of headaches, lethargy, aches and pains, neck aches ( for it is lengthening) and much more. Yet do not take it upon oneself to feel ‘oh I need do nothing about it, these are ‘ascension symptoms’ for again, if you take the time to give ‘pure nourishment’ to the self you will find that much of these ailments disappear.

You ask how they can be treated? Love, by thinking thoughts of pure love. These are not life threatening ailments they are quite the opposite and really in truth not as ‘serious’ and debilitating as many make them out to be. The process of change can sometime be a little uncomfortable yet none of these ‘symptoms’ are ‘putting one out‘ to a degree that leaves them incapacitated. Much that is taking place within is so gradual that you haven’t even noticed!

You are having some upgrading work done for your benefit and the newness that it brings will have you feeling so much lighter. You will find a lightness of step and a freeing movement that all we can say feels different.

The pace in which you accept this adjustment is entirely up to you. You cannot go against it and you will find that more and more you desire to change eating habits as you allow the natural function of the new you to fall into place.

Of course we would say that meditation can assist in seeing you through this yet in all truth we do not see it as a major issue. It is a major change indeed, but much of which many feel during this physical change may be due to some other matter yet ‘blamed’ on the ‘ascension symptoms.’
Interesting indeed!
Dear friends, think of a snail it carries its home on its back. You have the human form in which your soul can reside. The more you take care of the human form the more your soul rejoices. Much is common sense. You may look at an iced bun and yearn for it yet that is ‘sugar control sugar conditioning’ to the mind. Your soul however if given the choice would much prefer a juicy apple from a tree, yet that unfortunately in ‘your time’ is not so easily accessible.

Yet it shall be. More and more of you are becoming aware of treating your bodies as they should be. You are looking into matters that do not serve and changing your habits. This is most pleasing for to become conscious of that which you put in you, certainly will show and glow on the outside as you begin to recognize the difference.

These new bodies will not be able to accept the toxins and they will let you know when presented with them. Sometimes in a manner which helps you to recognize that a particular food simply no longer suits and will ‘reject’ it.

To finish on that matter we would say that the best way for you to adjust is to ‘’listen.’ Know when it is time to rest. Know when it is time to play . know when it is time for sustenance and know by instinct whether anything that you choose to partake of in and for your body, is one which will serve.
Many thanks for that. Another! Is there any possibility that our GFL friends may reach and communicate with certain individuals during their dreams or visions?
Without question. It is happening far more than you realize. Many, many of you have your own ‘private’ conversation with us. Yet it is not always the case by any means that all these communications can be shared. Many prefer to keep them private. Some share only with small groups. Some find themselves questioning whether they are actually in touch with us or their own imagination.

So many of you on the other hand have a deep desire to have a chat with us yet feel you are not worthy. Thoughts of ‘why would they contact me?’ etc. why wouldn’t we? Of course we speak with you in your dreams. Sometimes you may see a flash of light before ‘drifting off’ you would be surprised what a long conversation you have just had!
That sounds lovely, yet I know many would like more tangible evidence that they are in touch with you.
Then they must be a little more patient. We are more than aware of the ‘need’ and we do not use that word lightly, for our presence to be ‘concretely known.’ Many of you wonder why we do not step in immediately in order to change the wrongs into rights. Yet there are laws that must be abided by Universal Laws. It is not that we are waiting until the last minute before we step in as super heroes! Do you see? That is not what this is all about. Yet many of you are expecting this and thinking that then everything will be alright and on you move into a better understanding a better world.

Dearest one, yes, we have the technology that shall benefit so much in so many ways. Yes, we have means to ‘have a good spring clean’ yet spiritual evolvement is not about that! We are not saying that we cannot assist. We can and we will. Yet it shall come at a time when souls of your earth are ready to cooperate.

We hear you think as we stated that Blossom, ‘but we are aren’t we’?

So many of you indeed are leading the way. You can feel the changes within and see evidence without. It is of the greatest importance to us that this massive transformation is handled with delicacy for the benefit of all. There are so many complications that many are not even able to conceive. It is imperative that we ‘get it right’ and timing is everything. Indeed there have been many ‘disappointments’ due to the ‘behavior’ of those who have no agenda to assist and many last minute changes have taken place.

We will not put you at risk. Consequences of actions that are not thoroughly thought through could ‘swing everything’ in the wrong direction. We say to you from the deepest place of knowing dear ones, You shall not be disappointed. You have concern that the plans are never going to leave the drawing board. Oh if you could only see, if you could only know!
Tell me about it!! I guess the thing is we know there are many still asleep, yet for those of us awake could you not organize a little day/night trip and give us a little tour or something? You say many visit in their dreams and many write in to say they have experienced this so it can be done, could it just not be on a bigger scale? It’s not that one needs proof of you one needs a ‘break’!
And breaks are given. Yet the minute you come back into this density it blurs the mind.
Or wipes it out! So not really that uplifting if we can’t remember the trip. It’s not like we can bring back a photo album so we actually know we were there. This is our problem guys, surely with all you are capable of more ‘hints’ more ‘evidence’ to individuals can be shown. Many are so tired and so out of sorts it’s not that easy down here. Little ‘presence’ here and there would be such a boost. I know we knew what we were in for before we came but we were not here then and reporting to you from here we are asking you to consider ‘a boost.’ Down here when a family member or friend is tiring , another will offer assistance, you are our family, and ‘we’ll get by with a little help from our friends!’
Yet even as you speak Blossom we know that you know and many who read our words that all is going according to plan.
All well for those who know the plan. We are left rather in the dark.
Yet you know you are not. You cannot be. You are of light! You know within you know it.

That is why you continue on because one day this part of the plan will be done with and you will have moved into a completely different phase of the game and these concerns will no longer be part of your makeup.

We admire you, we love you. We shall take on board that which you have said. For indeed we are not ‘down there’ continually living in that vibration and these things are not always understood by us.
Oh, I thought they were.
Only on a vibrational level which is quite different from the spoken word.

I know it is time to close … it’s been a bit of a funny one today … yet I need to make it clear that I was not getting stroppy or having a go at you, just putting peoples points across.
Which is what you came here to do Blossom.
Luckily I didn’t know that in my school days. My careers officer would have had a bit of a problem!
Ladies and gentleman, you are very much closer to that which you long for than you think.
It is wise to do your very best to resume a state of peace and love within you. Hold it within you, it shall be of great credibility to your soul when the games begin!

On your marks, get set, in love and thanks to you!

Blossom Goodchild is a professional ‘direct voice’ channeling medium working with spirit and cosmic energies. She has been channeling the Native American Indian Spirit Energy ‘White Cloud’ for seven years now and shares his messages of Unconditional Love by means of personal readings and group meetings.

These meetings have been recorded and ‘White Cloud’s words transcribed and subsequently published in three books. ‘Walking in the Light and the Love,’ ‘The Spirit of ‘White Cloud’ and the latest book ‘A New Dawn.’

In addition to ‘White Cloud’s guidance on how to live our lives to the fullest he has also given us, through Blossom , a series of guided meditations to help us tune in to our Higher Selves.

In addition to her spiritual work Blossom is also a wonderful actress, whose experience includes touring the UK in repertoires and musicals. Since immigrating to Australia in 2001 and settling in Noosa with her husband Goody and son Ritchie, she has firmly established herself as one of the finest actresses on the Sunshine Coast. Blossom has performed the one-woman show ‘Shirley Valentine’ as well as major roles in several David Williamson plays for the Noosa Long Weekend. She took on the challenging roles as the lead in ‘The Gingerbread Lady’ in which she was simply superb. She recently returned to the musical stage in Ian Mackellar’s ‘Now That’s Entertainment.’

Through all of these experiences, Blossom remains firmly grounded and with her easy laughter and warmth is a delight to be around. *

Heavenletter #4550
Dream a Dream of You
May 10, 2013
God said:

Good Morning, My Creation! What a beautiful day it is before Us! There never was a day like this one before, and there will never be another like it again. Of course, the Infinite that this speaks to is a drop in the bucket next to the Infinity of the Universe! It seems that I am copying you, My children, in your comparing one day to another, one person to another, one life to another. All lives take place in the same Field of Infinity. Of course, Infinity cannot be in a field. The widest field has an end, and Infinity has none. Boundless is Infinity, and yet it seems that you bound along in it, laughing or crying and making something of it.

Nor, in actuality, does a day really transpire, as transpire is spoken of. What exactly transpires? Events? All this is mind-boggling, isn’t it? Infinity is beyond mind. Mind cannot conceive it even as it tries.

Who can possibly explain ordinary life in the world let alone the magnificence of Infinity? Infinity is so great that the word magnificence or greatness or any word cannot begin to describe it. Infinity is beyond description.

Nor does the word Infinity Itself begin to say what Infinity is. The word itself and a part of speech fall short. Infinity is Everything. Infinity talks about everything fitting into it, and yet Infinity doesn’t contain anything. Neither space nor time begin to fit into Infinity. How can time and place which do not exist fit into the Nothingness of Everythingness? Not even a lever can open Infinity up to holding imagined time and space, and, yet, and, yet ….
Ah, well, We go around in circles, in a circular shape familiar to all and nature and identified which also does not exist yet seems to have been created.

What day on Earth can possibly be seen as ordinary? The whole set-up here on Earth is extraordinary. You could sit and think about Infinity a whole lifetime and still not quite grasp its concept. Of course, you would be looking outside yourself for facts. The fact is that Infinity is within you. If you want to grasp Infinity, look within, for you are Infinity Itself. There are no two ways about it.

So what do We do all this communicating for? Why is another voice so valuable to Us when, in a manner of speaking, there is only One Voice to speak and One Voice to be heard, even when it is silent? What in the world goes on in this world? Why, life is everything and nothing at all.

What would you like to talk about now? What is it you want to know? What is there you have to know, and why do you think you have to know it? You are a Being. You exist. What more is there for you to know?

There is no who, no what, no where, no when. When Being is All, what else exists? The only thing to do is to BE. Be well, Be-loveds, Be your own dream, which, of course, you are. Fulfill your dream in this dot of Infinity. Fill it to the brim. A tree doesn’t take action. It is. And yet a tree bears fruit. And so do you.

Bear the fruit of your dream. In the fulfillment of your dream, your Being blesses all. Being is more than doing. Do what anyway when you far exceed doing? A creator creates, and dreamers create, and Creation is a dream of its own.

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AmericanKabuki – World Bank Whistle-Blower:
May 10, 2013

“Precious Metals To Serve As And Underpinning For Paper Currencies” 5/8/13

I had the opportunity yesterday to speak with one of the western world’s most courageous and astute women, Karen Hudes, Former Senior Counsel to the World Bank—now turned whistle-blower.

It was a powerful conversation, as Karen spent 20 years with the World Bank as an attorney and economist, before being “let-go” after reporting internal fraud and corruption.

During the interview Karen indicated that the world is rapidly changing, with western power structures breaking down, economic & political influence gravitating to BRICs nations, all amid a pending currency transition which will highly favor precious metals. Hudes stated: “All of the countries of the world are going to allow precious metals to serve as currency, and this will be an underpinning for paper currency, as we’ll have both systems at the same time.”

From Tekoa Da Silva:

Starting out by discussing the shocking centralized power she witnessed while working at the World Bank, Karen explained that, “A study done by three [Swiss] systems analysts who used mathematical modeling [shows] how the [world’s] 43,000 transnational corporations were being controlled through interlocking corporate directorates. There’s a group of 147 companies, most of them are financial institutions, and what they’ve done, is through the interlocking directorates, they control 40% of the net worth of these [43k] companies, and 60% of their earnings…so that group has been using the presidency of the World Bank as kind of a puppet to dominate the world—that’s [now] finished.”

A major shock to that centralized power base, according to Karen, was the recent move by BRICs nations leaders to bypass the World Bank for their financing needs, by establishing their own development bank. “As the BRICs [nations] economic power grows,” she explained, “they’re not going to be strangled anymore through the grabbing [of] their resources…So their decision to start their own development bank was their way of letting [world] governments know…that its time to end this corruption.”

Major moves toward monetary independence are also being made by growing numbers of U.S. states, Karen added. She explained that, “The states are starting to have legislation recognizing gold and silver bullion as legal currency. This is [also] a very strong signal the states are sending to the federal government, that the time to get serious about ending the corruption in the financial system is now here.”

When asked her thoughts on what this all means for the world monetary system, Karen said, “What’s going to happen, is we’re going to have all the countries of the world, sit down and figure out what’s going to be the best, most orderly transition from the current system that we have, [which has] profound imbalance and unsustainable deficits…[this change] is going to happen as each country makes its preference known, because the system we have now is not transparent, and the biggest change [in the new system], is that there’s going to be transparency.”

That transparency may be found through a gold-backed currency system, Karen noted, as, “All of the countries of the world are going to allow precious metals to serve as currency, and this will be an underpinning for paper currency, [as] we’ll have both systems at the same time. This is my guess, as I mentioned—I am an economist.”

As a final comment speaking towards her difficult journey as a World Bank whistle-blower, Karen said, “I’ve been struggling now for years, to tell the American public what’s [been] going on. I haven’t gotten through, because this [financial] group has bought up the press and has been spreading disinformation systematically. That undermines the whole point of a democracy. How can voters vote without an informed opinion, without the information that they’re entitled too? So this strangle-hold on information is going to end in very short order.”
This was a powerful interview conducted with a great American patriot and honorable world citizen. Karen is setting an example for the history books, and her interview is required listening for global thinkers and market students.

To listen to the interview, left click the following link and/or right click and “save target as” or “save link as” to your desktop: Interview with Karen Hudes (MP3)
To learn more about Karen and support her work, visit:
* *
* *

First Signs of Physical Ascension Are Here
Aluna Joy Yaxk’in with the Star Elders 5/2/13
May 10, 2013
I was called to be on the Pacific Coast for the past 2 weeks, and I got very clear about a new experience which I have been having. This experience sparked this transmission from the Star Elders. I was told about this amazing time for many years, and, now that it is finally here, I still have a sense of disbelief and awe about it all. But myself, and others are having similar experiences in the last few weeks. The first signs of physical ascension are here.
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So . . . I was having these little episodes where I would find myself somewhere else, and then I was slammed dunked back into this world. This was not very fun by the way. It felt different from the dimensional shifts, OBE’s, astral travel, etc… which I have experienced in the past. It happened a few times over the course of the last few weeks. When I would come back, I could not remember anything, and thus had nothing to share as well. It was frustrating to say the least.

One day, while camping at the ocean’s edge, my partner Raphael and I, had a calling to go lay down on the sand. By the way, the sand in Southern California is silicon based and acts like an enormous crystal. We were both out almost instantly. It didn’t feel like I went to sleep. There again, I found myself in another reality that was not yet complete. I saw what I would call a description of myself anchored there. There were a lot of other things that I saw that I could not describe to you now.

Neither one of us knew how long we were gone, or if it was instantaneous. What brought me back into my body was a “Huge” rush of energy that felt like it spun my brain around. I was massively dizzy, and it felt like I was going to fall off the beach. I grabbed a hand full of sand. This was followed with a huge rush of nausea. It was all gone in seconds. I opened my eyes and was confused to see where I was, and how long I had been gone. I didn’t move and tried to remember as much as I could. Then the Star Elders wanted me to share this message . . . because it is time . . .

From the Star Elders . . .

2013 is ground-breaking territory, a renaissance of sorts, in so many ways that one transmission will not graze the surface. Yet there is something newly emerging in the world that we want you to pay attention to. It is so subtle that you might have missed it . . . or it might have hit you like a huge spiritual surge. Either way, the first signs of this new cycle show us that physical ascension is already manifesting within this cycle that is new to us all.

These ascension experiences are similar to what others have experienced on their spiritual path. But what we are beginning to “See” now are not OBEs (out of body experiences), astral travel and dimensional shifts. All of these can have similar symptoms, but there is a big difference. With OBE’s, you travel but are aware that you are out of your body, and you can see a cord or connection to your home base. Astral travel is nearly the same, where you travel with your higher light body, but you are not taking your physical body . . . like flying dreams. Also, remote viewing is similar to astral travel. Dimensional shifts are when you slip unknowingly into another frequency. This world looks and feels very different from our world. You can meet Ascended Masters in other dimensions and some people even go to Mystery Schools to learn, most of which you cannot remember when you come back into your body; though it does change your life. All these experiences have prepared you all for what it coming now.

What is happening is this . . . You are beginning to wobble between the old world and the new one, but now with your physical body. This is hard work for you! You might feel like you need to suddenly lay down for a rest, only to wake up suddenly with great dis-orientation. You might get a fading glimpse of the framework of this new world. It looks and feels similar to this world but at a higher frequency, and it does not make much sense yet. This world is still under construction. There is already an identity anchored there for you now. This will be your new home base. It might look like a description of who you are as your ascended self. There is other frame works being built as well, but there is no way to use words to describe this to you as yet. Oddly, while this is going on, we expected to see more unity and harmony in your world. But the world feels like it is becoming even more polarized. This polarized field might make you feel isolated for a while. We expect this polarization to be temporary, and it will start to balance out as you adjust your physical body with the new higher energies. As you wobble, your history, patterns and un-resolved issues are being excessively magnified. We are so happy that those reading this have done a lot of clearing of their past. This will make it easier for you to maintain harmony and peace even though all your internal signals are racing wildly, causing some anxiety, depression and odd health issues.

Light workers will now fall into two categories: 1) those holding a space of pure energy and bliss, and 2) those that are still working hard in the trenches regarding humanity’s ascension process. Both sides are vital and indispensable right now.

“Workers” . . . try not to take on too much in these days, and dial back your schedule. You will absolutely need to do this. Give yourself some peaceful space in your life. You will be feeling some very strong symptoms as much is being cleared through your body right now. The new world is being born through you.

“Blissers” . . . you are holding the template for home base for this new world. You are lucky to have the space to really ground yourself on the Earth and swim in her natural waters. Spend as much time in nature as possible. This will help you maintain harmony and stay in bliss. We need you to stay in bliss as much as possible, as this holds space for your family of light workers who are still deployed in the fields working hard regarding humanity’s ascension process.

Gather together with like-minded ones as this will also give you clarity and support in this confusing time. In fact, this is one of only a few things now that will feel real to you. This world is feeling less real to you every day. Your like-minded soul family is your anchor and your base camp. They are your support system and your reality checkers. They will keep you sane in this energy that you might perceive as insane.

Others around you, who had not cleared themselves, may be exploding within and without in these exaggerated energies. The wobble will be confusing and disorienting to them. Remember these ones were working to keep the world turning as you say. They took on jobs that you didn’t want, and they are working extremely hard to catch up. They are dealing with feelings of rage, followed by wild attempts to hang on to the past and what is familiar. They don’t know they must surrender, and let go as you do. This will manifest, and fill your news casts with sad and violent acts, odd accidents and suicide, drug overdoses, etc…. You must send them love, when you have a bit of extra energy. Do not empathize or get distressed about these events. You will only feed and prolong that which is being stripped away. This is a necessary process. We expect their reactions to normalize and be temporary as well. Everyone on Earth is receiving divine dispensation and tremendous help from higher realms and Ascender Masters.

Our advice to glide through this time is to stay grounded, stay as positive as possible but stay authentic to the moment, take care of your human vehicle, find your like-minded support groups, and go with the flow as much as possible. But most of all . . . know that all is well. You will succeed at this ascension in spite of the bumps that rattle your self-confidence. You are on a one-way conveyor belt to the next world now. You can’t mess up at this point. Relax and let go, and keep your eyes open to all the experiences in front of you as you will not see this time come again.

~ The Star Elders

Physical Ascension Signs/Check List . . . some people are experiencing . . .

*** Waking up from dreams knowing that you were somewhere else that looked similar to Earth, but it was not; yet it felt as real as this world;
*** A feeling like you were somewhere else but can remember where;
*** Waking up confused, unsettled, and apprehensive; like you lost something or you are in the wrong place;
*** A strong sense that something is coming soon, but yet you are oddly comfortable with the feeling;
*** Feeling jolts of electricity racing through your body;
*** Strong and sudden nausea;
*** Feeling like you are imploding or like you are in a pressure cooker;
*** A loud ringing, buzzing in the ears;
*** Finding yourself on hold or waiting for something, but you don’t know what it is; and
*** Feeling like you are in a time warp.

“A human being is part of the whole called by us universe, a part limited in time and space. We experience ourselves, our thoughts and feelings as something separate from the rest. A kind of optical delusion of consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us. Our task must be to free ourselves from the prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty. The true value of a human being is determined by the measure and the sense in which they have obtained liberation from the self. We shall require a substantially new manner of thinking if humanity is to survive.”

~ Albert Einstein.

Aluna Joy Yaxk’in . . . A Star Messenger – Earth Oracle – Soul Reader – Sacred Site Junkie was literally born awake and in the company of her guides, the Star Elders. Today she has evolved into an author, spiritual life coach, sacred site guide, alternative historian, ordained minister and modern mystic. In the Inca world, Aluna is considered a Qawaq (cow-wak), a clairvoyant or seer of living energy. Aluna acts as a spiritual archaeologist using her clairvoyant / clairsentient gifts to excavate current messages from the masters of ancient, enlightened cultures to uncover what affect this has on humanity and the collective consciousness. She is well known for her down to earth, accepting attitude that makes each one feel like they have come home. She inspires and encourages others to recognize and accept their own authentic divinity and connection to the Creator. “Our groups are family, and each one is a teacher and also a student. We work together as a team to unravel the sacred mysteries of life.”

Aluna coined the term “sacred site junkie” because she is one herself. After her first trip to Tulum, Mexico, her life changed dramatically, and she was sent on an entirely different path in life. Since this time, her work has been influenced by uncountable Shamanic experiences in sacred sites of Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, Honduras, Peru, Bolivia, Egypt, Greece, England, Australia and New Zealand. Aluna has been leading groups in the Maya world since 1986, the Inca world since 1996, and the Egyptian world since 2008, and the mystical world of Avalon (England and Scotland) since 2007. Aluna offers Star Elder Sessions, formulates Sacred Site Essences and a free newsletter. She is the author of “Mayan Astrology” and her articles have been published worldwide. Website: Facebook: * YouTube: *

Mother Earth/Gaia: Restoring The Male and Female Energies In The Body
Channeled by Pamela Kribbe 5/8/13
May 10, 2013
Dear friends, I am your mother, the Earth who carries you. I flow through you constantly, and I want to nourish and inspire you with my energy. We belong together; we do this dance together.

Life in a body, male or female, is an interplay between your soul and that of the Earth. Honor your beautiful body, the body I have given to you. It is an expression of female or male energy, so feel the beauty of that. Observe it from within. Experience the powerful energies in your body: the emotions, the feelings, the passions, the desires. They are powerful energies against which you sometime resist. However, try to feel the pure beauty of your body for a moment without wanting to control it. Feel the force field that you are as a physical being.

You receive information from your body continually and you often ignore that input because you think you know in your mind what is best for you or what is wrong for you. You often ignore your body, this gift from me. I ask you to instead turn your attention downward toward the ground under your feet, the foundation upon which you stand in this life, and to return to your sacred body – the dwelling place of your soul. Make peace with your body and no longer resist those energies that manifest there – respect them. Your soul is invited to dance with the energies of Earth, with the energies of being a woman, of being a man, of being together.

Let us do this today. Try to let go of beliefs in terms of right or wrong, beliefs about what is to be allowed and what not. Try to let those ideas go, altogether. Let the energies speak for themselves. If you look around you in nature, you see a continual play of energies and powers: in the wind, in the water, in the temperature, in the seasons, in the weather. Everything moves constantly, but tends naturally to a certain balance and equilibrium when things are allowed to take their own course. An overbearing need to control and organize eventually leads to imbalance, to a lack of equilibrium. And this happens also with your own human nature, because you are a part of earthly nature. Let go of trying to control and manipulate everything. Look at who you are, here and now, at this time. Allow your desires to be present and to “speak” to you.

Each of you here present longs for love. Love in relationships with others and love for yourself. Love to give and love to receive, and that is as it should be, because this desire is sincere. Even though you have this strong desire, there is a part of you which is fearful and in the dark. This part makes you afraid of love. So although one part of you yearns for, and reaches out to love, another part of you unintentionally closes you off from giving and receiving love.

You are forerunners of a new time, you are pioneers. You are taking steps on new ground, in unexplored territory. You want to live from your heart and your soul, and you want to get acquainted with what love really is. Not the images of love that are portrayed through the media, but a love that is more grand and more vast. A love that allows both partners to be completely who they are. A love as nature intended it to be.

This is a transitional time on Earth. More and more people desire depth in their relationships, a true meeting with the other person, and that is where your path leads you. But it is not a path that only leads to the heights; it is also a path that can lead to the depths, because on this path you encounter your own fears, the prejudices of your parents and ancestors, and the pain of generations before you. That is the choice you make once you choose for a relationship in the new era. You then choose for another way of being. You choose for an openness and sincerity that goes to the core of who you are, and therefore that choice challenges you to reveal, from the fullest extent of your soul, the part of you which still hides in the dark.

Let us look today in openness and without judgment at what still is to be revealed within you. What pain, what fear lives there? What hinders you from loving yourself and another? Let us first look at the past and to how the male and female energies have developed in centuries past. We then see that the male energy has played a dominant role for centuries and that both sexes, both women and men, have suffered because of that. The male energy that was dominant in your history was very much a mental energy of wanting to direct and determine earthly nature, as well as human nature. This form of energy wants to restrain and to control, often out of a desire for power.

In all layers of society, that energy has been at work. In governments, religions, and in daily life, the female energy, the emotional and the intuitive, was suppressed. The result has been that women felt inferior. The female qualities were less, or not at all, appreciated. That was the prevailing image. Women were regarded as second-class citizens, lesser human beings, and the female energy in general was regarded as suspicious.

If you are aggressive, and you focus on control, power, and manipulation through mental processes, the feminine soon becomes your enemy, because the feminine is by nature more flowing, more flexible, and more connected to qualities of feeling and emotion. The feminine is the source of all inspiration. She creates the bridge to your soul. Your soul flows through your feminine energy. The masculine energy is meant to support that inspiration, and to make it possible for this inspiration to become established in the material world.

That is the way it would be if the masculine and feminine worked well together, but throughout history the natural cooperation has become fractured, and men and women have become strangers who stand opposite one another. And this has not only happened outwardly between men and women, but also within the hearts of men and women. Men became alienated from their own emotional life, barred from it, and women increasingly began to feel insecure about who they are and what they can do. In both sexes, the male dominance has left wounds.

I would like you to join with me in an exercise of guided visualization. Imagine that you see a man and a woman standing side by side. I would like to sketch an image here of the male and the female soul on the collective level. A very sketchy picture, thus a general image, but something that you can recognize, or to which you might identify.

When you see how a man looks historically, at the pain he has suffered, then you see a man whose emotions are not allowed to flow sufficiently. Men have identified with thinking, doing, and acting, but the connection with their heart is broken or difficult to find. If you look at the figure of a man, you can see that he lives partly within a shell or an armor. This armor gives him the feeling of security on the one hand, but at the same time it restricts him, because his heart is stifled. You can see his tide of passion and love, but that current may not flow very freely through his armor; there is congestion and blockage within him. Men cannot express their feelings very well, because they have to contend with an old armor that no longer actually fits them, and you can perceive there are already cracks in the armor of this representative male.

Men fight against this ancient armor, because they want to express their feelings more outwardly. But within this restriction, which is a result of the judgments of the past, it is still so that, as a man, you cannot express certain emotions from your heart and cannot truly connect with another. From the point of view of these restrictions, you will give up a certain security when you release your inhibitions, and that is dangerous and scary.

Let us now look by way of this visualization at how the woman looks as a result of her long past of pain and suppression. If you look at this representative female, the first thing you see is that something is missing. The woman is not entirely present, because of the suppression and the sexual violence she has experienced in the past thousands of years. Something has been shut down, especially within her belly in the lower chakras.
The pain from the violence has been too heavy to process. And what people do, if traumas are too much to survive, is they flee from it in some way. They try to leave their body and are no longer sufficiently grounded and are no longer connected to their inner power, because it is too painful to be completely present in their bodies. That is what has been globally true for women.

Ask yourself to now connect in your imagination to both these figures, and let us begin with the man. Imagine that you go with your awareness inside that man. Feel the pain that lives there, and also the desire in him to be able to feel again, to live from his heart. See if you also recognize within yourself some of that same restrictive armor. To what extent do you also carry that with you, this armor that seemingly gives you the certainty of control, but that also stops you from allowing your soul to radiate on Earth? See if you can tell that man, and thereby also yourself, that you can put down this armor, piece by piece, releasing it more and more. You can let go of what is there in excess and no longer needed. Do that now, but do not do it by force. See what can fall away by itself.

Observe what feels freer in your energy field and in your emotions, and to where the released energy can flow. Maybe there is a place in your body to where it spontaneously flows. Yet, it may be that a part of the armor remains or refuses to yield. If so, just let it be; it need not all go at once. In this way, you have now helped yourself, as well as the broader spectrum of the entire male energy here on Earth, which wants to transform in this time, wants to change. Now step outside the figure of that man that you envisioned.

Now bring your awareness to a point of focus, leaving the figure of this man, and look at the woman. Notice how you see the figure of the woman, the uncertainty and insecurity, the fragility and delicacy in her, the not daring to be here fully. Go there for a moment with your awareness and allow it to descend into her consciousness and into her body. You can connect with her fear and the resistance to being here fully, to descending into that fragile area of her abdomen, into her womb.

I, Mother Earth, am with you when you do this, so you are safe. I will support you, so do not be afraid. Become present in the energy within that female figure. Let her know that you are there for her, that you will receive her. Tell her how beautiful she is, how welcome she is in this world on the Earth. We need her intuitive gifts and the connection that she creates with the soul, with her inner knowing and the beauty that she brings to life. We need her again on Earth.

Imagine that some kind of ladder appears from heaven and the full and authentic feminine energy slowly descends downward, and do this for yourself as well as for the entire female energy at this time. She needs to feel welcome on Earth, because she has pulled away from Earth, because of the aggression and pain she has experienced.

This pain is present in you all, whether you are now a woman or a man. That is why it is so difficult to allow your emotions freedom of expression and to dare to be who you are in the depths of your soul. See if you succeed in bringing the rungs of the ladder closer, but allow it the freedom to do as it will; it does not have to come down all at once. Now leave this imaginary figure of a woman and come back to yourself, into your body, into the here and now.

You can visualize yourself in a triangle with these two figures, the male energy and the female energy. These are images that have to do with you, with your life as an individual and, at the same time, these images also transcend your individual life, because they are force fields that permeate society as a whole.

By recognizing the wounds of the past through these imaginary figures in this visualization, you also heal a part of yourself, and you become free of the past. You can once again become an inspired, feeling man, and a powerful, self-confident, intuitively gifted woman. In this way, you free yourself from the pain of the past, as well as add healing to the collective consciousness.

Thank you for the work you want to do for this transformation process. You are the forerunners of a new time.

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ET’s are here and the White House knows it, says actual former senator

The whole alien conspiracy thing? Turns out it’s all true. Extraterrestrials have visited Earth. At least that what Mike Gravel says, and he’s a former senator from Alaska, so he should know. And he knows a lot. It’s dangerous stuff. You may not even want to keep reading. “It goes right to the White House,” Gravel revealed this week in Washington, where he was paid $20,000 by a UFO advocacy group to speak at the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure. But how could this information be squelched so effectively, and by whom? “What we’re faced with here is, in areas of the media, and the government too, an effort to marginalize and ridicule people who have specific knowledge,” said Gravel, who should be marginalized and ridiculed. Trust us. We’re the media.
UFOs have visited earth, and it’s high time that the government admits the truth. That’s the position of UFO advocacy group Paradigm Research, and they were willing to spend $120,000 to convince influential former politicians like former Senator Mike Gravel to listen to their evidence.

Mike Gravel is the Democratic long-shot presidential candidate from Alaska who ran in 2008 but failed to gain much interest outside his home state. He has also dabbled in Libertarian Party politics.

Apparently, he’s an out-of-the-box thinker, and that’s what Paradigm Research was looking for to sit in on a week-long “Congressional-style” hearing on the evidence that extraterrestrials have visited earth. In all, six politicians were paid $20,000 apiece to come to Washington and listen to witness accounts of UFO sightings.

The evidence that UFOs have visited impressed Gravel. “What we’re faced with here is, in areas of the media, and the government too, an effort to marginalize and ridicule people who have specific knowledge,” he said.

I’ve heard some of this evidence myself years ago, and some of the witnesses can be very convincing. Gravel was most impressed with the testimony of Air Force Capt. Robert Salas, who has been an outspoken witness to events that occurred in 1967 at Malmstrom Air Force Base.

The other five retired politicians who appeared at the hearing were a little more mealy-mouthed.

“If everybody here is telling the truth, there is pretty compelling evidence that at least some of them [UFOs] didn’t come from here,” said former Congressman Roscoe Bartlett (R-MD).

You’ll notice that strategic “if.”

“The smoking gun of the whole issue, which is when [Capt. Salas and colleagues] saw hovering space craft in Wyoming and South Dakota over the ICBM missile silos that the missiles couldn’t work,” said Gravel — a detail which froze my blood in the 1980s when the information was first declassified and widely disseminated to the public.

However, if the cagey UFOs did disarm our ICBMs, they’ve had a few decades to follow-up on any invasion plans, so there’s that.

* *

Nancy Tate – Wake Up Call
May 10, 2013
I awoke today with my own wake up call. As I lay in bed the thoughts and feelings kept rolling through me. Yesterday I had a day like I’ve never had before. The evening before Bob and I went to look at a vehicle to buy from someone in the area. We liked it tremendously and found the owners to be very much in tune with us, wonderful people. We came to an agreement on the vehicle and that started the whole process for me of accessing some of my innermost feelings about different things in my life.

I didn’t realize the depth of it until this morning. I will give you the info about what has taken place in my life recently. A few days ago I received in my bank the inheritance from my mother, who passed over almost two years ago. The feelings of what will happen when a gift like this is all gone came over me. I was feeling, what will I do for extra money when the gift from my mother and father is all gone. There are no more sources of these kinds of funds waiting in the wings for me. Oh, I’d better be careful how I spend the rest of the money that is such a beautiful gift to me. Do I deserve it?

Yes, I certainly do. I’ve spent my whole life being careful about spending. Be careful; don’t spend too much on this, or that. Do you really need this; do you deserve that? Of course you do, I said then and so many times. Still the feelings came up from time to time. Was it because it was true, or because people told you it was. Or was it because people told you that you don’t deserve it, maybe not in words, but in actions.

This whole scenario of how I had been so careful throughout my life about money kept revealing itself as I lay there in bed. I began to realize what it was representing to me. I was at a place now where I could keep this inside me, or go and talk with Bob about it. So I told him. It wasn’t easy at first, but as the words and reality of it all came through I realized that I was giving myself a valuable gift in being able to talk it out of my beingness. I knew that because I was hearing my own words, feeling the feelings as they processed through me, that I was getting past it. I would be able to go on from here and manifest all that I desire and intend for my life.

It felt so right and so good. I won’t have to feel that I must struggle anymore on that old level that kept popping up. I can now recognize it when it may come up again, and talk my way past it with self-love. In that way, the bounty will keep coming for me. This gift from Mom and Dad isn’t the last one that will come in my life. I have followed it with my own gift to myself that is opening all the doors that I’ve kept closed.

Then a little later when I took my shower to begin the day, the deeper truth came flowing over me in the particles of water that always gave me a gift. I knew that this was part of what is holding humanity from receiving the gifts that are being offered by The Creator and all of the Family of existence. In one way or another humanity is holding back because of the past ‘mistakes’ that have been being expressed throughout this duality experience. We are holding back all of that which we deserve because in so many ways we feel on some level that we don’t deserve it. We must struggle to get by, to say nothing about being able to ‘more than get by’. We deserve to have our lives easy and effortless. But we allow our old feelings of guilt, anxiety, etc to come in the way of allowing the gifts of love to flow forth freely.

What say we let go of all those feelings! How about putting to rest all of the thoughts we have on a subconscious level, and admit that we don’t need to hang on to them to be able to deserve a better life! We have given all of existence a tremendous gift, and now it is time to let go of all that came through as a result of agreeing to this duality experience. It is time to let go, dear Family. We are being offered so much Love and Light and riches of Life. Let’s let go and take a ride in the new vehicles that will spin us around in a joyful way and get us back to ourselves. I can feel Cassie (our new-coming doggie) wagging her tail in joy because I’ve let go of the feeling that maybe I don’t deserve for her to come back to me in her new form all well and happy and ready for the next ride through life and fun. We all deserve that, so come on and ride through it with me. We more than deserve it; we create it in our Love for ourselves, and all of existence.

Thank you dear Ones,

Love Nancy Tate

* *
The Galactic Federation of Worlds
The Galactic Federation of Worlds is a large Federation of civilizations from many different planets, galaxies and universes working together for the harmonious existence of all life. There is a Galactic Federation in each of the inhabited galaxies of our universe. These federations are part of the Universal management structure much like field offices are part of the management structure for a large corporation.

The Galactic Federation for the Milkyway Galaxy is called the Galactic Federation of Worlds, but some of the races represented in our Galactic Federation may call it by other names, hence the difference in the names given by the Zetas, Andromedans, etc.
Each race, civilization, and planet has a council within the Galactic Federation to represent them. These councils vary in size depending on population as well as the amount responsibilities they carry within the management structure of the Galactic Federation. There are literally thousands of these councils since there that many races represented. The Galactic Federation is much larger than we may imagine.
The Great Halls of the Galactic Federation

The Galactic Federation has one major overseeing council which has representatives from each member council. This council meets in the Great Hall. But each council has its own Great Hall. Perhaps this is why there is so much confusion around this Great Hall business. Many channelers attend meetings in the Great Hall and think there is only one, when in fact, it could be the Great Hall of one of the member races or civilizations. You see how quickly it gets all complicated.

The Nibiruan Council the largest of these councils, has its own Great Hall but also meets in the Galactic Federation’s Great Hall more often than not because its duties involve Galactic Federation management. Nibiru is not a planet with one civilization, instead it is a Galactic Federation starship with representatives from many races whose role is that of a traveling Galactic management team. Their mission is to help negotiate alliances and maintain peace among the different worlds of the Galactic Federation and assist new and incoming members. Hence their slogan, “Serving the Worlds.”

The Galactic Federation for our Milky Way galaxy is located in the Sirius star system. Our sun is a stargate to that system, and the Galactic Federation. That is why the dog star Sirius is so important to Earth and plays a significant role in our history.
Galactic Federation History

The Milky Galaxy Galactic Federation is the oldest Galactic Federation in this Universe. It was established at the end of the first Great Galactic War that was fought in the Lyra Constellation between the Humans, Reptilians, Felines and Carians. After this war, the survivors decided that they must establish some way to arbitrate disputes so that this kind of destruction (destruction of the Humans’ homeworld Avyon, the First Earth) would not occur again. Thus, the Galactic Federation was established with the founding members being Lyran and Orion. Their first flagship was Pelegai, one of the few ships intact after the war. This was a very painful time and the wounds of this war would take many dimensions of time to heal.

In the beginning, the Galactic Federation was very small since so few had survived the war. The Lyran Council and Orion Councils doubled as the administrative arm of their new fledgling federation. In other words, they were the Galactic Federation. In time new races were created as offshoots of the original four and the Galactic Federation welcomed them as they reached Galactic status, as we are about to do now.

So the Galactic Federation grew and became a very large and powerful Federation of Worlds devoted to Universal peace and prosperity. Now there are millions of members from across our galaxy. * *

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