May 6, 2013

Love Light Around the World Newsletter Published by Lady of the Light May 6, 2013
1.) Hilarion’s Weekly Message: May 5-12, 2013May 5-12, 2013
2.) Message from The Arcturians
3.) Atonement and the Unified Field
4.) Archangel Michael discusses vasanas;how to recognize and remove them
5.) In5D – Ascension Symptoms: DNA Upgrade
6.) There is a rush on as you all work overtime
7.) Transmuting Collective Human Consciousness By Channeling Light
8.) Message from Sekhmet: I Offer You My Assistance!
9.) Snow Melts, Hearts Thaw
From the beginning of the beginning I have loved you. With pride and honor, I accepted your Truth and rejoiced in your choice to join your Earth plane existence. Without you, your light and your Love the Earth would indeed be a much different place. You are beautiful!
~ Creator ~ * *

Hilarion’s Weekly Message: May 5-12, 2013
Channeled by Marlene Swetlishoff
Beloved Ones,

Throughout the cosmos, alignments are taking place which have been anticipated for several thousands of years. These are opening up greater access to the knowledge held within each soul, for each of you hold a vast store of knowledge through many ages that have come and gone. It is a time for spending in stillness and a state of listening within as your world is reconnected to the rest of the galaxy – an event which heralds the understanding that humanity is not alone in the endless sea of other stars, planets and worlds. This means that the Earth is entering a new position in the heavens and that it is a new beginning for all.

The Earth is expanding and shifting as she adjusts to her new place in the heavens and this can bring some shifts for those who are her inhabitants. As human hearts open wider and the changes take place both within and without, the sense of unity and oneness will be felt by all who are here during these times for now it will be seen that the Earth and humanity are a unique and vital part of a much greater community of life than ever before imagined. There will be a growing excitement taking place as this awareness comes to full ripening. It behooves all of humanity to look around and become more observant.

The shifting energies as they come in and create openings to vast amounts of ancient knowledge about your planet will help to awaken humanity in vast numbers. It is time to look to the skies with a keen eye, to look at the signs that are all around you that herald the old world system is crumbling and those who have been in control are desperately trying to keep the world population in a state of fear, hopelessness and apathy. Every such effort by these ones is met with a growing awareness by the Earth’s peoples that all that was hidden is being hidden no more. This is, as we stated many times before, a new dimension or vibration that no longer supports such activity.

As you, our most courageous ones, firmly hold to the vision of a greater reality where all are equal in their potential to grow and expand, many miraculous signs and portents come to awareness. By holding and anchoring your Light during these times, your loving service to the Divine Plan is noted and recorded. Many of you have been initiated into cosmic and galactic service and this will come to your awareness in greater comprehension as the weeks and months fly by. The sense of linear time is shifting and there are cycles in effect that will shift perceptions which can be confusing. There are many adjustments being made as your human operating systems recalibrate to accommodate the higher frequencies.

Spend as much of your daily lives in the outdoors as is possible for you, drink plenty of clean water to hydrate your physical bodies and to facilitate the recalibration that is taking place within them. As much as possible, eat fresh fruits and vegetables, for these have a greater life force in them that will assist in keeping your physical vehicle in greater attunement to the higher frequencies as they continue to permeate your atmosphere. Be in peace, Dear Ones, and know that you are loved beyond measure.

Until next week…

I AM Hilarion

Marlene Swetlishoff

©2013 Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana (Soo-tam-ah) Keeper of the Symphonies of Grace
Permission is given to share this message as long as the message is posted in its entirety and nothing has been changed, or altered in any way and Scribe’s credit, copyright and website is included. * Thank you for including the above website link when posting this message. *

Message from The Arcturians
Channeled by Marilyn Raffaelle 5/5/13
May 6, 2013
Greetings dear ones. We come today to tell you of the many changes we see happening in your world. Light energy is increasing each day which in turn is exposing much that has been kept hidden for years. Do not despair if you do not see these changes yourselves because your news is not reporting to you that which we see. What we see has to do with energy–souls awakening and planetary consciousness lifting to new and higher levels. This in turn is allowing people to see where and how they are being used and lied to by those that would keep the world in the old ways for personal profit. This is how change happens.

Evolution manifests in the small events of daily life–a smile to or from a stranger, comfort to someone suffering loss, or the recognition of another’s true identity even if they are unaware of it. Learn to live in compassion dear ones, not in sympathy for in sympathy you align yourself with the lower energies that the other is suffering from. This is an important point for those of you who work with people in some capacity.

Be not afraid for you are doing the work. Try very hard not hold concepts of how your world should appear, for concepts are simply three dimensional mind formed ideas reflecting an individual’s belief system. Try not to force things into how you think they should be, but allow them to unfold while standing back in truth as an observer knowing that all is proceeding according to plan for yourselves and for the world. Learn to trust dear ones, for once you have decided to spiritually grow, you are being guided.

The Arcturian Group wishes to talk about Oneness. You may say, we always talk about Oneness but we reply that we must emphasize the truth of Oneness because it is the basic truth upon which all change will take place. Until mankind can understand that there is only “One” (one mind, one life, one intelligence, one reality) manifesting Itself in infinite form and variety, there will always be that sense of separation holding man in bondage to the false sense of duality and separation.

You see, all are in and of the “One” for it is all there is. With this awareness there would be no wars, no thievery, no murders, no anger or lower resonating emotions all of which arise from a belief in separation. When mankind realizes that there is only “One,” he will see that all have the same opportunity to experience the gifts embodied within that “One.” No one has been given more than another for there is only the “One.” It the individual state of consciousness that determines how much of that “One” will manifest. Journeys through lifetimes–some easy and many difficult were carefully chosen by every soul as necessary experiences leading to this awareness of “One” and you are ready for this awareness now.

Everything is connected within the One–the crystal/mineral kingdom, the plant kingdom, the animal kingdom, the devic/elemental/nature spirit kingdom, and all human as well as galactic beings. There is only “One” and it is continually manifesting itself and cannot be separated from its own qualities which is why these qualities are held in place and governed infinitely by spiritual law. These unchanging and permanent qualities of intelligence, wisdom, abundance, wholeness, completeness etc. etc. and are yours by virtue of your Divine sonship but only manifest according to the conditioning of your state of consciousness.

If you fully believe you are separate from all other living things, then the Divine idea of Oneness will manifest in your experience as relationships that reflect this. The “One” never changes, but any false belief held in consciousness will manifest outwardly. Examine your experiences dear ones, for they will guide you to what you still hold within your consciousness.

The job of the evolutionary process is to move every soul into an awareness of the truth of “One.” Truth appears when an individual is ready simply as a new idea that seems to resonate. The awakening soul ponders and thinks upon this new idea and begins to practice it in daily life. Gradually the truth integrates and become the individual’s state of consciousness. Evolution is an unfolding process dear ones, one cannot say; “I got it!” and then expect everything to suddenly change. It is not a matter of intellectual knowledge, it is the actual integration of these truths until they become “You.” That is why many refer to old souls (evolved through many lifetimes) versus new souls (just beginning to learn).

Over lifetimes of living in duality and separation, you have accumulated lower resonating energies which have been stored within your physical, emotional, and mental bodies. These need to be cleared for they cannot go with you into the higher dimensional energies that you moving in to. This is what you are doing now–releasing these old and toxic energies carried in ignorance from lifetime to lifetime and which have held you in bondage to many of the issues you deal with in daily life.

As these clearings take place unpleasantness may surface and you may think you are going backwards in your spiritual progress. No dear ones, it is just the opposite, you have reached that place in your journey where you are now evolved enough to let go of that which is old and finished. You are releasing all that you have dragged with you from lifetime to lifetime when you did not have enough awareness to understand that these old and dense energies were holding you back. You have come to the place of finally being ready to do this difficult work, and you are doing it beautifully so do not see the painful issues of your lives as some sort of failure but as signs that you are graduating. Be aware that some clearing is taking place in the dream state so if you have troubling dreams know that you are most likely releasing the energy of some past life experience.

It is important that you let go of all concepts of how clearing, evolution, or ascension should look–for yourselves or for the world. Release any and all concepts or comparison of your journey versus another’s’ for all have had different lifetimes with varying experiences leading to whatever personal issues need to be looked at, released, and moved beyond.

It is time to let go of your concepts dear ones, for concepts hold you in bondage to a belief system that is more often than not false .

Rest in your realization of One.

We are the Arcturian Group

©2013 | Cedar, MI 49621 *
Marilyn Raffaelle

I live in beautiful northern Michigan close to Sleeping Bear National Park and have been on a spiritual journey my entire life.

I began meditating and searching more deeply in the late 60s. and after many side journeys was led to and began working with the mystical principles presented in Joel S. Goldsmith’s “Infinite Way” material. These deeply mystical teachings moved me into an increasingly intense desire to more deeply understand and bring together in practice the many world teachings, modalities of healing, and myths. This in turn led to a series of intense inner shifts (not all so pleasant) and an ability to communicate with my guides and other Teachers of Light.

I have studied many healing modalities and work as a channel for personal readings but my main interest and focus is to help others awaken into a deeper realization of their innate perfection and reasons for being here.

I was asked by the Arcturians who are my guides, to start a web site which would allow them get their messages of Love and Light out to the world at this very important time. ** * *

Atonement and the Unified Field
by Normand Bourque 5/2/13
May 6, 2013
“God said: I am a memory, a memory re-enlivened, and yet I am an experience, a renewed experience of Oneness. As We become reunited, you begin to fall in love again. Your heart swells, and, perhaps, unbeknownst to you, you are dwelling in a land of love where the demarcations are faded and where My love pulses. Who needs memories to go around the block in? I remember you vividly. Remember Me.” *

“The war against yourself was undertaken to teach the Son of God that he is not himself, and not his Father’s Son. For this, the memory of his Father must be forgotten. It is forgotten in the body’s life, and if you think you are a body, you will believe you have forgotten it. Yet truth can never be forgotten by itself, and you have not forgotten what you are. Only a strange illusion of yourself, a wish to triumph over what you are, remembers not.” A Course in Miracles 23-1
The mirroring effect of the ego

We are now well aware of the ego but it seems difficult to replace it with something else because we are more aware of our unshared identity than we are aware of our shared one.
Indeed, the ego, virtually located in the split mind, can be defined as an unshared identity. Yet an unshared identity is not a real identity, because it has to reference to itself without any coherent and significant meaning since it did not create itself although it pretends it did. It is an error, a mistaken identity. We usually say that error is human but it would be more accurate to say that errors are of the ego and the only way to correct ego’s errors is to relinquish the ego altogether with its errors. Ego is by itself an error. That is what we need to be corrected, healed, atoned from. It is the insane part of our mind that needs to be corrected.

Ego is always wrong, no matter what it makes us say or do but very often we don’t see it and we believe the ego is right. This is because the ego — which is the distorted part of our mind and not an external entity that manipulates us — uses a system of mirrors to trick us or delude us. Like the cat in front of the mirror, the ego sees the reflection of itself in the mirror as somebody else standing behind the mirror.

This mirroring illusion is generated by judgment. A judgment is based on an evaluation because the ego has to set itself in the first position (positive or negative position) as the reference from which the evaluation will be made. The ego cannot put an equal sign between itself and the seeming other. Only + or – on a graduated scale. Judgment is only conceivable within an identity that doesn’t want to be shared. Judgment is itself the negation of sharing. It is what shows the law of oneself as if the personal self established the laws of the world. It is fundamentally believing that we created ourself. When we judge any person, we see what this person is not in his/her true reality and not only can we not know a person we judge but we cannot know ourself because we see the other person wrongly.

Ego feeds itself on errors and it is good at pointing the other’s ego errors. But since ego cannot share anything, then the pointing of errors must be reflected towards itself. Plainly said, pointing the other’s errors is seeing them through our own errors. How could it be otherwise since ego negates communication? God does not see errors because He does not perceive them, He only knows Truth which leaves no room to error because Truth has no opposites.

Then, how are we to react when somebody behaves insanely, when somebody seems to have committed a so-called error? If we put aside juridical and social considerations and stay focused on the idea of shared and unshared identity, we have to “correct” our perception of the other’s ego by perceiving the sanity in the other and leave aside his ego. By perceiving the other’s errors as real and accepting them as such, we are also considering our errors as real and accepting them as such. This is to say that by condemning the other we are condemning ourself.

One way to correct the misperception of errors is to acknowledge that errors are not the essence of us nor the essence of the other because they belong to an identity which is a fake. If we tend to condemn ourself as well as the other it is because we have a tendency to look on everything with condemnation. And what hides behind condemnation if not the multiple faces of guilt?

But if we have to put a price tag on correction, the price to pay is to trust God when He says that all His children were created equal and without errors. But we are often torn apart between the perceived righteousness of our personal judgment on the other’s insane mind and the equanimity and equality of God’s evaluation of our undivided and totally shared identities and His total ignorance of unshared identities. To trust God is to unconditionally accept that we are equal because the only real identity we have is a shared identity (see Blog # 4 : “Peace Begins With Me: Ho’oponopono and Self Identity). Beyond any seeming differences, we are all same because we are One. This seems the most difficult aspect to understand in unconditional love. Love is the acknowledgment of equality, not the emotional love we feel for somebody we like for whatever personal reasons and preferences. To recognize equality, we have to look beyond error from the beginning: this is forgiveness, another aspect of unconditional love. Equality has no preference while ego has only preferences. The ego feels threatened by equality because equality and sharing mean its death. So ego feels threatened by love. That is why it is said to love our enemy because beyond the seeming enemy, it is ourself that we must see in our shared identity. In reality, what is not real cannot die, and all that is real is eternal. So if ego is not real, it cannot die.

Changing our mind about our mind.

This is where resides correction or atonement. We have to correct the belief that we are separate identities or unshared identities or that our identities are outside of us. This requires that we change our mind about our mind. There is no contradiction between the fact that our mind was created changeless, that we cannot change what God has created, and the fact that we think we have changed our mind when we decided to learn through the ego instead of knowing through the Truth. Changing our mind about our mind is a very powerful device. It makes the difference between thinking that the world is as it is and unchangeable and knowing that the sane mind has the power to change the world.
But the plan of correction cannot be put into our hands because we don’t know really what a shared identity is or we have forgotten it. In fact, it is our limited ideas about what we are that is the source of all errors we make. The system of mirrors of ego has to be undone and we need help for that.

And God, responding to His son’s will for separation, created a universe which contained all the necessary mechanisms to correct the son’s self-created mistaken identity. The instant separation traversed God’s son’s mind, God had already conceived the plan for his atonement. Because without the experience of error, there is no need for correction.
Ultimately, what is a human? A human is a shared identity created by God with an hiatus of unshared identity fabricated by ego. Correct or relinquish the ego hiatus and what you get is an angel bringing heaven on earth.

The shared identity and the unified field.

An identity has to be eternal otherwise it is meaningless. And in twoness, no real identity can exist. Identity can only exist in oneness. Hence its sharing is its reality.
In the relative world, what prevents us from recognizing each other as one is the separation or space that seems to exist between each other’s bodies. But the dividing space between the bodies we perceive in the physical world is just an expression of the limited ideas we have about ourself and the others. This space which is used to establish boundaries, divisions is not really an empty space.

The concept of the unified field or point zero field in quantum physics is presenting convincing hints about the universe and all it contains as a shared identity. It could be a symbol of the atonement conceived by oneness.

Without getting into the technical details, here are some statements rising from the new physics that can help our understanding of what a shared identity is (for a comprehensive view of the unified field: Lynne McTaggart, The Field, Harper Collins Publishers Inc.) :

• what we perceive as “space” between things is a continuous field of microscopic vibrations that carry information between everything that exists. It is an inexhaustible ocean of energy;

• what we used to consider very personal or individual processes like thoughts, feelings or other superior cognitive processes like consciousness are not necessarily taking place “in” the brain and the body. They are vibrations that interact between the quantum ocean and our brains and bodies;

• there is a manifestation of life that we can call collective consciousness circulating constantly in the universe;

• we form an inseparable unity with all the rest of the universe. We are deeply interdependent as each center of energy influences the whole and is influenced by the whole;

• consciousness must exists outside the boundaries of our body. While we used to think that our brain and our DNA were the conductors of the individual body, they are more likely transducers of the quantum information emanating from the universal field. They transmit, capture and ultimately interpret this quantum information;

• the universal field is like an invisible grid that connects everything. It is a good representation of love as the universal connector.

• it becomes more and more difficult to make a clear distinction between mind and matter. An electron can have the double nature of being a wave function or a particule (like a billiard ball). When, for example, an electron jumps from one energetic state to another, it seems like this electron is “testing” all the possible orbits at the same time, just like a child who would want to taste all the candies in a candy store before definitely choosing the one he wants. While the choice is not made, that is not localized, it seems that matter is just a wave function and when a choice is made, the wave becomes “localized” and appears as a particle of matter;

• at a sub-atomic level an individual entity is transitory and intangible. Particles can’t be separated from the spatial vacuum that surrounds them. Einstein recognized that matter, as intense as it could get, was a perturbation of perfect randomness and that the only fundamental reality was the quantum field itself. Could we also say that the personal identity is transitory and intangible and that the only fundamental reality is the quantum field of our shared identity?

• at the atomic level, any moving electron carrying an electric charge would at a certain time exhaust its energy and spirally collapse in the nucleus of the atom. What maintains an electron into its orbit is not gravity (like planets around the sun). What prevents the electron from collapsing into the nucleus is the fact that it possesses at the same time the characteristics of a wave (vibration) and of a particle. It must possess a signature vibration which is recorded in the quantum field so it is never lost;

• electromagnetic waves are light vibrations that not only carry information but that encode information as well. When two waves collide through constructive or destructive interference, each wave contains information on the other wave as encoded energy. Through the mechanism of interference, information is constantly accumulated in the universe. The quantum field then becomes a huge central memory of all of what is happening in the universe. What is recorded in this Akashic memory is more an electronic signature or plan of each form (a morphic field) rather than the cumulation of information itself. Homeopathy is a good illustration of the electronic signature of a molecule through infinitesimal dilution;

• is there such a thing as influence at a distance without any physical contact or use of a force? Can an entity cause an effect on another entity at a distance? This would require that each element of the universe be instantly in contact with any other element, no matter the space/time distance.

• in quantum physics, the coherence principle states that subatomic particles are capable of cooperating. The subatomic waves or particles not only ‘know’ that the other waves or particles are there but they are also tightly linked to one another by stripes of common electromagnetic fields. They are like tuning forks that start to vibrate at unison. It is like if they become one giant subatomic wave or particle. What we do to one particle affects all the others.

• in the cell division of a fertilized ovule, each cell “knows” its own structure or electromagnetic signature that will allow it to behave in a specific way to accomplish its specific function at a specific moment of growth of the embryo. But each of these cells contains the same chromosomes and the same genetic information. So how can each cell know how to behave differently according to the function it is supposed to fulfill? The plan seems to reside into the shared identity of the quantum field;

• holography, which functions according to the quantum laws, has demonstrated that memory is not localized in a particular area of the brain but is “distributed” everywhere, each part containing the whole.

Real communication can be established only through coherence which is cooperation, which is sharing. Hence an unshared identity cannot be coherent and can only disrupt the harmony of the universe. It is a broken tuning fork. We have to change our mind about the mind. We have only one real identity and this identity is coherently cooperative.

Normand Bourque

This blog is about exploring the possibilities of thinking with what we are rather than thinking about what we can do. * *
P.S. For the simple purpose of relative orientation in this 3-D world, my name is Normand Bourque, born in Montréal, Québec, Canada in 1947. Studies and teaching in Anthropology, then consultant in information technology until 2002. Live presently in Perth, Western Australia. Retired, I work as a French translator and collaborator for the Heavenletters™ website and work on a web project on the etymology of languages derived from Indo-European. *

Archangel Michael discusses vasanas;
how to recognize and remove them
Channeled by Linda Dillon 04-29-13
May 6, 2013
vasana is a behavior, a belief, a reaction, never of love, based in the history of the individual, in the history of their mind, of their psyche, of their conscious or subconscious or unconscious, or that has been carried forward as bleed-through from another life, from other worlds, particularly from the time of the intergalactic wars.

Geoffrey West: Greetings and blessings to all. Welcome to another Hour with an Angel, with Linda Dillon, channel for the Council of Love and author of the book The Great Awakening.

Joining her this evening is Steve Beckow, founder of the website Golden Age of Gaia dot com and author of Building Nova Gaia: Towards an Earth that Works for Everyone.

I’m Geoffrey West, sitting in for Graham Dewyea this evening. I invite you to bring in Archangel Michael’s blue flame of truth and peace as we welcome Michael back again this evening. Michael will be covering issues relating to vasanas and the constructed self.
With that, I turn things over to you, Steve.

Steve Beckow: Thank you very much, Geoffrey, and welcome Archangel Michael.
Archangel Michael: And welcome to each and every one of you, my beloved friends. I am Michael, archangel of peace, warrior of love, bringer of news. And it is my joy, as always, to be here. And it is my joy to see so many of you lighting up with the blue flame of truth, igniting it within your heart and allowing it to suffuse your mind, your will, your physicality and your entire being.

The topic that you have chosen, vasanas and the constructed self, is a topic whose time is due, which is why, of course, it is being brought forward — not only for the individuals, not only for each of you, my dear friends, but for the collective as well. For there are individual vasanas, but there are also vasanas of humanity, triggers, belief systems, false grids that have translated into behaviors, actions, ways of being, that are not only not of love, but that are of disillusion; that are not correct or have any place in reality, either individually or collectively.

So it is a gift to each of your hearts, your minds and your beings that we speak of this subject, so that each of you may release and begin this process of release, of discovering and rediscovering the truth of who you are, which is not limited, or delimited, by history, by illusion, and by fear.

So, my beloved friend, Steve, where do you wish to begin today?

SB: Well, Lord, I’m very excited about this discussion. And perhaps we could begin by your explaining to the listener what is meant by a vasana, and then perhaps making the distinction between what you just called a vasana for an individual and a vasana for the human population, or the world.

AAM: A vasana is a behavior, a belief, a reaction, never of love — defensive, yes, but not of truth, that is, in general — and that is a difficult thing for an archangel to say! — but in general that it is based in the history of the individual, in the history of their mind, of their psyche, of their conscious or subconscious or unconscious, or that has been carried forward as bleed-through from another life, sometimes a life so long ago that it simply lives in the shadows of history. And for some of you even those vasanas, those obstacles to who you really are, are not even based on your experience on Earth, but elsewhere.

It would be incorrect for any of you to think or believe that a vasana is only an Earth-based reality. You can carry it — in fact, many of you do — carry vasanas from other worlds, particularly from the time of the intergalactic wars.

It is a belief, and I suggest to you it is a false belief, but it is one that you hold as true, consciously or unconsciously — yes, what the channel refers to as false grids; it is the same thing — that prevents you, or encourages and supports you in behaving in a reactive rather than a proactive, free-will manner.

Now, you say to me, “Dear Michael, we have been talking about the blossoming of free will, about the alignment of individual choice, decisions, with the divine. And that is why I say to you this day is that this conversation is timely. Because what the vasana does is it acts as a preventer from truly aligning with what your heart and your real being, your soul-self, desires. It divorces you from the truth of who you are.

And so what you do is you fall into patterns of behavior and action, and in some realm of limited creation and co-creation, that is reflective and reinforcing of that false belief, that hurt, that pain.

Now, we are not talking or discussing about a minor injury. We are talking about an event or a situation that has been so pervasive or so painfully traumatic that it has resulted in you basically putting up a shield. And while you have believed it is a shield of protection, it is in fact a shield that separates you. And it separates you, my friends, not only from each other and from us, but from yourself.

So, vasanas are, by their very nature, tragic; not sad, but tragic. So let us give you some examples so that each of you can relate to this. In a current life, it may be that you were raised in a very abusive — sexually, mentally, emotionally, physically, abusive environment; that you came into a family that did not love you, cherish you, nurture you or even want you. Now, how this has translated is into an issue of that love is not real, or that somehow you are lacking. So then you become a person who is always trying to either prove themselves, to discover your self-worth.

But more likely what you do is you begin to defend yourself against situations that might be construed, that are supposed to be, in your idea, that are supposed to be loving, but that you know, instinctively, because of the vasana, that you know it will be painful.

Perhaps you have had disability, or great injury, physical pain. And so the belief emerges is that life is painful, that joy is evasive and perhaps not even possible, that hope is an illusion, that movement and creation of a different form of being in physicality is not possible. Perhaps you have been in a love relationship, or relationships, where your heart has been broken, time after time after time. And, my friends, that is even possible within the framework of one relationship, because there are times when this belief, this vasana, comes to the fore and you say, “Well, love is not supposed to be sharing and joyful and mutual; love is painful and hurtful and controlling and greedy.” And so what you do is you develop defensive behaviors.

Now, when we discuss this, this night, it is important, my friends, and in this case my children, that you not be defensive, that you keep your heart wide open to not only hear what I say to thee, but also to receive what I give you this night, and that is the expansion of truth and the healing of love.

Now, there are also situations, as we say, they may be in the shadows of history. Perhaps you have always been in a situation of authority and so you carry the vasana of superiority, that you think from an ego place that somehow you are in charge not only of yourself but of others and of the planet. You have seen in history how awry that can go.
So, these are beliefs and situations that you have carried forward as illusions, but illusions to protect yourself. But in fact they do exactly the opposite. As we say, they separate you. They reinforce that feeling of separation, of lack of self-worth and self-love. And it always results in your feeling less-than, even though the behavior and the reactive behavior becomes automatic and reinforced and reinforced, until you think, “Well, that’s just the way I am.” Well, dear heart, it is not just the way you are. It is the illusion, and the false illusion, of who you think you are. But your heart knows the truth of your divinity, of your divine spark of One.

So, even when you are in, shall we say, the thick of a vasana there is still this part of you, perhaps only wishing, “I wish it could be different,” and that is your heart, your soul, your universal self, beckoning to you to let go of this issue, of this barrier that has been created.
Now, in terms of collective vasanas, there are some collective human collective vasanas that are also in the process of being addressed and removed, let go of. Such things — and you know that I am the archangel of peace — such as the collective belief in the essential rightness of war. There is a subtle belief that it is a good-versus-evil process to engage in war. There is an overriding sense of righteousness. And there is an overriding sense of ‘must.’ And so it is what we would refer to as negative creation.

And these are the kind of collective vasanas that have been very destructive and in fact have been the downfall of humanity and of the old 3rd dimension. Fortunately, they are being eliminated.

Another example of that would be the belief in the goodness of money. Now, this is a vasana of greed. It is a vasana that believes that somehow if you have wealth that you are essentially favored and good, and that you are in a preferred position not only vis-à-vis society, but vis-à-vis God, Source, One; that He/She has smiled on you because you are in a position to create.

But with that belief is also too often the collective belief that somehow the maintenance of wealth — which we would call greed, which we would call control — is somehow worthy, so that in your heart and your mind it justifies very abusive behavior.

Now, it is not that there is any divine restriction on abundance. Let us be very clear about that. It is the birthright of all to be abundant in every meaning and sense of the word. But to believe that you have abundance and money in order to control is complete illusion, that somehow it will justify cruelty and abuse of power, and that somehow you are entitled to do that because it is necessary to preserve your favored position — and that is a collective belief — is incorrect.

Now, these are being dissolved, destroyed, eliminated. But, my sweet friends, as you have decided that you are powerful creators, as you have looked in the mirror and declared yourselves part of the elimination… in fact a very large part of that elimination is the work that you do. And it is possible, for as you are releasing a vasana, whether it is current or ancient — and actually there are very few current vasanas that do not have reference points in other lifetimes — you also have the capacity to remove it for the collective as well.
Now, having said that, there are also vasanas that can be very positive. So, let us return to this issue of abundance. And if you are of the belief that abundance is yours, and that there is no situation in which abundance is not yours, not from a place of control or greed, but as a knowing of a universal, infinite ability to simply access, then this is a positive use of a vasana. And so one of the things you are also doing, in this process of elimination there are situations where you will be transmuting your vasana into the, shall we say, the positive side of the scale.

Each of you, unless you have reached the place of absolute clearing, of divine union, of what you think of as full Ascension, have these issues called vasanas. But the key with vasana is not to hoard them as if they are the crown jewels, and never to harshly judge, but rather to acknowledge, and to acknowledge from the place of self-worth and self-love, and the acknowledgment that just perhaps what you are feeling, what you are thinking, this reactive behavior is not only not of truth, but it is not what you want, and it is barring you from truly entering into a place of love and joy with your sacred self, with each other, with your community and with your planet. So it is the willingness to begin.

Now, dear hearts, I know, you say to me, “Michael, please, we have been clearing and clearing and clearing, and adjusting and suffering through Ascension symptoms, and working with the collective, and preparing for Nova Earth, and now you are saying to me, there is more?”

Dear heart, first of all, there is always more. But I do not mean that in what you would think of as a negative, defeatist way. There is always more joy, more love, more self-worth, more fulfillment, more creation, for you to have, for you to enjoy, for you to embrace.
Now, for… especially for you who listen this night or thereafter, and who have been so diligent in your work, you are truly at a place of your core vasanas. And this is good news, because it is also a piece, a very significant piece, of the fulfillment of your Ascension process.

Now, you say to me, “Well, can I not simply pop up into the 5th dimension, of which I am already having many experiences, and let me be there? because in that reality and dimension there are no vasanas, there is a sense of grace and purity.” I am sorry, dear hearts, it does not work that way. Many times, and many of us have said, part of your Ascension is making peace with the 3rd, with the old 3rd, so that it can be completely eliminated and gone, not part of who you are. So this is the giant step, and this is part of going through the portal.

And then you say to me, “But, Michael, can you not with Raphael or St. Germain simply heal me of this burden?” Well, the answer is yes. We can remove many false grids, and we can help to heal the vasanas. But you, you are spiritually and emotionally mature. And so it is a far better path, particularly for you as wayshowers, as pillars, as gatekeepers, to do this with us.

Will we be in full attendance? Yes. But it is you relinquishing the illusions that have bound you. You are rising like Prometheus, like the phoenix, releasing the cords and the illusions that have limited you. And you are, in so doing, you are declaring yourself as love and as worthy and as not just accepting of joy, but joy itself.

Now, is this a rapid process? Yes, it can be. But also know, let us speak about this, around the vasana there have been many constructs, many layers that have been put in place, by you, sweet angels, to support and defend yourselves in what you have believed to be a dangerous place, a dangerous world — yes, Gaia, who defends you, who feeds you, who protects you and houses you. You have believed on some level that this is a very dangerous place. So you have erected personas, behaviors. This is a reference to the constructed self.
So rather than allowing your true self, your divine self, to shine through and to be the, umm, can we say the primary operator of your life, the primary motivator, creator of your life, what you have done in this self-defensive mechanism that you may not even be aware of is you have erected these behaviors.

And let us suggest you say to me, “How do we know these behaviors? How do we recognize them?” Well, I will tell you. They are never pretty. They are not loving. They are authoritarian. They are not of equality, unity, balance, connectedness. They are not of love. And so often what we hear when we witness these types of behaviors or actions is you think that you are doing it — because it is usually interactive — doing it for someone’s own good, because they need to learn something, because you need to protect yourself, that they need to grow up and see the truth. All of these things are simply the faces that you have adopted so that you do not have to feel that pain, that suffering and that original insecurity, that injury, that vasana. You do not need to do this. So part of this clearing is also a self-reflective examination of how you behave.

Now, we have taken a great deal of time, and air time, to speak of divine qualities. And certainly, on our platform, we have given attention to this because it is important, it is who you are, and it is how you live in the higher dimensions, the different realms. So you begin to examine, “What are these false grids or shields that I have erected?”

Now, what does this imply? What it implies, my dear friends, is community and unity, because it is not only you doing your own internal work, clearing, letting go, with us, but it is also you giving passive and actual permission to each other, in community, and community of heart, of higher consciousness, of heart consciousness, to call each other on such falsehoods, and to be able to say how you are speaking, behaving, reacting — and this is a key, reactive behavior, kneejerk reactions — how you are reacting does not feel, does not reflect the essence of who you are, it does not reflect the love that I know you to be.
So, can we halt this? Can you go within and access the vasana? Do you need help? And the willingness to truly be in heart-to-heart communication, not from a place, ever, of judgment or criticism or punishment, but in a place of willingness to connect, communicate, and expand on a very different level.

And I know it is not only part of the Mother’s plan that these vasanas be eliminated, it is part of your plan. It is part of what you have always wished for, desired, prayed for. In this lifetime it has been exceptional for each one of you. We have told you, you have come here in your mastery.

Now, what does that mean? It means these little blips — because that’s what it is — these little blips, these little blemishes, have need to be cleaned up. You have brought the fullness of your soul design, your talents, your abilities, to this lifetime, in physicality, in your expanded self. Now, in doing that, you also brought unresolved vasanas. Is this the end of the world? No, it is the beginning. And I know you are ready to address this.

My friends, my brothers and sisters, I know your heart, and I know your willingness, I know your eagerness to go forward, once and for all. Now, I have gone on and on. I return this to you, dear Steve.

SB: Well, you — you may have gone on and on, Lord, but in fact you asked the questions I have on my sheet, which often happens. Let me just say that at ten to the hour, so that’s in nine minutes, I’d like to ask you a few questions about the re-valuation and the Boston Marathon bombings. Now, do you have your Rolex on, or do you need me to come on and give you a reminder? [laugh] That’s a joke.

AAM: You will interject.

SB: But what I’d like to ask you — [laugh] I will interject. Okay, thank you. So, you’ve answered such questions as how do we know that the vasana’s gone off, and how do we know we’re in the grip of a vasana. But what I notice about myself, when a vasana goes off for me, it goes off initially, it erupts. I… I’m kind of crazy, but there’s a gap. It could be as much as a week before it really explodes and I absolutely get it.

Now, when I want to work with a vasana, it doesn’t work for me to project it onto another person. That just energizes it. But to be with it and experience it and let it fill me up and get the message of it, and then an insight arises and I see what it’s all about.
Can you talk a bit about the ways to work with vasanas, the ways to eradicate them? Are there any ways to really clear ourselves of vasanas as and when they go off?

AAM: Yes, and you are correct insofar as vasanas are triggered. That is why we speak of reactive behavior. And you are quite correct as well — it is like a volcano that gives off a shoot of steam, warning everybody in the vicinity of the village, “Look out!” And then it tends to simmer. And then it will explode, and heaven, literally, help anyone who is in the way of that explosion.

And you have all witnessed this, not simply you, dear Steve. But there is a point at which you know that something — you may not know exactly what — but that a vasana is being triggered, because the reaction, the defensive reaction, is so strong. And it is not simply started, shall we say, by someone who is an enemy, someone you disagree with. It can be your best and dearest friend, your partner, a situation on the planet. But you know, because not only is your heart hurting, but your stomach and your hara and even your root, are churning.

So it is this sense of unease, dis-ease. And that of course is the root — that is another discussion — but that is the root of so much physical dis-ease on your planet. It is unresolved vasanas.

Now, you do not need to go into full eruption. If you can begin, as you have, to identify that it is a vasana coming up, and simply go quiet. That is the key. Go into your heart, anchor in the heart of the Mother, anchor in the heart of Gaia, so that you feel, literally, stabilized, and examine — and nothing is too farfetched. So often you tend to think of humans, “That is my imagination.” Well, in this type of situation, it isn’t. It is information your body, mind, and soul, spirit, are giving you, so that you can let it go, so that you can place it within context and understand, “Why am I feeling this way?” Because it is never comfortable. Never.

And that is why so many people on your planet tend to say, “Oh, I am driven.” Well, they are driven because they will not slow down and allow the vasana to come to the surface and release it — because it spells great relief. And that is how you know. You invoke, you call upon us, the divine qualities, the universal laws, which Sanat has talked about just last week. You may call upon the laws, you may call upon a friend, a human friend, to help you process, to talk it through, to allow the emotion — because this is about your mental, emotional bodies — to allow the fear, the anger, the pain to come to the surface so that it can be washed away.

You can use Archangel Gabrielle’s rain of gold, my blue flame, Archangel Raphael’s emerald flame, St. Germaine’s violet flame, but the key is, in one way or another, is to torch it, to burn it, and to let it go until there… even the ashes are no longer, because it does not belong within thee. It is not the truth of who you are.

SB: Right. If I could intervene here, when we source a vasana, when we complete a vasana with a friend, then hopefully that friend can listen, rather than advising or counseling or fixing us. That’s most useful. And also what often confuses me about whether a vasana has gone off or not is that often I think I’m standing on principle, you know, “No, no, no, this is a principled stand.” And of course it’s not. Once I see the vasana behind it, once I become aware that it’s simply a vasana going off, then the principled stand — you know, and I source the vasana, I get to the bottom of it — then the principled stand usually disappears, so….

Now, it is 8:49, so perhaps we could switch over to two topics that I’ve been asked to ask you about, and maybe we could return to this discussion next week, because there’s lots more to talk about, including the derivation of the constructed self…

AAM: Yes, it would be meaningful and allow people to process…

SB: … how to come out of the constructed self….

AAM: …and allow them to think about what we have talked about. So, yes. Now you may continue.

SB: All right. Okay. Thank you. So I have four questions. And I’ll mention them to you now, and you can answer them in the time remaining as you would like.
One is, any progress report on the re-valuation of the Iraqi dinar?
The next one is, in terms of the investigation of the Boston Marathon bombings, are the authorities zeroing in on the real suspects, or are they just choosing whomever they like and trying to make scapegoats and what have you?
The next question is, is the landing gear that was found in New York a real thing, or is it a set-up job?
And finally, if you would address the question of demonizing Muslims for all of this when it seems to me Muslims have nothing to do with it.
Those are my four questions of you.

AAM: Let us begin with the last first, because we are talking about a very dark vasana. And it goes back to what I was saying about this collective belief in the validity of war. War is not simply about soldiers and missiles and guns and airplanes. It is about hatred. And in what reality do any of you ever feel that hatred can be justified? It is the antithesis of the Mother/Father/One. It is the antithesis of love. And even if it was a conspiracy — and we are not suggesting that the Boston Marathon explosion was a conspiracy, let us be very clear about that — it would still never justify…

SB: Not a government conspiracy ….

AAM: … the demonizing, as you have put it, of an entire population. That is the vasana that seeks to put you in the right. And as you have said, one of the key components of a vasana is that immediate reaction in thinking that you are right! And it is self-righteousness, and it is not acceptable in any realm.
Now, the totality of the, hmm, back story of what has occurred with the Boston Marathon and that tragedy has not fully come to light. But we have been clear with you, previously, when we have said that this is a domestic, what you think of as domestic terrorism. That would be… putting it on those who are Muslim would be like saying, “Well, their grandfather came from Germany 40 years ago, so they must be a Nazi.” This is absurd.
When people lose their way and believe that violence is an answer, it is an indicator not only to you but to all of us of how awry things have gone. Now, we also encourage you — yes, we are not Pollyanna’s, as you would put it — but we encourage you to look at the positive outcome of such violence, because violence in your society, whether it is a war, man against women, rape, it has to cease. It cannot continue to exist.
Now, the re-valuation of the dinar is related to all of this. It is not just a financial decision. It is a world coming together to halt economic war and it is a world coming together to re-value. And we have said to you that currency would continue to exist for some time after the shift, a few years perhaps, but we never said that it would exist in the same way that is currently available to you. So this re-valuation is already underway. And we do not mean soon, we mean this quite literally. So, for this rebalancing …

SB: Oh, I’m not…

AAM: … it is rebalancing of abundance for many. Yes, go ahead.

SB: Lord, I’m not clear what you’re saying right now. Sorry. You said, you said it’s not coming soon. Could you just clarify….? Now I don’t know…

AAM: You always [ ? ] [ ? ] …
SB: … whether it is coming soon, or it’s coming sooner than soon, or…

AAM: I was making a joke.

SB: Sorry?

AAM: Because when we say “soon,” you shake your head…

SB: Oh, you were? [laugh]

AAM: … and your shoulders go down and you say, “Oh, no, not another soon!”

SB: Yeah!

AAM: So what I say to you is that it is already underway.

SB: Uh-huh. Not another soon. But you know that… [pause?] Oh, okay. Because you remember the jokes that Grener made about the black limousines, and, oh my gosh, how much trouble we got in there! [laugh] So…

AAM: You know that I do not and am not…

SB: … so it’s already underway. Okay, well that … that’s great….

AAM: … meant to give dates. But I tell you, it is already underway. And there are many …

SB: Yes…

AAM: … above and below that are involved in this.

SB: And what about…

AAM: You have been interrupted.

SB: What about the landing gear in New York? Was that a…?

AAM: That is not real…

SB: Excuse me?

AAM: That is not…

SB: What about the landing gear in New York, Lord? It is not real.

AAM: That is not real.

SB: All right. Was it just an attempt to blame Muslims? Was it just an attempt to blame Muslims?

AAM: It is a distraction. It is an attempt to distract people from the real issues at hand. So there are many attempts to discredit and to, yes, to use the old vasana of blame, fault, guilt, shame. But understand, that is the vasana of the perpetrator, not the recipient of the behavior. So, yes, there is a great deal of prejudice.
And it has need to be let go of. Let love be the ruler of Gaia, this day and always. Go in peace. Farewell.

SB: Thank you, Lord. I look forward to continuing our discussion next week. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon 04-29-13
In5D – Ascension Symptoms: DNA Upgrade
May 6, 2013
The following is part of a series on ascension symptoms and is not to be interpreted as medical advice. In this segment, DNA upgrades will be addressed.

The tissue of our bodies is made up of cells. The cells are made up of molecules and this goes on and on until the subatomic level is reached. At the subatomic level, the templates or blueprints are formed for our bodies. The probabilities of what we can do are created at the subatomic level. There are changes being made at this level as the Earth Changes occur and as the axis shift occurs on the planet. These changes are due to occur very soon. During this period of a shift, past types of behavior and past ways of arranging matter will not be available.

At our material level, these changes will appear to be a rearrangement of matter. From a spiritual level however, these changes relate to the growth of planetary awareness. When these changes happen, the forms of life on the planet will change. The very structure of every cell in our bodies is changing. The changes in your body will occur in the body cells as these cells undergo a gentle infusion of new electromagnetic impulses. The structure of energy exchange and energy transfer is being slowly re-wired in the cells, during cellular transformation. This could be the cause of periods of exhaustion as your body goes through radical remodeling and rebuilding. When these changes are observed, “Relax” and move with the changes taking place in your body. After all, you have nothing else to do. You need to spend time in meditation, reading, etc. to relax until the time comes that the changes will eventually stop.

We are building new information into the cells of the body and yet it has been said that these changes are taking place naturally. Some have asked whether this suggests that we can reprogram our own DNA or is this all being done automatically and we don’t get involved in it. The answer is it’s a little bit of both. The cells have been coded for this time in history, prior to the time of human birth. Many people are finding that they are drawn to a certain place or to a certain person. They are finding that being in that environment, whether with that person or in that physical place, is creating a type of trigger, a trigger in the cellular memory. So in this respect, it is happening automatically. We are following our impulses. We are following our natural motion in life to where the body is leading us and who the body is leading us to. This is creating the firing or triggering of new information. There is a type of overlapping and a blending of many processes taking place as these triggers are activated. Then the new information is activated.

This is taking place on a multitude of levels within the body. The more we are in alignment with our body wisdom, the more there is a movement consciously towards that which will trigger that cellular memory and activate the transformation within the DNA. So indeed, you are taking part, it is not to sit back and get onto automatic pilot and everything will happen. To some degree that is so, but also it is the more you are in alignment with these changes consciously, the more you will be the captain of your ship, directing and orchestrating a co-creator of these changes within yourself and within the masses. There are many parts to transformation, it is neither that you are on one side of the fence or another.

What this means in biochemical terms is quite mind blowing. A fundamental renovation is occurring in your house (the body) while you are living in it. Using the analogy of remodeling your home, the workmen strip off the old roof, tear up the old floor, disconnect your old plumbing and turn off your electricity to re-wire the home. This all occurs while you are trying to live there. In the same manner, as your body is undergoing the same «remodeling» you are trying to keep ahead of the changes and you will feel extremely disoriented and inconvenienced as they occur. The changes in your body-house are occurring because your DNA is being restructured.

Your DNA contains within it an old understanding about what it is to be here that is deeply focused in individuality. The DNA has the individualized expression of divinity, the individual I AM, and it has the wholeness. Now you can conceive of both, but can you yet conceive of what it would be like to be keenly aware of yourself as an individual and at the same time know that you are wholeness? That is what you are working on achieving at this time, whether you realize it or not. The potentiality within the DNA is capable of reformatting to allow for these changes.

Universal law provides that the physical form for Divine life expression of a species may be altered or reformatted only by those who dwell therein. This means that the DNA of a species of Earth can only be altered through the creative choice of the consciousness that dwells within the body form. What this means for you is that the human DNA that is responsible for every aspect of your physical presence cannot be altered by other beings, nor can it be changed by you from outside of the physical plane. How do you change your own DNA? To change your DNA and to change your structure you need to change your emotions. You also need to change your thoughts because to do these two things means to change your biochemistry and your brain chemistry. It means headaches and nausea sometimes.

As these changes occur, you will experience dizziness, feelings of spinning and loss of emotional centering. During cellular transformation, your body is a constant flow of discarded proteins and structures. Your cerebrospinal fluid is being filled with discarded mineral deposits. You are literally sloughing off your body and you are rebuilding it. The changes will be very intense and will be very challenging to you during the sloughing off process. You are genetic engineers of the new world species. If you agree with this and you are willing, you must rearrange and rebuild your own DNA. You live in your body and you will change it while you’re living in it. Some people have already begun to do this.
source: link to original article *

There is a rush on as you all work overtime
Channeled by John Smallman 5/3/13
May 6, 2013
Here in the spiritual realms, the realms where form is also possible but seldom availed of, we observe with joy and gratification the tremendous progress humanity is making as it collectively moves towards the grand awakening. Yes, you really are moving most auspiciously and determinedly towards that exciting event, and you cannot fail to reach it. Just continue to intend for humanity to awaken, and continue to hold love for humanity — every human without exception — in your hearts as you practice loving thoughts, words, and actions in your daily lives.

And when you think you have failed, as many of you berate yourselves far too frequently for doing – perhaps for instance because you reacted angrily or self-centeredly – forgive yourselves immediately and remake your intent to be loving at all times. Dwelling with remorse on your apparent failures is an egoic distraction and drains your energy; it is basically an exercise in pursuing and embracing guilt which serves no useful purpose. When a mistake has been made, correct it if possible, and then move on.

You are perfect divine beings having an embodied human experience, which means that you have chosen to experience limitation in knowledge, wisdom, intelligence, compassion, and love. Consequently, you will make errors and do or say things that you later, or instantly, will wish that you had not. Those are just lessons that you have chosen to learn, so note them and move forward. Life in your limited state of consciousness is a little like learning to play a musical instrument: you have to put in lots of practice to reach an adequate stage of competence, and even when you have achieved the standard that pleases you and that you aim to maintain, you still need to practice regularly, and even then you will still make errors. It is no big deal — it is merely life in the illusion.

After many lifetimes on Earth, humanity has collectively chosen this epoch as the one in which it will awaken. There is a rush on as you all work overtime to release the remaining aspects of yourselves that do not serve a divine purpose, and make your final preparations for this grand event. Whenever you feel that life is not flowing smoothly enough, that the stress and anxiety is getting to you, that you are too tired to continue, be aware of those sensations, remind yourselves that where you are is where you have chosen to be for your own highest good, and that you are in fact always and eternally a beloved child of God.
You are just having an unpleasant — terrifying, horrifying, miserable, relentlessly unsatisfactory (choose whatever adjective best suits the way you view your situation) — dream or nightmare which is coming to an end. Then go to your place of inner quiet, that soft, safe space within. Center yourself as best you can and ask your guides for help with the situation so that you can see it more clearly. Add a positive spin to it or look for the humor in it (truly there is always an amusing side to practically any situation if you can stop taking yourselves too seriously), and move courageously and optimistically forwards. You will definitely feel better after doing this.

Remember, you exist eternally within the field of divine Love which embraces all of creation. Consequently, you can engage with it any time you choose to do so, and as a result of the new energies surrounding your planet and supporting each one of you, doing that is now much easier. Re-engaging with it, for those of you who have been temporarily disengaged, is like starting to practice playing your musical instrument again after laying it aside for a while. You have not forgotten how to play it, but you are a bit rusty and have to do extra practice to regain your accustomed and intended competence. Love is your nature, and if you have not been practicing for a while then a little more focus is required. Rest assured that you will, if you ask for it, receive an abundance of help from your guides or anyone in the spiritual realms on whom you wish to call, because our joy is to assist you in your awakening process.

To awaken is the name of the game for all of humanity. The last stages of the game are at hand, and all the players are gathering together to encourage and support one another in these final moments. All over the world awareness of the absolute need to treat everyone with respect, acceptance, compassion, and love is growing exponentially, and signs of that are showing up in the mainstream media. Peaceful demonstrations to raise awareness, to raise consciousness of the plight of the suppressed, of the enslaved (yes, many are still effectively enslaved by unscrupulous and severely damaged “leaders,”) and of the impoverished are occurring with increasing frequency and having a dramatic effect.
For instance the demonstrations against austerity in many countries where it seems that the rich get ever richer and the population pays, are causing the political leaders to step back and reconsider their options. They have many more avenues open to them than they wish to acknowledge because they do not wish to publicize options which, if exercised, would reduce their power and influence. Nevertheless, economic policies that have constantly failed to level the playing field can be discarded and replaced far more easily than the leaders in this field are willing to admit. And that is already happening.
The New Age has most definitely arrived as the new energies revive within each of you the aspects of your true selves with which you were endowed at the moment of creation: compassion, generosity, acceptance, forgiveness, and most of all, the foundation on which those all rest: “Love!” Know that all is well, and give thanks.

Your loving brother,
Messages from an elder brother Jesus. I hope you find them of value. * *

Transmuting Collective Human Consciousness By Channeling Light
Based on the teachings of Guruji Krishnananda
May 6, 2013
Every thought and emotion sends out vibrations. Whether these are constructive or destructive depends on the inherent positive or negative nature of the vibrations. Strong vibrations accumulate into the collective global human consciousness and invisibly influence human behavior. Each one of us lives within the energy field of the collective human consciousness.

The sheer amount of negative vibrations generated by humanity, especially in the last millennia, full of violence, genocide, aggression, corruption, greed, etc. have made the field toxic. Each negative act of non-love and hatred increases the chances of generating more of the same. To break this cycle, humanity has to choose and manifest Love and Light individually and channel Light to cleanse the vibrational pollution of energies. Purging the collective global human consciousness of negative vibrations and increasing positive vibrations will create an environment wherein lasting Peace can thrive.

Channeling Light is the best and the easiest way of purification at the individual, familial, communal as well as the global level. Light works at the sub-grassroots level of energies which precede thought, emotion and action, hence positivizing those who channel Light. As the Light is spread around engulfing the whole world, the ocean of vibrations we live in also gets purified.

Light is the Energy of God, Light is God. It has infinite potential to establish all the Divine Values right here, right now. Using our Freewill we have to request the Divine Power of Light and intend that Light heals each one of us and the world. There is an invisible fraternity of highly advanced Spiritual Masters who have been, and are, working behind the scenes to help humanity overcome its limitations and realize its full potential. Let us take this assistance being provided and shine with Light.

You can contribute to World Peace. Channel Light for seven minutes daily, from anywhere at any time for at least seven minutes or as long as you feel comfortable. Transmute the collective human consciousness into a sacred Ocean of Light.

How to Channel Light

Imagine an ocean of Light above you. Imagine/intend that the Light descends and fills up your body. Then, experience the Love and Peace of the Light for a minute and then, imagine/intend it spreading out gradually to your home, locality, country and the world.

What is Light?

Light is the Creative Intelligence behind the Creation. Light is the formless God. From this

Light, an ocean of Consciousness emerged, and from that this whole Creation. This Light is everywhere in the Creation.

Light is energy. It carries within Itself Love, Wisdom and Energies. This Light is not the physical light. It is very subtle and pervades the higher subtler realms. It can be accessed by thought, Meditation and by extending our Awareness. It can help us in every way at the individual as well as the global levels.

What is Light Channeling?

It is allowing the Light to descend into us by intending and then spreading it around the entire world. Our body transforms the higher frequency of the Light to a grosser level.

How does Channeling Light help?

The vibrations from the Light reach all beings and nature. They carry the energies of Healing, Love, Peace and Positivity. They help Transformation. We will be better human beings. Our world will be a better world.

How does it help the individual?

The quality of our thoughts, emotions and actions improve. Conflicts reduce. Efficiency improves. Our life will be a better one.

Who can channel Light?

Anyone and everyone can channel Light.

Is any preparation required?

No preparation is required; except the desire to change ourselves and the world.

Are there any restrictions?


Guruji Krishnananda

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Message from Sekhmet: I Offer You My Assistance!
by Ute Posegga-Rudel
May 6, 2013

Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright 2013

Dearest friends,

As long as I can remember Lion Beings have been very dear to my heart. And my relationship with Sekhmet is ancient.

If you don’t know who She is: She is a most beautiful Lion Being Goddess from Sirius A. Her Love is extraordinary, incredible warm and full. I always have tears in my eyes when I feel Her presence. Her Wisdom is Cosmic and absolutely other-dimensional. Her Consciousness all-embracing.

Today She asked me whether I would convey Her message to humanity. And of course, I agreed! And this is Sekhmet’s message:

My Beloveds, I AM Sekhmet.

I AM The Protecting Goddess-Force For Those Who Call Upon Me.
I belong to the Mighty Lion Beings and at this special time I Am at service to humanity to assist with your adaptation to the new incoming frequencies your planet is presently receiving. It is Light from the fifth dimension which is now available for all those who can locate these frequencies with their conscious feeling awareness.

I Am here to offer you My Loving assistance with the vastness of my Consciousness to let go of all density in your thoughts and feelings and physical bodies. Merging with My Loving Consciousness, while allowing me to merge with your heart, draws you into the light of the fifth dimension and out of the lower vibrations that the controllers of your world now are feverishly trying to intensify in order to keep you there and to prevent ascension. But if you choose so, with My help these lower energies can no longer hold their grip on you as I offer you to draw you beyond them.

Please accept My help if you feel you need it. Many of you light workers are at this point targeted by the negative forces who don’t want to give up their power over your planet. Who is asking for My protection in this intense battle occurring now on earth will immediately be given support.

The remaining forces of the old world are now increasingly reaching out for your unresolved content. It might be content which you have not yet surrendered to the light. This could be childhood memories, old traumas or shocks which are still sitting unconsciously in your cellular memories, or it could be issues from former life times and any weakness you have not yet overcome.

The controllers are trying to regain influence over you by using their technology to magnify these energies. They hope this would save them their vanishing empire. But do not be afraid! Know that they actually are really serving you, because you can release what becomes conscious to you! With My loving help you can let go of these dense energies, not only in an instant, but also withdraw fully from their domain of influence: you become invisible for them as you leave fully the vibrational dimension of their reality.

So I offer you help to raise your vibration forever, to release what belongs to the frequency of your old world. When you allow this you are doing a great service, not only to yourself and humanity itself, but also for your Sacred Beloved Planet Earth and ultimately, the whole universe!

We are here in this all together! The power of the past is no longer meant to hold territory in your realm. What is necessary now is your full agreement to merge entirely and without restriction with the new higher dimensional light that is pouring into your reality.

If you can do this on your own, I salute you for your accomplishment! But if you need assistance, ask for it! We Are One at Heart and what I Am, is just a still unconscious aspect of Your Divine Self.

Therefore, by calling upon Me as your Ally you are calling upon a mighty Part of Yourself that you have forgotten. To remember It, is the Power that you now require for your victory in this battle.

I Am Here!

Your Loving Lion Being Sekhmet!

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Heavenletter #4546
Snow Melts, Hearts Thaw
May 6, 2013
God said:
What would I like? Nice of you to ask.
What do your mother and father want for you? And what do you want for you?
You want happiness, I know that. I want your happiness.
You want love from all sides, and, most of all, from your own heart. Nothing can beat the love in your own heart. This is supreme happiness, the blossoming of your heart.
Hearts, like flowers, may take their time to blossom. Sometimes it may seem overnight, but blossoming usually comes on tiptoes. Just like spring, suddenly, everything blossoms. Yet, was not the winter preparing the way for the flowers to bloom?
Is not even the cold of snows a blessing to the flowers? Certainly, the snow was nestling itself over the seeds and the roots. The snow covered all as a friend. How connected everything is. And what a lovely mission the cold snow has to cover the percipient blooms.
By the same token, we can say that everything lives within you. Certainly, your heart has been known to be covered with snow, but here’s the thing: Snow melts. Hearts thaw. Your heart is awaiting spring to take over your heart. You are perfectly happy to cooperate. It is your desire that your heart be love, filled with love outpouring. You would love your heart to be a Vesuvius of Love, or so you say. It is not all that easy for you to give up the past in order to welcome the new.
There is still that hanging onto yesteryear and all the paraphernalia of old thinking that hangs on. You know, how you have old clothing that you are not sure you want to let go of. In theory, yes. In theory, you would give up old thinking and old resentments and the thought you are owed something. You would give them up in a minute. Theoretically, you would leap to be done with them only, only, you find you are partial to them.
You may have thought that such thoughts bolster you, make you strong, make you who you are. Well, that has its truth. Certain they have contributed to the very unhappiness that catches in your craw. You hesitate to be done because, somehow, old thoughts could be useful to you or you would be neglectful to let wrongs go and pardon everyone and the history of the world and past-due accounts. You are just record-keeping. You might want the records sometime in the future. A regulatory tax agency might want the records of all transactions. Of course, the IRS is within you, dear ones. And haven’t you heard that when you go to Heaven, you are supposed to see your whole past life before you? You might like to have some notes to refer to.
Despite all your good reasons for hanging on, you have no leg to stand on. Never was it said that you have to let go of the past in throes of delight. No, just to let go of it. Even if it takes major surgery, it has to be done. You just cannot hang on to the accountings of the past. You can’t stay there any longer. It may feel like a bankruptcy to you. What feels and what must be done can be two different things.
The fact is you are not giving up anything good for you. This is how you give up discontent. This is how you give up resentment and all the various thinking that hangs onto you by the ankles and holds you back.
Leave all the trappings behind, and come with Me. Come with Me now. I have been waiting for you. Come, take My hand now.
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