October 11, 2013

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October 11, 2013
1.) The Concept of Mourning
2.) Energies Exploding
3.) Ascension Memo
4.) Archangel Gabriel: The Quality of Love Known As Resource
5.) A History of Creation – Part 2
6.) Message from Sanat Kumara
7.) The NSA’s Huge New Data Center
Keeps Having Meltdowns and No One Knows Why
8.) Wake up Call: Hatonn
9.) Angel Wisdom
10.) Straddling Two Worlds
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Heavenletter #4704
The Concept of Mourning
October 11, 2013
God said:
Remember that being confused is a good thing. Knowing everything is not such a momentous thing. Yes, I understand it’s comfortable to know or to think you know, yet it’s less bounded to not know or not know you know. You are not meant to be an encyclopedia. You are not meant to be what the world may coax you to be. You are not meant to be anything but what you are.

Wisdom and knowledge may be two different things. What’s the matter with knowing less rather than more?

Certainly, the body affects the mind, and the mind affects the body. Certainly, everything affects everything else. There are no one-way streets, beloveds.

Intention and action may be two different things.

This is the whole thing about life in the relative world. It sprouts in many directions all at once. Who cannot be confused? Or, if you don’t like the word confused, you can say perplexed or pensive for your pleasure.

Life in the world is not clear-cut. Who said it had to be or is supposed to be? When was life predictable? When is there only one route to travel or one road to take? Whatever road you are on at the moment has to be the right road for you so long as it is – until it changes. Even when you are on the bumpiest road, who can say it’s not the right one right now?

Who can say with certainty that there is not good in everything? Are My children looking for the wheat or for the chaff?

Who said that life is supposed to be easy? Well, I have. Would not life be easy for you if you did not struggle against it? If you could accept life as it comes, what would be hard about it?

When did sense of loss begin to take over human life? Why was that idea instituted? And why did so many of My children accept this institution of loss? Who said that when a loved one comes to Heaven that you are to mourn and feel a loss? Cannot you be happy for your loved one that he or she is now in Heaven and right beside Me in his or her awareness? Why isn’t this a cause for rejoicing? I may hear you say: “It just isn’t. I feel loss.”

The concept of mourning has been institutionalized. Why not be happy? Why not be happy anyway?

Do you have the idea that you owe your loved ones suffering or it means you do not love? Do you see suffering as dues you are obligated to pay? Are you less if you don’t stop to suffer agony in perceived loss? Are you a better person who suffers than if you do not? Who says that? Society? The past? Ego? Who on Earth decides these things?

If you know better, how come you give obeisance to the old? Is tradition always better?

Many traditions are man-made. Do you believe everything you read or hear? What if you did not mourn? Would you be wrong? Would you be insensitive, or would you be of greater understanding?

Must you follow in the world’s footsteps? Why not follow in Mine? Do I mourn? Do I question?

Ah, do I love? Do I love Infinitely and Eternally? Do I love you? Do I love all? Is not everyone My child? Cannot all then be your brothers? What is meant by the expression – the milk of human kindness? The point is that love is intelligent. Love is the way to go. Remember, I don’t mean gushing love but love intelligent.
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Energies Exploding
by Visionkeeper 10/10/13
October 11, 2013

It seems everywhere I go I keep hearing about the intensity of the energies right now. It is true, they grab your attention that’s for sure. Part of what we should do is stay quiet and let the energy integrate into us and become a part of us. Definitely it will do little good to fight against them. It is an obvious time for us to begin to learn how to work with these energies, They are not just something happening to us. We can learn to use these energies to propel us further along to where we are trying to go. It seems these energies are heralding in the splitting of the two worlds now, for along with them is coming unrest and chaos to those not securely grounded and aware. Unfortunately I believe the dark is trying to use these energies and unrest to their advantage as well. The Government keeps doing insane things that make little sense to many, but I think they are being done with a definite plan in mind. Get the people so worked up and create so much instability that reigning in the people will be called for. We are already seeing it happen with the shutdown. Things are totally out of whack and people’s heads are spinning like the exorcist movie. That is just what they want and we should Not comply and give them disorder of any kind!
I am both concerned and pleased about this weekend’s truck shut down in Washington. The discontent is obviously becoming real and the masses are awake now and not happy about what is going on. This is good. If there are enough trucks to cause traffic jams, we must pray the Government does not use violent force to clear them out. If that were to happen it seems the people would come unglued even more than they already are. All those following the spiritual path have practiced for some time now staying balanced and focused and learning how to stay above the negativity and remain in their hearts. Unfortunately, we are not the majority yet and so that leaves a great many folks who may be easily pulled off-center and create chaos to express their frustrations. We must get ready to focus our attentions on peace and compassion and be ready to reach out and help quiet these situations and keep things calm. Tensions are most certainly bulging at the seams and getting ready to break free.
We knew this time was coming. There is no doubt about it now. We can feel something major about to unfold. The atmosphere around us is electric and pregnant like a blown up balloon growing to its limit before is bursts. I believe we are seriously beginning to take note now of the two distinct worlds that hang before us as they pull away from each other. A world of calm and reason and one of chaos, violence and confusion. Many have already stationed themselves in the peaceful world by now and are able to stand strong during these wild times whirling around them. There are those times, however, when we must go into town and shop and work amidst the spiraling insanity. It is at these moments we must keep centered on our mission and hold firm to peaceful thoughts, as well as reach out to try to quell unrest if it unfolds around us. We are headed into crazy times and it remains our mission to preserve a loving atmosphere on Gaia.
As I mentioned earlier, this weekend is the truckers shut down on Washington. How many will show up and what will unfold we have no way of knowing until it occurs. I have a feeling the displeasure with Washington and the politicians has grown to such level that many will show up to voice their frustrations and demand a change to what is taking place. We will be at the ready I hope and keep the focus on heart based thinking and positive input. If we feel the need to voice our own frustrations, let us find a positive way in which to do that. Please let us stay calm and stay in our hearts and keep promoting change in any way we can to help create the new world we so desire.
I will be checking in from time to time but I will not be posting everyday anymore unless it is needed. I will definitely post when I feel we need to pull together, such as now, so we can properly do what we came here to do. Shine the light and be love!
Peace to the world,
About Me
Greetings to all….
I am a seeker and a visionary who is both blessed and cursed by being able to see the big picture. At times it can be painful and it is this pain that has driven me to try and help create a better world from what I see and feel. The change that must take place can only come about by making changes within ourselves first. I hope to give people ideas and motivation to find the courage to make these changes and come together universally to manifest one world united. I am a spiritual counselor and also work with EFT and life change guidance. It is my desire to help others feel whole and in harmony with their lives again. Thanks for visiting! Blessings to you all…..Visionkeeper
For anyone wishing counseling services or wishing to make changes in their life, please email me with counseling info in the subject line so I don’t toss it out as spam. Thanks. sacredlifechange@mail.com website: http://www.sacredlifechange.com *

Ascension Memo
by Thomas Pafe
October 11, 2013
Preamble: We should have by now discerned that some contours are missing on our road map due to filtering/lenses as observed in diverse tapestries.

So here we go with some related threads:
Time lines are fast fading out into the fabrics of no time; hence linear dates are no longer valid – have no significance anymore. The reason why the stretch ahead is kind of dodgy/unsettling – patience is the master key. The good news here is that the version adopted – gentle/gradual ascension has a better yield accompanied by less destruction.
The Astro surge of the Equinox tells us that we still have some remnant activations/codes to integrate – upgrades. These very intense/cruel downloads have literally torn apart our 3D vessels (new symptoms have surfaced as well as intensification of some previously experienced slots) and their effects will linger for a while for things to settle/take dominion. This acceleration/approach although debilitating has been prevalent for the simple reason that this cycle is now closing down – last incarnation; and all foreign energies to the higher dimensions must be resolved once and for all.
The long pending issue of skipping 4D during our transition, namely moving from 3D directly to 5D has been resolved through the adjunction of a new item on the dash board – an innovation so to speak. A 4D bypass/bridge is being consolidated by the administrators to this effect (Grin… this project may not look as fluid as we initially anticipated).
In the absence of any time line, we nevertheless have some potent indicators/signs to let us know when the threshold is fringed:
a) We will notice a remarkable expansion of our consciousness, our multidimensional operating system in short, + +.
b) Our emerging third eye/inner heart vision will become lucid. With eyes closed some can already perceive remote images (slide show) – short scenes/thrillers; others can see their portals – a kind of tunnel lined with dynamic butterfly-like figures.
c) Our sleep patterns will change considerably – reduced to fewer hours daily as we paddle down the time compression channel although still maintaining our routine metabolism.
d) Our physical suits will become lighter by the day; we will walk around our space with a feeling of weightlessness (the force of gravity is a pull or rather a compression with respect to density); we are in the heart of the process of losing density.
e) On the D day, we will experience what Shakespeare has termed the *`husbandry in heaven’ mode – the skies/stars will deem their lights followed by a roaring sound that will be perceived by everyone on the planet. Too bad, first wavers will not be there to report/broadcast these good tidings.
The proverbial 144K (the administrators of heaven here on 3D) designates those that will return to guide the ascending masses; the raison d’être of the light body process – to keep our bodies with us for future vacillation between 3D and 5D. Once we cross over, we will not need these bodies except when we decide to revisit 3D – these bodies will be parked in a `garage’ just like we save skiing equipment during summer time.
These enlightened beings (the 144K from a plethora of star systems) although presently deeply immersed in forgetfulness/the veil, who volunteered to rescue planet earth as she was at the verge of total destruction following her ever increasing toxicity (absence of love) will through this troop withdrawal exercise be restituted to their original star system if they so desire.
On arrival in the higher dimensions, they will be led to the healing chambers (some in the mother ships) for final polishing a.k.a. rejuvenation – restitution where our present parameters will be modified at will with respect to: age, size, shape; in short our dream morphology.
*As we embrace the threshold/finish line of the ascension journey, there will be a brief period in which time stops and the Earth will not move – a period of timelessness resulting to the interlocking of the third and the fifth dimensional realm thereby creating a temporary end of time – the inherent crossover interval.

Addendum: This trip has been so demanding/tasking for the simple reason that Gaia`s ambitious strategy backed by Lucifer`s energies was to transition so many conditioned souls to the light at one go without taking into consideration our inherent frailty; proposal that was initially highly contested due the intricate nature of the plot –The proverbial grand Experiment. Thank god things are fast approaching a win-win finish. Nevertheless, Lucifer`s (light bearer) recent return as a master of light has been immensely exalted by all the councils.
It is for the above reason that so many galactic beings/star systems are floating around our planetary space to herald/replicate our success, as well as abundant praises flooding our sphere from the hosts of heaven for our imminent completion and steadfast courage.
All lingering dark entities (reptilians) have been returned to the Light in a historic/monumental event; the few who resisted were recycled into Source molecules for future divine agendas. However, fast evaporating bobbles of remnant negative fluxes still float around as we celebrate this gigantic milestone.
As soon as the last pockets of the waning PTB are cleared/pushed aside (indeed, some mushrooms/spikes are already sprouting as we go to press), things will take off pretty fast with respect to the anticipated changes – major catastrophes, war and Co have also been hitherto averted.
The ascension arena is a level playing ground as reflected from above – as above so below. These administrators/councils and associated titles of the Spiritual Hierarchy have been coined in a bid to differentiating their various assignments. In a like manner there will be no ascension queues. All first wavers will take off when appropriate – no ranks and files so to speak.
It is worthwhile reiterating here that this project is a divine undertaking, hence the protagonists are all equal to the task; we should therefore keep on keeping on with the knowing/absolute trust that all will be well.
PS: PAT (Planetary Ascension Team)- All Souls with a light quotient equal to or above 4.5 (i.e., band 4 channel 5 – 4D5) are considered as PAT members – conscious/unconscious, Crystal, Indigo, Rainbow and Co. – All taxiing along the ascension ladder.
Thomas Pafe – author `the religion of love`
www.scienceofascension.blogspot.com, thomaspafe@yahoo.fr *

Archangel Gabriel: The Quality of Love Known As Resourcefulnes
Channeled by Marlene Swetlishoff 1010/13
October 11, 2013
Beloved Ones,
I would like to have discourse on the quality of love known as resourcefulness. This facet of love calls into play creativity, discipline and inspiration. For many people across the world, this quality is implemented on a daily basis as they exercise their capacity to manifest and create what is needed in their lives. This quality of resourcefulness requires inner strength and determination to follow through on the inspiration that is received. One has to be greatly motivated and aligned with creative intention in order to successfully accomplish one’s vision to bring into fruition one’s needs. Where there is a will, there is a way and this quality will assist a person in creating and manifesting what is needed and desired.
Throughout all challenges and obstacles that come upon the path of each person’s life, this quality of love is one that has assisted people in exercising their power to create a better outcome for themselves and their loved ones. By maintaining a vision of what is required, many people have turned their lives around into one that is a model of inspiration for others. By their persistence in applying this quality to solve their challenges, they have moved beyond their seeming limitations into a life of abundance and joy on every level. By believing in their ability to create what was needed and by following through in their actions, much good was accomplished and many trying situations were overcome and successfully met.
There is within each person an innate power to create what is needed and desired in their daily lives. This power is activated by a deep belief that one is always guided and protected in all facets of their daily lives. This quality comes to the surface of one’s consciousness during times of intense concentration, focus and motivation to have what is required in one’s daily sustenance and sense of well being. The person becomes inspired with ideas that come into their awareness and they move into action to bring these ideas into manifestation. As they do this, more ideas and inspiration flow into their awareness and before they know it, they have overcome and surpassed their challenges.
This is how the accomplishment of goals and ventures in one’s life become successful. This quality can be used in every area of one’s life as they envision the best outcome for themselves and for each of their loved ones. By having faith in one’s ability to create what is needed, one becomes the creator of it as one takes each step to its successful accomplishment. All success begins with taking the first step and the next step and so on. By following this procedure each time something is needed or desired, a person can bring into manifestation their intended outcome. By having faith and vision in the end result, the result manifests in one’s life.
There is alchemy at work as one practices this procedure over and over again. As these steps are taken with each endeavor, it brings greater and greater accomplishments which then translate into greater self confidence and self esteem within the individual as they experience success in each attempt. They gain the ability to repeat this success in every situation that comes up in their daily lives and they have the knowledge that they are strong and capable individuals perfectly able to meet the challenge.
I leave you now to contemplate your own quality of resourcefulness.
I AM Archangel Gabriel
Marlene Swetlishoff
©2013 Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana (Soo-tam-ah) Keeper of the Symphonies of Grace
Permission is given to share this message as long as the message is posted in its entirety and nothing has been changed, or altered in any way and Scribe’s credit, copyright and website is included. www.therainbowscribe.com * Thank you for including the above website link when posting this message. *

A History of Creation – Part 2
Channeled by Aisha North 10/10/13
October 11, 2013
So let us delve further into this mysterious world behind the veil, for we gather you are starting to get more than a little curious about some of those tantalizing details. The last time, we showed you that the essence of it all is in creating, or the energy that has been given the task of creating it all, from big and small, tangible and less so. This in itself can be very difficult to fathom, but let us again try to give you another view and perhaps this will make things percolate even deeper into your being. For you are indeed an intrinsic part of it all, but the construction of everything is still a mystery to you and to everyone else sharing this little planet with you. You are just a speck of dust in so many ways, but this small speck of dust is also a very complex structure, connected and separated in so many different ways and different levels. For what you see as humanity, we see as just one separate layer of a huge mass of something far more complex than even the complex structure of the human body. That in itself is indeed a construction worthy several volumes of dissemination, but let us let that rest for now. For what we are wanting to delve into, is the complexity, or rather simplicity, behind the scenes, as they are even more fantastic than the tangible results you see, feel and hear on your side of the veil.
As we have already talked about, everything is indeed energy, energy in different tones or forms of vibration, a shimmering haze of light that seems solid one moment, and invisible the next. But it is indeed the same thing all over, but it has been programmed to behave and be perceived in certain ways. Remember, the object does not exist unless there is an observer, that is the fundamental rule here. Like in the famous cat-tale that is still a staple for all of your trained scientists (Schrödinger’s cat). Is the cat dead or alive, or indeed both? No one knows, because you have to be able to observe it in order to decide the fate of the cat. So too it is with everything, and your scientists have started to literally see this for themselves too. True, they are merely scratching into the surface, for they look at the separate particles, and they have already discovered that famous entangled particles scenario. Big news indeed, but one that gets lost in all of the hubbub of everyday ”news.”
For what does this entail? It means that everything is indeed entangled, and we are not only talking about separate, or rather pairs of particles that are entangled thus. No, we speak of All of creation. For everything that is around you is behaving in the same manner as this duo of entangled particles. In other words, every time one part is observed, it starts to Be and it automatically makes everything else fall into step with it. In other words, this Creation is flickering and shimmering and evolving and adapting every time someone consciously Sees what is going on. And so it is like switching on a switch, enabling a whole set of ”reality” to start to play out. In other words, this is quantum physics, or rather, quantum reality, all over again. For you live in a quantum soup of energy, and All that you see is part of the same soup. In itself, it all has the same origin, or rather, all the components are identical from the outset, like pieces of building blocks, all composed of the same material. But as soon as consciousness enters the picture, it literally creates a whole new picture.
In other words, nothing truly exists at all, it is just energy in the form of particles, like a haze of shimmering light, ready to coalesce into shapes and forms, into beings and planets, into inert objects as well as more vital ones. Just remember, when we say ”inert” they are no more nor no less ”animated” than anything else. Because a rock does not move around, it is no less ”alive” than a human being, for you are all the same. We know this will be hard to truly digest, but you are indeed beginning to get the gist of it. For what separates you from us, from a planet, from God, from the heavens above or the deep waters below? Just one thing, and that is simply the eye of the observer, or rather the consciousness that you are but a single part of.
For God is creative energy, but it is also consciousness, for without the one, the other would not be. Pure energy is nothing more than energy, it needs consciousness to be created. For creation and creating are two sides of the same coin, but they are indeed opposites and as such, this duality is the origin of all. Someone needs to see or rather observe for Creation to Be, and that is the whole basis for Creation. The two faces of God, if you will: energy and creativity, mind making matter from its other part, the energy. And this is what we want to impart to you. You are, because your consciousness have made you thus, and your consciousness is only a small part of the One, the basis, the grounding of it all. For you are merely a speck on a huge tapestry of creativity, all things that have been made to be because God made them. You are consciousness, but you are consciousness made visible because it made you from the ethers of energy, those hovering particles ready and waiting to be made anew time and time again. For this is like a tabula rasa, a sea of Ifs wanting to Become by being looked upon, by being observed, by being thought into being, by being created by a force of vitality, a consciousness, that silent observer that observes it all.
You are a part of this, but only a small part, so what you make, is merely a small drop in the ocean. But you are also God, so does that make you all powerful, in other words, can you change the world? The answer is of course Yes, but it is also No. It is Yes, for you can recreate Yourself. And through that, you are recreating your world. But you cannot recreate All of Creation. Or rather, you cannot switch everything off and start anew, for that is not in your powers alone. For this is also a huge lesson in co-creating, in separation in order to make a whole out of separate units. Just one Being can do as he pleases, he (or she) or let us just use the word God in order to lessen confusion. So if you are God, you are the One, the Creator, the single observer that sets everything into motion. But that is merely the first step. The next step is this: make separation, so that each single particle needs to work in tandem with everyone else in order to create. In other words, creativity needs to be as diverse as possible, and this diversity can only come from separation, or duality, or multiplicity – the list of words are endless, but the fundamental truth is this: to ensure the largest possible number of variations, separation needs to be established first. Then and only then will the optimal conditions for creating become valid. You need as many different factors – or fractions – as possible in order to get a whole specter of different possibilities, and that was the first task of Creator. And so, separation was set into motion – the Big Bang if you will, and everything started from there.
Let us add another interesting layer to this: when you humans talk of the Big Bang, you refer to the origin of your universe, but when we talk of the Big Bang, we talk of the origin of everything. In other words, the First Big Bang, the one that preceded it all. For we are talking about the origin of everything, not just that primordial soup that was the inception of what later developed into your universe and your ”reality,” no, we are referring to All of Creation. And as such, it all started the same way, as one single pinprick of energy, of light, that consciousness set into motion by observing it and by setting up parameters for it to Become something. It was like setting alight a match in order to see it in the dark, for before it was ignited by consciousness, it was not visible. It Was, but it was not observed, and as such, it Was Not. But it became All as soon as consciousness entered and started to observe, and by observing started to create, and as such, the mind begat manner from energy. But remember, matter is a mere figment of imagination, it is merely energy coalescing into something that can be Observed. So again we say, let your mind set you free, for your mind is only holding you back by trying to see what it cannot see. Or rather, it is holding you back because it wants to see what it already can see, and so it overlooks everything else. But it is there already, ready to be observed by you, just like it is observed by God. So open your eyes and let your mind take a break, and try to connect with that part of God that is the real you, and then, and only then, will everything come into Being before you.
Aisha North
I started to receive channeled messages a few years back, but they were few and far between. Mostly they were to me personally, or to people close to me. After a while, they started to come more frequently, and the entities coming through with these messages changed. For the last year and a half, they usually come from a group calling themselves ”The constant companions.” They have not given me much information about themselves, apart from the fact they are ”a motley bunch” and ”more than five,” and that they work on the orders from All There Is. They all have their own ”voice,” they use different words, cover different subjects and they have very different energies when they come through with their messages. They have not told me where they come from, but I have been given the impression that they represent different civilizations, all coming together to help us and Planet Earth. I was told to start to write down and publish this Manuscript of survival in the beginning of August 201. Almost every day, they give me a new message, or part of a message, and they always tell me when one part is finished and ready to post. I do not know how long they will continue, but I will keep sending them out as long as they keep coming.
Channelings and words of inspiration * http://aishanorth.wordpress.com/ *

Message from Sanat Kumara
Channeled by Meredith Saint-Michel
Telepathic Transmission -10/8/13
October 11, 2013
Greetings Dear Beings of Light,
I come to you today recognizing your abundant realizations about the true nature of things on Planet Earth. I celebrate with you as this increasingly accurate assessment of the dynamics of life open. This unfolding is altering your individual experience, the capacity for life on Earth and Earth as a field is more vibrant, more available and thus connecting with and accessing broader fields of light. This is benefitting everything that is and is part of the Divine Plan as all life returns to the ultimate reunion, as One.
You have invested yourselves in opening up more fully to the inner knowings about your situation here and to the inner connection to Source which is your true identity. You have grown to trust all of this. You are allowing and focused upon living, more and more, from this knowing. You are shifting from living in the time/space realm of the material into the simultaneous time of the multidimensional, en route to the Universal experience of the ultimate reunion, as One.
The realizations of these layered, nested implications to awakening come forth in many ways and are sequenced by your vibration. Your resonance with various levels of energy open up perspectives to you and create your awareness and your understanding.
As you become increasingly uplifted there are very significant changes in your way of being human. You notice that you are trusting your own intuition more. Your gut sense of things. Your perspective — regardless of outer agreement or validation. You are becoming Self-referencing rather then externally referenced. You relate more and more to the experience of your life as an out-picturing of your inner and collective energies.
As you reorient, you are living with a lighter touch on the planet. You have less demands and more appreciation. You are more generous with yourself and also more present-focused, more aware of fulfillment and enough-ness and deeply committed to your joy, you are increasingly in a much more balanced relationship with everything. You feel yourself to be engaged with the Earth in an experience of expansion and unfolding, rather then hoping life delivers things to you and feeling it is outside you — whatever it is you want next — this is applied living which reflects Unity Consciousness.
You are being very pointedly made aware by the more elevated energies within you, of where you opportunities are for merging more into Universal Presence. You are discovering how much or how little you have the ability to sustain your focus as you wish and to be in Unison with yourself and with each moment. You are becoming aware of the way you are focused, the way you are therefore feeling and the abilities you have so far cultivated to respond to your own presence with attentiveness and love and to be able to choose your focus and what you pay attention to. You are discovering where you have untapped potential. It is lighting up for you to see and get at, becoming more skillful and alive.
You are becoming increasingly aligned with higher dimensional momentum and energy fields and this is informing the inspiration that is flowing to you. You are becoming increasingly resonant with higher fields of light and so the inspiration that you receive is more fulfilling. It is more coherent; revealing to you of how the essence of life might be more fully expressed and become more fully present on Earth.
Most impressive, is that you are tapping into your innate ability to receive. You are starting to understand instinctively that life is presenting to you, showing up for you, answering you, speaking to you, inviting you, opening up further and further for you and with you. In this awareness, you become more relaxed physically. You are more tuned in energetically and when you are, have all the clarity you wish for in every moment. Your knowing is fulfilled, practical and reliable. Your self-trust in empowering you to experience grace. You allow the world to meet you, and you are gradually realizing that there is no place you do not fit in, no one you cannot be in harmony with, no situation or person, no thing you need to avoid, for you can allow everything to be as it is and you can be you, and it all not only works, it literally sings!
You are experience both the expansion of your energies and the clearing of your energies. There is a strong energy of life’s motion experienced within you as expansion. There is a strong energy of upliftment which is doing a powerful sweeping of your cells and energy field, so the spaciousness may be created. So you may be continually fulfilled and uplifted. Learn to recognize the dynamics of both of these activities and become increasingly used to them taking place and being present simultaneously.
It will serve you and support your joy to identify with the expansion, rather then what is arising and clearing out. You will easily know the difference. Expansive energies feel good. Clearing energies are often lower and denser then the ascending current so they can feel less good. How you notice them, your perspective on all this, of course gives rise to your emotions, so you might consider choosing to relate to the releasing energies with even a conceptual savoring of all that has happened in your experience, all the expansion you experienced from these moments in the past and all that was encouraged and opened as a result of these less high-vibe energies which are gradually being retired from your experience.
You can look at the world with a deep appreciation for the aspects of civilization and culture which have opened your heart more. Which have triggered you into greater awareness. Which have shown you the diversity and freedom here and challenged you with this so that you might remember the confident neutrality that gives you peace since it is your true nature.
Life is serving you in all ways. It is serving itself and all of itself in all ways. If you were to look at your world this way you would feel better and you would appreciate so much the diversity of life which is present and has been present and the incredible expansion arising from this. life has extended into many unique pathways you each have traveled as you come into this realm to expand and experience more and life, all of life benefits from everything which is arising within it.
As you are becoming more and more aware of your own multi-dimensionality, you will discover most naturally the ways you are more focused on space and time and aspects of the material then suits you any longer. Please allow yourself to be easy with this! It is a gradual process and the ability to orient to the ongoing clearing and the ongoing upliftment — which are truly one and the same process — is a way to become more skillfully present within the many perspectives available to you, while continually unfolding into a greater and greater fulfillment of You.
Becoming more and more open multi-dimensionally, you will want to be able to choose consciously and sustain your focus in ways that are aligned with the upliftment you are creating. As your energy field increases in influence, your ability to focus with more skillfulness is how you will use your influence to perpetuate and expand the momentum of light and to create with the unique essence blueprint you have brought forth into this now. It is very beautiful and such an achievement to allow yourself to be you, fully and with free rein.
The Earth has been seeded with light many times over many, many, many incarnations that you and your fellow Lightworkers have so willingly, boldly and enthusiastically created and in which, we have been with you always, encouraging, supporting, assisting and loving. Now the light has opened so much the planetary potentials are revised and enlarged. The ongoing momentums and the exploration of the leading edge are giving you a chance to discover and experience in form, a new level of presence and collective skillfulness in creating and experiencing the material infused while present in an increasingly multidimensional consciousness.
Being within your heart is the way you listen to you. Noticing how you love yourself is the way you cultivate your standards and define what you are available for. Earth is opening up to much more expanded potentials for connection, communication, collaboration. Remember these things and learn to apply them in your life.
The old ways of living are still around, and people are living from them, as you know. There are people who do not yet consciously know first hand by their own inner awareness, that these old patterns can be eclipsed. You Lightworker, are the example that this is possible. You do not need to make any effort to be a leader in this new paradigm, this is a natural occurrence as your skillfulness becomes more and more clear and the standards of your presence become more steady and brilliant. Your happiness alone and the amazing grace with which your life unfolds is inspiring.
You are living in a new way, bridging the old world and the collective awareness of the new world. You are becoming Universal. You are creating the experience of the Universal in the material by allowing the multidimensional to be your truth. It is within your sacred heart that you stoke the fire of your inner knowing. It is for each of you to treasure the awakening you have cultivated and to love yourself so very much and in all ways.
You are opening more and more into the New Harmonics and becoming more aware and more attuned to what they are. You are really learning how to live from the new truths you have remembered and to release old, out-dated aspirations of what it meant to be human. So many of these ideas had to do with lack, with limitation, with something or so many things not being “okay” about you. You are gradually noticing all the ways you have not loved you and you are bringing love to everything you are. You are becoming more and more aware of how well you can use your focus and choose your attention in your physical body and with feeling better and feeling joy being criteria you embrace and allow to guide you.
This is a very new things dear ones. Do not forget this. Do not forget that you will need to build this capacity, to practice and cultivate it as your new standard and then in this ongoing expansion there will be new realizations to practice and embody. It is an ongoing unfolding which you have summoned and are living.
You will be marching to the tonality of an entirely field of energy, the New Harmonics of Consciousness, and it is really changing how you understand, perceive and experience life. As this seeps into your life, you feel different, you remember more what you really care about and what you love to experience and you discover that this trail, this choice of orienting, makes life easier, more fun, more free. It also builds your energy field, making your more radiant and light.
The freedom of your experience is a huge and important key to what you will all create collectively, so do pay attention to this as a standard. Choose perspectives that make you feel free. That give you a sense of hopefulness and elation. Trust these influences in your life. Allow yourself to become trusting and hopeful once more. Uproot all distortions of this with a determination to claim who you really are. Allow yourself to be renewed.
In the same way that you have access to more expansive fields through resonance as your field rises in frequency the same is true for Earth. Discovering more and more about new planets within your galaxy and your Universe’s expansiveness are insights being revealed naturally — they are simply fuller perspectives becoming available as fields on Earth are in resonance with this more expansive awareness.
You are expanding the domain of Earth so that Spirit can arise as the material, and with your focus liberate the essence of life in all the amazing and diverse forms present here. This essence, of course, is love.
Blessings to you each upon this auspicious moment of shared focus as we continue our shared expansion opening ever more to the ultimate reunion, as One.
I am fulfilled in our connection.
I AM Sanat Kumara
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Thank you! In-joy.
The NSA’s Huge New Data Center
Keeps Having Meltdowns and No One Knows Why
October 11, 2013

I was thinking maybe sabotage by the good guys; insiders, or what have you. Whatever works—as long as the data center doesn’t work! The Universe works according to our Constitution and is on Our side. ~ BP
From Godlike Productions:
“Breaking News: NSA Data Center in Utah is rocked by explosions
Bluffdale, Utah — Massive electrical surges at a data storage facility for the National Security Agency have led to the destruction of hugely expensive machinery and delayed its opening for a year, officials revealed Tuesday.”
From American Kabuki:
LOL!!! We know why! It’s the change in energies! – Bill
The NSA’s Huge New Data Center Keeps Having Meltdowns And No One Knows Why
Michael Kelley OCT. 8, 2013, 8:36 AM 5,878 26
The National Security Agency’s new $2 billion Utah data center keeps suffering from costly meltdowns and government officials are not sure of the cause, Siobhan Gorman of The Wall Street Journal reports.
Since August 2012, there have been 10 electrical surges that have prevented the NSA from using computers. One official described them as “a flash of lightning inside a 2-foot box.”
Each meltdown caused as much as $100,000 in damage. The center requires about 65 megawatts of electricity to run, at a cost of more than $1 million a month, and the surges are probably connected to the electrical system’s inability to simultaneously run computers and keep them cool.
The Army Corps of Engineers (ACE), which is overseeing the data center’s construction, disagrees with contractors on a number of issues, noting that the causes of the meltdowns “are not yet sufficiently understood” despite contractors’ assertions the “root cause” had been uncovered.
In a report, an ACE team notes that the government has incomplete information about the design of the electrical system. It also found that regular quality controls in design and construction were bypassed in an effort to “fast track” the Utah project.
The million square-foot data mining complex is meant to serve as “the NSA cloud,” James Bamford, author of the book “The Shadow Factory: The NSA from 9/11 to the Eavesdropping on America,” wrote in Wired last year. “The center will be fed data from the agency’s eavesdropping satellites, overseas listening posts, and secret monitoring rooms in telecom facilities throughout the U.S.”
One Fox News report said that the center has the potential to store as much as 5 zettabytes (1 zettabyte = 1 billion terabytes = 1 trillion gigabytes). With just 1 zettabyte (1024 exabytes) of space, the NSA can store a year’s worth of the global Internet traffic (which is estimated reached 966 exabytes per year in 2015).
Gorman notes that the agency currently “collects the phone records of nearly all Americans and has built a system with telecommunications companies that provides coverage of roughly 75% of Internet communications in the U.S.”

Wake up Call: Hatonn
Channeled by Nancy Tate 10/10/13
October 11, 2013

Hatonn, can you tell me what all the cloud ships were doing today over the southeastern part of AZ?

Hatonn: I will tell you this, dear one, there is lots of activity going on with your galactic family, and the ships that come cloaked are a busy lot. They come to accomplish various feats and one of them was, as you had interpreted when you first saw them, that there are many portals that are still having to be cleared. As they are cleared they are then protected by their own energy of Love. Nothing can penetrate them with that energy of love instilled within each one. Any being/person who is enhanced with a great deal of Love is allowed entry.

This is something that is occurring on a large scale these days. As the ones who have that access join the ones within the areas that the portals lead to they will be told various pieces of information that they will have the freedom to share with anyone they so choose.

There is an ongoing hiatus of the ones within the earth and the ones who are hovering in the craft above the earth. As the visits become more and more in purpose the hiatus will soften and eventually become unnecessary, for there will be an open communication with all three levels of beings, within, on the surface and above.

One more thing I would like to share with all of you is that there will come a time when you will be speaking with the elders of the Native American and other aboriginal tribes of this land. They are in safekeeping in the Inner and Hollow Earth, and they will be speaking not only through you, but through others as well. They hold much information that is relative to these times, and that information will enrich the understanding that is to be brought to the surface of many peoples lives. There will be questions answered with the information, and I speak now of on a soul level, that will bring much deeper and clearer communication between everyone on the surface in the process of ascension.

Nancy: Thank you Hatonn. I have one more question at this time. Red Jacket, one of the former chiefs of the Seneca tribe, has begun to speak through me. He told me that he is in the line of not only Mushaba, but of you as well. Could you elaborate on that for us?

Hatonn: I would be happy to. We are all descended from the original Mushaba energy. We came to this planet because of the plan that was in place when the universe was created. Not only was I in the original line of the Mushaba beings, so too was Red Jacket. We came from the original tribe of Mushaba beings who populated the planet Mushaba and took part in the creation of the various races of humanity. It is a matter of the interlacing of the colors of the Mushaba energy with the rest of the spectrum that was created from the various expressions of the tones of the Mushaba energy. The totality of the colors that are expressed at the time, and continue to be as more expression is created is what brought forth the essence of all of Creation.

There will be more information that will be brought forward about all of this as more and more people are awakened in the various ways that they choose. You will find that there are many aspects of information that will be coming forth that will explain much of what has been taking place and will be in the coming evolution of all of existence.

Thank you, once again dear Hatonn!

Nancy Tate
* www.treeofthegoldenlight.com/ *
You are such a treasure to others and most of all to yourself, for in being a treasure to yourself, you are that to others. *

Angel Wisdom
Channeled by Sharon Taphorn
October 11 , 2013
Sense what feels right for you
Strive to trust what you feel. Your angel guidance is to look deeper at all the relationships, people and situations in your life right now and respond from your inner feelings. Feelings that come from within your beingness. That still quiet voice that says, “Don’t do that,” or “Don’t go there,” or “Yes, that is the way to go,” or “Follow that feather and see where it lands” or perhaps even, “Say hello and smile at that person.” These are all promptings of your inner being, your spirit self that is always connected to your physical self. As you look deeper into your relationships, see the love that underlies all of them. Let that love be your guide.
Use discernment as a tool to assist you in all that you do. See the gift in all that you do, read and see. If you are reading or listening to something that doesn’t feel right, send it love and change your channel. If it feels completely wrong to you, politely smile and excuse yourself from the situation. If you can’t leave it at that moment, take a few deep breaths, feel yourself surrounded by love and light and just be in your bubble of protection until you can leave. Take in only that which resonates to you in that time, and just leave the rest. It might be helping others at levels that are not a part of your journey.
Affirmation: “I am learning to trust and tune into my inner guidance to assist me in what is right and best for me and each day I able hear the promptings of spirit clearly.”
And so it is.
You are dearly loved and supported, always, the angels.
Stay Optimistic
Keep your focus
Stay optimistic and keep you’re your thoughts positive and on your desired outcome. You have asked your angels for help and they are working behind the scenes to help you, even if you don’t see the results just yet. Trust that your dreams and desires are coming true and don’t quit just before the miracle occurs.
You and your loved ones are safe and protected. If you have any doubt, ask Archangel Michael to assist you and ensure that you are divinely protected. Ask for him to lend you strength and courage and march head and heart first in the direction of those dreams and desires.
Affirmation: “I am safe and protected always. As I keep my focus positive and optimistic, my dreams and desires are manifesting for me.”
And so it is.
You are dearly loved and supported, always, the angels.
Infinite Resources
There is always enough
There is enough for everyone to in this abundant Universe, it is just that the energy of lack is so prevalent that many forget that they have the ability to create whatever they desire. It is a matter of understanding your current thought processes and determining where your thoughts need some adjustments so that you too feel and believe that you will always be supplied for today and all of your tomorrows. Allow the transformations of your thoughts by using affirmations and keeping your words directed to that which you desire.
Life is filled with many wondrous opportunities to enjoy the people, places and things. It is time to view yourself and your life from a new perspective and be open to the ideas and inspirations that come your way as these are the divine guidance you have been asking for. Spend time in meditation so that you can better understand ways to improve your life and your outlook.
It is a grand and beautiful experience to be in finite form. Call upon your angels and guides at any time you need a boost of love, confidence and strength. Allow this relationship to expand and enter a new phase so that you can enjoy your heightened senses that will help you create the life you desire.
And so it is.
You are dearly loved and supported, always, the angels
Leap of Faith
Take that leap of faith
Take some risks and put your heart’s true desires into action as this is the perfect time for you to trust that you are worth it and so are your dreams and your desires. Take the time to heal any doubt or feelings of less than so that you can march forward, confident and unencumbered by the past. Things will get better and are looking brighter as you master those obstacles in a kind and understanding manner.
Stand your ground, and also remember to choose your battles wisely. Choose the beliefs and decisions that are important for you as these are often the catalysts to help you bring about the desired changes in your world. You are becoming an expanded version of you as you shift and change your understanding and how to work with the energy around you and it is time for you to trust that you will receive the gifts of time, money and rewards for your efforts at making your world a better place for all.
Take the time to review your options and understand your motivations as there is much that is available to you when you take the time to look. If you have created the situation in your life, so too have you created the answer or solutions for yourself and your world. Take the time to view your options with the help of spirit and you will be seeing the solutions outside the realm of time and space where thought is not trapped in linear space nor bound by opposites. This might take some practice at first however it is a natural state of your being and you will find great peace and love here.
The Universal energy supports your decisions and your choices so make your decisions and trust that you are supported and take that leap of faith and know that without doubt that you are experiencing a magical journey and take the action steps that you feel guided toward to bring about the realization of your dreams. You will be taken care of and you are fully support on your mission by your entourage of guides and angels to help you with guidance and encouragement to take those steps and take the risks of making your dreams and desires a reality.
And so it is.
You are dearly loved and supported, always, the angels
Be open to receive
Allow the energy of prosperity to pour over you and become your new way of being. It is not always easy to believe in the abundance of the universe when there is so much imbalance in your world, and yet there truly is an unlimited supply that is available to all. Take the time to consciously look at where any thoughts or feelings of lack are coming from and transforming those thoughts and feelings to those of prosperity consciousness.
Ask your angels to help you as together you are truly more powerful and you can work together as a dynamic team of co-creators. Use the power of prayer and affirmations to keep your focus and expect a windfall of opportunities and gifts to come your way. Notice any feelings, new ideas or visions that come to you during those moments when you are asking for divine assistance and allow this guidance to help you know what actions to take that will help you attract that which you desire to for yourself in your world. Remember that prosperity comes in many forms including, time, money, support and ideas, so just be open to receive.
Affirmation: “I am open to receive as the Universe pours its abundance out to me.”
And so it is.
You are dearly loved and supported, always, the angels

Celebrate the changes
There is enormous change happening in your world as well as inside of you and these changes bring with it great blessings. There is such beauty in watching the transformations of your heart and mind and it changes your very soul as well as the fabric of the Universe. It is a natural part of existence and it will bring the desired newness that you seek.
It is time to get to work and get things down. The old must fall away so that the newness can enter and it does not always go quietly. Let go of any resistance you might be feeling and trust that it is safe and all things are possible. Do not be concerned about endings, welcome in the new beginnings. Give thanks for this shedding of the old and celebrate the changes that are taking place.
Allow yourself to receive and as you open up to these changes. As you do this you will find that there is an increase in your intuition, energy and ability to tap into source energy. It is a part of your growth and the answer to your prayers to be more tuned into the energy around you.
Affirmation: “I eagerly embrace the changes that are taking place as this signifies growth and expansion and I welcome the newness it brings into my life.”
And so it is.
You are dearly loved and supported, always, the angels
Learn to trust yourself
Take the time to develop a symbiotic relationship with your higher self, and your entourage of light beings as they want nothing more than to assist you on your path. Take the time to quiet yourself and go within, either when you are talking a walk in the garden, or nature, in meditation or even in a wonderful luxurious bath filled with salts and scents to help you feel your connection to all that is. In those moments, ask your questions and be open to receive the answers that you seek.
Trusting is not always easy, especially if you feel in the past that you trusted and it let you down. Take a good, deep look at the choices and decisions that you made and chances are there is a point when you stopped believing in its creation or were giving up your power to another. Divine timing is sometimes hard to understand however if your creations depend upon the actions of others, then they won’t happen until everything is in place, and often you are too impatient for the results and move on to something else. Look into your heart, and be honest with yourself and also remember to be kind and gentle too. Remember that you did the best you could at the time and release any thoughts of less than that can dwell within you.
Take baby steps at first, as it is not always easy to learn to trust yourself again as you did when you were first learning how to function in this world with your new physical bodies in finite form. Trust that you are worthy and deserving of all that you receive and desire to create. Create affirmations and mantras to help you keep your focus and most important, believe in yourself and your ability to trust that you will receive the guidance that you seek and that you are indeed deserving of creating everything you desire. As you practice and become a magical creator, your light will shine even brighter as it helps you to grow and bloom and that your very presence will become a beacon of light for others along the way.
Affirmation: “I trust that I will receive the angelic guidance that I seek.”

And so it is.
You are dearly loved and supported, always, the angels

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Straddling Two Worlds
Channeled by Taryn Crimi 10/9/13
October 11, 2013
Today we would like to focus your attention on the topic of your soul’s evolution. This message is primarily for those who are moving through the shift in a conscious manner, which allows their being to ascend into the higher dimensions from which you all came. This message is intended for those who are specifically drawn to this message; you are the souls who are experiencing the destruction of one world and the creation of another. You are the “demolition crew” as well as the architects and builders of the new reality which you are creating each and every moment of your day.
Many of you are finding it rather difficult to manage your emotions. Though you have bouts of excitement, anticipation, confidence and faith, you also find that you are wrestling with the very difficult feelings of self-doubt, anger, fear, and anxiety. This is to be expected when you are in the midst of creating a new reality in which you will one day firmly plant your feet upon, even though you cannot quite see it yet. You have experienced glimpses, though your time there always seems too short. It is the moments of complete peace, bliss and faith that you are beginning to experience. It is the moments when you remove all doubt and fear from your minds and allow yourselves to be present in the moment.
In many ways, this transition period is much like building a bridge while burning all of the planks behind you. Certainly the new path that you are forging will lead to new and wonderful experiences, though the thought of having to let go of what you have always experienced is rather daunting for most.
We find that humans tend to dislike change so very much, that they would rather wallow in a negative experience instead of walk away and start anew for fear of it being far worse than it already is. We tell you, it is now time for you to begin to dream bigger. We cannot tell you what is on the other side of the bridge which you are building simply because you haven’t finished building it yet. You are creating your future in this now moment. Though we can assure you, fear, doubt, and pain do not exist as they have in the lower dimensions.
Many of you are seeing sequential number patterns continually; take note of the thoughts you are holding at that exact moment. It is often a sign from the higher realms to be mindful of what you are creating in that now moment. Is this a thought you would like to bring with you, or is it based upon fear or doubt. If so, let it go as we can assure you there are far lighter experiences to be had. Yes, we do realize that this transition is challenging for many of you, though we can assure you that it will get easier and easier the lighter you become. You see, many of you wish to “pack your suitcases” with many of the old belief patterns that you have held for lifetimes, however you are being encouraged to “pack lighter,” as you will not need those limiting beliefs where you are going. Do you understand our analogy? Please understand that you are in fact not actually “going” anywhere as there is no where else to go, however you are shifting your vibration in such a manner that you will no longer manifest the same illusion as you have before. You are creating a new life that will be experienced right “here.”
The more that you are able to release and let go of, the easier it becomes to move through the fear and anxiety that you feel when you are once again being asked to release again. Keep in mind hat it is always most difficult to push a boulder when it is standing still, though when you begin to shift the boulder so that it gains momentum, it becomes easier and easier to push. Does this make sense to you? Do you understand our analogy? Many of you have already begun to push your boulders and you are finding though it is still difficult, it does not require the time and effort that it once had. You are becoming far more efficient at releasing limiting beliefs in a significantly shorter time than ever before. This will continue to lessen with each great push that you expel. You are far more capable than you had given your selves credit for, though when you look back at this time you will be amazed at all that you were able to accomplish.
We have said this before and we think it is worth reminding you, there will be more change in the next 50 of your years than there has been in the past 1000 of your years. You are creating this change. You are accomplishing what many thought could not be done. The path of the human collective has changed drastically in the past 25 years, and even more so in the last decade. There are extreme situations manifesting upon your world so the collective has the opportunity to change what they no longer wish to create. You are witnessing the old crumble and fall away and yet you are not able to see what it will be replaced with. This is what so many humans find to be so challenging, but it is our intention to remind you to steady your feet, ground your light, and put all of your energy towards creating a world far better. It is right now that your light and positive thoughts are needed most. Do not allow the fears or others pull you back down; you have come much too far to turn back now. This is what you came here to do. Though you knew it would not be easy, you knew it would be more than worth the effort. Remember dear ones, not every soul was afforded the opportunity to incarnate upon your world at this time; the “seats” are limited. Your task is not to change the world; your task is to change your world. In doing so, you will firmly ground the new reality of the higher dimensions upon Gaia once again.
We hope that we have served you in some way and we remind you that we remain faithfully by your side and if ever you should feel as though you would like to connect with us we welcome you to do so.
In love and light, we are your Angelic Guides.
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